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Fifa ultimate team wager and pink slips matches

  1. Fifa ultimate team wager and pink slips matches

    Hi guys kinda just jumping on a idea i saw on KSI youtube channel i am sure most of you know who he is

    well basically you can make an open challenge on this thread to anyone brave enough to take you on there are two options.

    option you state a wager for example 4 star team max 5k coins wager

    option (B) If your really brave put a player up and the person challenging you has to match up a player with around the same market value.

    This thread will have to rely on honest people to go through with the deal win or lose this is very important. with out sportsmanship and honesty this will be an epic fail haha

    I would say the easiest way to send coins would be by listing a bronze card then having the other person bidding the agreed wager on that card i am sure you can all work out a method to suit yourselves

    So let the games begin feel free to post results get some banter going good luck lads

  2. Just to start us off

    xbox live GT MARKARSENAL1



    Bring it on

  3. Nice idea mate. I have another good idea though. If people are brave enough to do it, have them put their entire team on the line.

    So the winner of the match takes everyone (Starting 11, Subs, Reserves) from the losing team. Kinda like what KSI had to do here.

    Would be a good idea in my opinion. That way, anyone would be eligible to play, you could end up with a bronze squad facing a gold squad lol.

    Oh, and if you rage quit, it counts as an automatic loss, and you lose all your players anyway.

  4. thats defo only for the brave haha so mate can i temp you to a wager match ??????

  5. Anyone up for a pinkslip match?!
    GT: XaQsHuN

  6. Anyone fancy some 5k matches add me: Jaythorn88

  7. im playing ps3 someone for 3 to 10k? add:UT_BEASTS

  8. add my GT: SOLDI3R BIRMZ.......... ive been dying to do wager matches for ages but every1s to pussy or dont pay up drop me a message!

  9. anyone playing ps3?? anyone up for pinkslip matches add me: diego_9700 ps3 only

  10. This is a decent idea add me glennspb (Xbox 360)
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