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The npower Football League Thread.

  1. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superbladesman View Post
    Hope was the wrong word to use but when I've seen four years of us trying to "cut our cloth accordingly" as they say and look where it has got us. It pisses me off when teams are allowed to pay wages they can't afford but still survive.

    Surely if they go into admin for a second time there should be a more severe punishment for them. Portsmouth aren't the only club that have done the same and I just think it is plain wrong.

    They are not surviving, or paying wages. they have been dying a slow death

  2. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Neil Warnock appointed Leeds United manager

  3. Chelsea, Stevenage and Dagenham + Redbridge Modern Day Legend
    Just casually playing. The same FIFA pro club as reading striker Simon Church

  4. good win to come from 2-0 down to beat Doncaster but we shouldn't have been 2-0 down in the first place. Warnock has a challenge on his hands but I believe he'll do well

  5. I3east's Avatar I3east
    Sheffield Wednesday Modern Day Legend
    Same old same old with Sheffield Wednesday. Always let you down. Can see a large defeat coming in the 'steel city derby' against United next week and with that Megson being sacked. Would like to see Grayson here if that does happen.

  6. What a fantastic win. Up to the dizzy heights of 21st.

    He's had his doubters, but Carl Fletcher... I take my hat off too you.

  7. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Wolves are after Gus Poyet after asking permission to speak to him. Bit of a big gamble imo

  8. Biggest match of the season today.. 6 pointer/must-win etc. coyg!

  9. Another big game where we haven't turned up. Deserved all we got booting it straight back to them and played straight into thair hands.

    On the positive side you can shove your North London derby up your arse. Sheffield derby was the place to be at today. Quality atmosphere.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Giggles View Post
    Biggest match of the season today.. 6 pointer/must-win etc. coyg!

    Didn't go as planned.

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