Like Tree8Likes Fantasy Premier League 2012/13
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  1. Fantasy Premier League 2012/13

    League Code: 488953-236542
    Head-to-Head League Code: 488953-236572

    * There may be some small prizes given out if you pester Sean. *

    So, sign-up, create a team, and join the league!
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  2. already done, mates and I jam every year..

    here is my team

    Joe Allen was still at Swansea when I selected him.. not sure if he will play most games right now, but confident he will! Fantasy Premier League 2012/13-untitled.png

  3. Yeah I'd imagine Allen will start a fair amount of games so I went for him myself.

    Hopefully the RVP situation is sorted soonish so I can decide whether to keep him or not.

  4. Would love to have put Aguero in as well... just had to sacrifice him for 2 other decent players (Ruiz/Fellaini) who should start most of the games.. Well Feilliani anyway, Ruiz should get more game time this year, especially if Dempsey goes to Pool)

  5. Fantasy Premier League 2012/13-capture.png

    Will most likely change though - prehaps hazard and rio???........Hoping our boys will have another good year.

  6. Fantasy Premier League 2012/13-team.jpg

    This is my team. First time so what do you guys think? I will represent South Africa in this leagues.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by andrichbrand View Post
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    This is my team. First time so what do you guys think? I will represent South Africa in this leagues.
    are you from SA mate?

  8. My team: Fantasy Premier League 2012/13-fantasy-team.png

    Good luck everyone!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    are you from SA mate?
    Yes i am!!! Cape Town. Excited about hte new pl even bought hd dstv.
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  10. #10
    how can i put my team off the website onto here ? sorry guys

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