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Uploaded by LFCMarshall - 08/06/2013
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Special thanks to ThePav for Helping out with the update also.

Also to Alexandre Pereira for help on the Portuguese league

Facebook link:
https://www.facebook.com/LfcMarshall...Update?fref=ts : This includes more screenshots and regular updates

Welcome to LFCMarshall's FM13 Summer Update.. this update contains all changes to make the game as realistic and up to date as possible. It includes the following things:

Update include such things as:
- Promotions/relegations in most major leagues ( suggest for any not done )
- Position finishes update, as well as competition and cup winners
- European coefficients as well as European qualification places
- Latest transfers
- Managerial changes
- Updated CA/PA of players and staff
- Loans cancelled from last season
- Player releases


Video -

- Download and extract the file using a program like Winrar
- Extract the file to: Documents/Sports Interactive/FM13/editor data
- If there is no editor data folder, simply create one inside the FM13 folder.

- Once in game: Press new game, on the box that appears tick the little tick box bottom right to 'change' database - choose my update on the next screen.

Mac Users:
Download and place the files into: ( MAC already extracts the file automatically )

Macintosh HD/userss/Name.../Documents/ SI / FM13 /editor data... create a editor data folder if there is not one

Then Start a new game. a box will appear when you click new game. Bottom right of that is a change button. tick it and continue, Next screen tick my Update... Then continue

Donations: As you know, I work on the update on my own in my spare time and any donations to say thank you will be greatly appreciated. If you donate, I will send you the update earlier so you can have it any time you choose.

to donate, send any amount on PayPal to: [email protected]

Thread: If you would like to make any suggestions


Enjoy Lads

Alternate Download Link:

Download and follow same instructions as above


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