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Just bought 2011 FM
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  1. Just bought 2011 FM

    Yaaaaaay! And one Q directly. Player pics super packs? Where to find them now? I go into the game and directly look for Swedens star player, Zlatan, And no pic of him to see but just a black anonymous one. Thanks for any help.

  2. Oh, and any other recommended downloads i appreciate.

  3. Thank you Dunc!
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  4. How to access the file, i´ve registered allready. df11 HQ Facepack-Superpack!

  5. I can´t get past this screenJust bought 2011 FM-problem.jpg

  6. Offt I have no idea, as I haven't downloaded any graphics for ages. Maybe try and different one and see if you can get it to work. The FM10 ones work for FM11.

  7. Ok. Thanks.

  8. I think a premium membership is required, 10 euros. 100 kronor. Ok.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Tobyone View Post
    I think a premium membership is required, 10 euros. 100 kronor. Ok.
    Sounds a bit pricey to me, are you able to get the FM10 facepack?

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