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FIFA 13: PS3 League
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  1. FIFA 13: PS3 League

    Hello guys,

    Would anyone be interested in playing in a FIFA League? Ideally I'd be looking for about 20 players (2 divisions of 10 players)

    Each division would have 10 teams in and you would play 2 games against everybody home and away (on your connection and his connection) The bottom 2 would be relegated with 3rd place in Division 2 and 8th place in Division 1 having a two legged match and the lose plays the next season in Division 2. It's possible that there would be enough for a couple more divisions.

    There would be one cup with 8 teams entering the first round (random draw) and then the other 12 joining after the first round to make it straight knockout. If we do get 3 divisions then I may implement a cup for teams in Division 2 and 3. Also 4 teams from division 3 will play a mini group to decide who gets into the main cup.

    Key rules

    1. 6 minutes per half
    2. Any team rating
    3. Game speed must be normal
    4. If a player intentionally disconnects without reasoning then it results in a 3-0 win to the opposition.
    5. If EA troll your match then it gets replayed unless (see rule 6)
    6. If the game is after 70 minutes the score stands.
    7. All cup games go to extra time and penalties and will have away goals (for when two legged matches occur)
    8. No international teams
    9. If the game is late the result will be replayed (with valid reason)
    10. The home player needs to message me the result

    If you wish to join comment below in the following way

    Do you have a mic:

    So mine would be
    Name: Louis
    PSN: Hatt0n_L_
    Division: 1
    Club: Bayern Munich
    Do you have a mic: Yes

    Division 1
    1. Louis (Hatt0n_L_) - Bayern Munich
    2. Jordan (jordancresey) - Athletic Bilbao
    3. Andrew (lupe3210) - Chelsea
    4. Kym (Fuzion-FailZz) - Manchester United
    5. Przemek (DakarJrPL) - Juventus
    6. Dean (goonerdeano97) - Arsenal
    7. Sean (sean1863) - Dortmund.
    8. Renell (renren2k9) - Real Madrid
    9. Adam (moore_94) - Manchester City
    10. Daniel (Danny_JFT96) - Liverpool

    Division 2
    1. Andrew (drewsterboogrovy) - PSG
    2. Jack (jacklfc66) - Schalke
    3. Casey (Genty23) - Napoli
    4. Ashley (ATFCash11) - Barcelona
    5. George (Hazza22299) - Milan
    6. Euan (Spitfire797) - A. Madrid
    7. Anthony (AnthonyKildare) - Spurs
    8. Kevin (kev1872) - Newcastle
    9. Saiyeedul (saiyeedul5150) - Inter
    10. Jamie (jamcassdufc) - Dundee United


    Day 1
    6 v 1
    2 v 9
    4 v 7
    5 v 10
    8 v 3
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  2. Name: Jordan Cressey
    PSN: jordancressey
    Division: 1
    Club: Bilbao
    Do you have a mic: No

  3. Name: Andrew
    PSN: lupe3210
    Division: 1
    Club: brazil (if international teams r ok) or if not then chelsea
    Do you have a mic - no

  4. I'll edit that it says no international teams. Cheers both though. Special thanks Jcress for not being a sweat

  5. arrr fair enough then mate put me down as chelsea then

  6. Done mate, cheers

  7. Name: Przemysław (Przemek)
    PSN: DakarJrPL
    Division: 1
    Club: Juventus
    Do you have a mic: Nope

  8. Name: dean whitmore
    PSN: goonerdeano97
    Division: 1
    Club: arsenal
    Do you have a mic: yeap

  9. Name: Sean
    PSN: sean1873
    Division: 1
    Club: Borussia Dortmund
    Do you have a mic: no

  10. Name: Andrew
    PSN: drewsterboogrovy
    Division: 2
    Club: PSG
    Do you have a mic: yeah

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