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The Everton Thread

  1. The Everton Thread

    Official Everton Website
    This is a thread designated for discussion of Everton Football Club.
    They have competed in the top division for a record 108 seasons, they have played more top-flight league games than any other English team and have won the League Championship nine times—the fourth highest of any team.
    Everton have remained in the top division since 1954, and were founding members of the Premier League in 1992.
    Please feel free to talk about all the club in here.

    Topics include:
    • Fixtures
    • Results
    • Transfers (confirmed and rumors)
    • Staff changes
    • Chairman and manager performances
    • Injury news
    • Players performing well
    • Next seasons expectations
    • Reserves/youth fixtures
    and any other club news

    Please note that whilst banter is welcome from fans from other club, please don't come in to this thread with the intention to causing pointless arguements. Thanks

    Though im a Liverpool supporter i recognise there are several Toffees on here and Ajt09 attempted to create one of these threads but made a mistake and deleted it.
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  2. CJACKO11's Avatar CJACKO11
    England and Chelsea - !!!SINCE 1995!!! Modern Day Legend
    Wanted to be the first to post on here.... I hate Beckford, didnt make the cut at Chelsea as a youngster so he wins 4 points off us last season. Cheers Jermaine lol.

    Will be intresting to see who Everton can attract this summer, Moyes despratly needs cash but where can he get it from?

  3. I was tempted to start it myself but I felt ajt was the man for the job.

    Anyways, on topic!

    We were for a time interested in Mackail-Smith, don't know how that ended up, apparently didn't get too far. Ajt also said there was a good chance of Arteta leaving if a certain candidate won the elections at Bilbao. As much as I like the guy we had a decent run without him and it'd provide us with an influx of cash to help our survival. Also, Yobo is apparently close to becoming a Fenerbahce player, too, although they're reluctant to pay the 6m we're asking, so I'm guessing he'll end up leaving for 4 or something like that. Not much you can buy with that, though. At least the influx of cash may help us stay afloat financially, although 4m is a drop in the ocean.

    Don't know what Moyes has in mind, but I'd like to see someone able to replace Mikel, and either another striker or one of the kids stepping up. Saha is a great player but his frequent injuries are a let down. If we manage to keep our defence intact (Baines in particular) then we're good there, and our midfield isn't too bad, either - weakest point is Billy IMO, would like to see if Gueye can work well there, or it could be an area worth reinforcing (Taking the Arteta issue into account it could become a priority). Plus, Billy is on high wages, wouldn't mind him leaving, either.

  4. I think you will get to keep Baines this season at least. Liverpool are the only big club in bad need for a LB and i simply couldnt see Everton be willing to sell to us. Most important thing for Everton now is to get a proven consistent goalscorer as they lack cutting edge up front at times. Didnt hear about the possibility of Arteta going to Bilbao. I dont think he will as they have a sufficient midfield without him. By the way, the op does look a bit plain, i cant seem to add my images to the thread like the other team threads have since the new layout came in. If anybody could tell me how to do it i will gladly do it.

  5. Steve... Everton thread... I smell something fishy
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  6. My primary school head teacher was an Everton fan, god knows why because he's one of the most Welsh people I know. The day he told me his 'second team' was Arsenal I instantly became a follower of Everton. That lasted 2 years, when Wayne Rooney scored the winner vs. Arsenal in 2002-03.

    Still like Everton, though I think some of their players are wasted there (in no disrespect to Everton or their fans), but I believe such players as Arteta and Fellaini should be playing in the Champions League, if not the Europa League for a team like Valencia.

    Hopefully they can better last season and actually get into Europe next year

  7. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Was going to start a thread, but adding the graphics was gettin me narked-wasn't able to centre them or anything and mucked up the layout. So had a bitch fit and a sulk lol.

    I think I'm resigning myself to losing Fellaini-he wants CL football, so hopefully anything over £15 million. There's also a strong rumour around Tyneside, that Given is a target for Moyes-which tbh doesn't make sense. Yes, on top of his game, he's an excellent goalie. However, we need a striker. Saha when fit is excellent, but that's his weakness sadly-fitness. And I don't think Beckford can be relied on too much just yet-though I do admit, he did show glimpses of quality toward the end of last season. I think we should also get in a back up midfielder in case we do lose Fellaini. Who, I don't know. When Jones went to Man Utd for £16 million, I have a feeling other clubs will start selling good-excellent English players for silly prices-a damaging precedent may have been set which may affect us badly in the market.
    Midfield is a concern for me. Rodwell wasn't himself last season-yes he had nigly injuries, but when he was fully fit, he seemed to lack something, which suggests his head may have been turned a bit by either other clubs or his agent. Think he will stay this season though, so hopefully he'll regain his form again and avoid niggly injuries.
    But this season, the players HAVE to avoid another catastrophicly slow start which by all accounts, cost us European football last season. We simply cannot afford to screw up again-especially with the quality the Championship is now producing. You just have to look at the damage teams like Burnely and Blackpool have caused. I don't mind if we don't qualify for Europa. I want the building blocks to a more financially viable future for the club, so we don't have to keep selling players to buy. Or in the worst case scenario-to survive. Sort it Bill. I know you love Everton but it's time to simply let go of the club to proper investors. If you love the club like me, and other Everton fans do, you'll do the right thing soon.
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  8. The problem is, Everton have a good squad. But the competition for Europe is fierce with Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, City, Tottenham, United, Fulham (at times), Aston Villa when they get back on track, and Everton.
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  9. not true that Liverpool are the only club needing a lb... if Liverpool sign Clichy for example, then Arsenal will need a lb and I could certainly see them being able to afford a move for Baines...

  10. Irish Scouse's Avatar Irish ScousePremium Member
    zzeezzy FC Bob Kelso. ❥
    Yes if they sign him, at this time Arsenal are not after a LB.
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