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Installing Downloaded Files

Network Games

Playing In Windowed Mode

If the game will not let you play in windowed mode by selecting it on the options then this is your alternative.

1. Create a shortcut to your FM 2006 file on your desktop.

2. Right Click on it and choose Properties.

3. In the box that says 'Target' type: "C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2006\fm.exe" -small_screen -windowed

You must inlcude all the bold writing above.

5. Now double click on the game icon to run FM 2006 in a window.

So whenever you want to play in windowed mode make sure you use this shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcuts

General Shortcuts

Alt+F4: Quit Game

Control+Q: Quit Game

Alt+Enter: Switch between full screen and windowed mode (if system supports windowed mode)

Control+F: Switch between full screen and windowed mode (if system supports windowed mode)

Tab: Move to next control on screen that can take a keyboard focus.

Shift+Insert: Paste from clipboard.

Control+V: Paste from clipboard.

Control+Insert: Copy to clipboard

Control+C: Copy to clipboard

Shift+Delete: Cut (copy to clipboard, then delete)

Control+X: Cut (copy to clipboard, then delete)

Control+P: Print screen (if something on the screen is printable)

Control+A: Select all (only really applies to edit boxes)

Control+Z: Undo (edit boxes)

Control+Shift+Z: Redo (edit boxes)

Control+Y: Redo (edit boxes)

Control+S: Save game (to current name - will do a Save As if the game has not been saved yet)

Control+Shift+S: Save Game As.. (always asks for file name before saving)

Left Arrow: Go to previous screen in history

Backspace: Go to previous screen in history

Mouse Back Button: Go to previous screen in history

Shift+Mouse Wheel Backward: Go to previous screen in history

Right Arrow: Go to next screen in history

Mouse Next Button: Go to next screen in history

Shift+Mouse Wheel Forward: Go to next screen in history

Alt+F11: Content fullscreen (hides title bar, tree menu and footers) (different from the window fullscreen)

Specific Shortcuts

F1 - Help/Tutorial

F2 - Home page

F3 - Squad screen

F4 - News screen

F5 - Player search

F6 - Shortlist

F7 - Scout search

F8 - Staff list

F9 - Club transfers

F10 - First team fixtures

F11 - Team information screen

F12 - Game status

Control+D: Continent transfers

Control+E: Finances (Expenditure)

Control+G: Finances (Transfers)

Control+H: Manager chat

Control+I: Finances (Income)

Control+J: Job centre

Control+L: League table

Control+M: Finances (Summary) (or National Pool for national teams)

Control+N: New Game (Intro/Startup) or New User (in game).

Control+R: Training (Coaches) (On the Intro/Startup screen this is "Load Last Game" if available)

Control+T: First team tactics

Control+U: Training (Players/Schedules)

Control+W: Finances (Salary)

Control+O: Startup/Intro screen only: Load Game (Open File).

Shift+P: Go to the Preferences screen.

Spacebar: Continue game (on the News screen this is 'read next unread'). Not valid while keyboard focus is on an edit box or in a dialog.

Dialog Shortcuts

Enter: Default action (generally OK/Yes)

Escape: Cancel and close.

Taking A Screenshot

1. Press the Print screen (PrtSc) button on your keyboard.

2. Open up a graphics program. (You should have Microsoft Paint.)

3. Press Crtl + V to paste it into the graphics programme.

4. Go to "Save as" an either save it as a ".jpg" or a ".gif" file (.gif's sometimes make the quality poor).

5. You now have a screenshot.

6. Now either upload the photo to a free image host or attach it to the forums in a relevant thread..

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