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The Liverpool Thread

  1. The Liverpool Thread

    Liverpool Discussion Thread
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    Always remembering the 96. YNWA

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    This is a thread designated for discussion on Liverpool Football Club.
    The club is recognised as one of the most decorated in world football with 18 League titles to their name.
    They also have 5 European Cups and several domestic trophies.
    Despite struggling for the best part of the last 20 years,the atmosphere is at an all time high with new owners and the return of Kenny Dalglish, the clubs most famous player.
    Please feel free to talk about all the club in here.

    Topics include:
    • Fixtures
    • Results
    • Transfers (confirmed and rumors)
    • Staff changes
    • Chairman and manager performances
    • Injury news
    • Players performing well
    • Next seasons expectations
    • Reserves/youth fixtures
    • and any other club news

    Please note that whilst banter is welcome from fans from other club, please don't come in to this thread with the intention to causing pointless arguements. Thanks
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  2. Allright, i'll start off (Unless someone beates me before i'm finished with writing this) .. Andy Carroll was way to expensive, He's never near being worth £35 mill . They could have gotten a quality striker for that sort of Money.

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    Personally i think Carroll is overrated
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  3. Its hard to know,i reckon he will do a good job for us once he settles in but i really think 35 million was too much. Maybe 15 or 20M but i wouldnt have payed more than that. On the plus side though Suarez looks like hes settling in well.

  4. First Point. I think if we keep Carroll for the long term (talking till he hits his 30's) then we'll get the best out of him and through that, we will get our value for money. Strikers peak in the mid twenties so he's not going to peak for another 4-5 years and we've already seen what he can do at Newcastle so I think he WILL be worthy of the 35mill spent on him, liverpool fans just can't be too hasty and expect big things straight away and we've got to look at the bigger picture.

    Second Point. We have seen that these new owners at the club seem to have their head screwed on and will do the sensible option with any decision they've come to and so far they've been nothing but positive for example allowing collomi (spelling- scouting chief) and clarke joining the coaching staff. I think they will offer dalglish a contract but I don't think they will do it until a league position is more or less secured. As sky sports pointed out today, we've gained 20 points from the last 10 league games which is obviously brilliant but in the remaining 8 games, anything could happen so I don't think we should tie someone down incase it all goes wrong - which I doubt would happen, but stranger things have happened.

  5. Ride The Walrus's Avatar Ride The WalrusPremium Member
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    As I posted in the other thread, 4 points off Spurs, and we've still got to play them. Could work well!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ride The Walrus View Post
    As I posted in the other thread, 4 points off Spurs, and we've still got to play them. Could work well!
    They've got a game inhand though.

  7. Tom Werner actually wants to expand Anfield, wich i'd personally rather want than having a new stadium. 'cos we all love Anfield.

    Back to Carroll, I know we're not supposed to expect anything from him yet, but i think his price was WAY to high. Look at Suarez. Quality striker for £21 mill. And some think that was expensive. I don't think Carroll is worth more than Suarez, sorry to say.

  8. Liverpool FC I'm back..
    Spurs also have to play City, Arsenal & Chelsea..

  9. Bowen91 : True, but who would you rather have than Dalglish? I mean, look what he has done to the team already! I think he can do great things in the long run. Give him some money to strengthen all areas needed, give them some time to play together and we will be challenging for the title once more imo.

  10. I say give Carroll time. He's just come back from injury, and he's had to come back form injury into an entirely new setup. He has to learn how his new team mates play, so that he can work himself into the scoring positions that he was able to get into with Newcastle. As for the price tag, yes it was a bit much, but if he comes good, how many of you will be saying it was money well spent?

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