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FIFA 13 - Draft League - Xbox 360

  1. FIFA 13 - Draft League - Xbox 360

    Hello fellow fifa players,

    Much like last year, I will be setting up a new Fifa 13 draft league. Feel free to find and look through the previous thread to understand what it's about, what you need to do, and all the other interesting shit in that thread.

    I will be limiting the sign ups to around 10. No first come first served thing, because I would like reliable people (post count and that doesn't matter, it's just if I think your cool).

    So yeah, I will be playing, obviously. You need IRC to be able to play. You need FIFA 13 on XBOX 360 to play..

    If you want to play. Post your gamer tag below.


    Current players:
    1. Dunc - L0RD L0DEM0RT
    2. iNickStuff - iNickStuff
    3. Ronan - Ronaseal
    4. CtBumBoy - xXIIMajorCtIIXx
    5. *Jamess* - James2810
    6. Aannddyy - O B a IM A
    7. Jake - GypsyNinja69
    8. Kris - JacksoK
    9. Giggles - PAFC Connor
    10. Tirath - T 007 S (lame)

    How the game will be played:

    Ok, so I guess most of you played this last year, so have a general idea of how it will be done. We will be having two leagues of 5 teams, where you play each other two times. To start off with, the leagues don't really matter, as it's random, over time these will sort out so the best players are at the top and so forth. I think we will be doing a 2 week window for getting games done (10 games), where we have 2 seasons for each draft, so we will have a new draft every month to keep the game 'fresh'.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

    Games to be played on 6 minute halves. No players that you haven't drafted. Apart from that, you can do what you want. You can be whatever team you like, you can use what ever formation you like. Try and arrange games in advance so you can both make the right time, but if you see each other on XBL you can obviously just get the games done there and then! I know most of you from last year were very good at getting your games played (at the start anyway) so hopefully if we all play as quick as we can, then we will maximize the enjoyment from the league! If we manage to get all games played before the 2 week window is closed, then we can get cracking with the next season! If you are unable to play any games by the deadline, and you haven't made any attempt to get the game played (that I can see), then the win will be awarded to the player who attempted to get the game played, if neither attempted hard enough, then both will concede the game 3-0, so you both lose. So try and get the games played

    The draft itself is simple. You come onto IRC, join the room I tell you to, sit there and I will tell you the running order of the picks. From there you need to remember the players on both sides of you in the draw, as it will be going back and forth in an order like this:


    Which is then repeated. To maximize the speed of this so it doesn't take a fuckload of time, know your other numbers, so you know when to say who you want! Also, try and get a list ready before the game so you don't take ages picking a player after all the ones you know have been picked by other players. Obviously, you can't pick players that have already been picked from other players. We will be picking a squad of 18 players.

    So yeah, that was fun, I hope you all know what we are doing and how we are doing it.

    The Divisions

    Division 1:

    Division 2:

    Running order of picks:


    When we redo the draft after 2 seasons, this will be the reverse order of the picking order then.

    Current squads:

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  2. I would be intrested but I don't have IRC.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by *Jamess* View Post
    I would be intrested but I don't have IRC.
    It's easy to download or use in a browser. It's needed for the actual drafting.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dunc View Post
    It's easy to download or use in a browser. It's needed for the actual drafting.
    I have IRC now so can I join?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by *Jamess* View Post
    I have IRC now so can I join?
    Sure. What's your gamer tag?

  6. iNickStuff's Avatar iNickStuffPremium Member
    • iNickStuff's Avatar
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    Manchester United Considering his options
    I'm definitely in. GT: iNickStuff.

  7. GT: Ronaseal
    Will be using Galatasaray so i can have some intimidating ultras also.

  8. xXIIMajorCtIIXx

    Boing boing

  9. Quote Originally Posted by iNickStuff View Post
    I'm definitely in. GT: iNickStuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
    GT: Ronaseal
    Will be using Galatasaray so i can have some intimidating ultras also.
    Quote Originally Posted by CtPauley View Post

    Boing boing
    Suppose you gimps are in.

  10. Nobody could handle Crouch upfront last time. Going to be doing the same approach this year probs.

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