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FM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?

  1. FM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?-game_-_stu_-hall-fame_-world-wide-8.png
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  2. FM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?-stuart-drummond-history_-overview-16.png

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pipodeclown View Post
    It depends on your past experience, if have it on highest then it isn't that weird
    In this save I have no past experience. I started off with Newcastle and had only been managing for 2 years.
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  4. Giving fm 11 one l big send of before fm 12 is out trying to beat jose mourinho records at most his clubs before fm 12 so here are some screen shots and i started first at porto

    FM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?-peter-greatorex-news_-inbox-.pngFM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?-liga-zon-sagres-information_-league-table-.pngFM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?-porto-v-getafe-information_-overview-.pngFM 2011 Progress - How is your game going?-sporting-cp-v-porto-information_-overview-.png

  5. Alright,
    Managing my beloved Chelsea and came second first season after ARSENAL BEAT ME ON GOAL January I signed Hazard for 15m and at the end of the season I got the AMAZING MATA! with Thiago also joining on a free. In first season won League Cup and Fa Cup losing to Barcelona 2-1 on aggerate in the Champions League. Quite funny as Barnsley Ipswich and Reading all got promoted

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  7. Stoopid Palermo. 2 Years in a row I get them in the second round of Ital Cup... jerks.

  8. I took W.Ham to get them back to premiership Im most of the time fine vs clubs from my league, have tough games with Birmingham only (first time defeat, second draw), but so far so good Im at the top of the Table, lost 3 games, had 3 draws i think and rest wins, 9 points above Hull.Im still in Carling cup, now in semifinals against A.Villa, i passed N.Castle and Blackburn to get there Blackburn game was tough, decided near the end of second extra time by the header of Reid from corner And im waiting my first game in FA cup against Bolton My greatest shock was game against Peterborough which i lost 3-1...

  9. started with AFC Telford in the Blue Sq North, filled my squad with young & free players released from Prem, Championship & L1 teams, and now i'm currently 14th in League 1. No money to expand the stadium and with a capacity of only 5,700 i've to constantly sell my best players just to keep afloat - pretty frustrating at the moment, but signed a youngster from ManU who's now valued at 300k, so hoping the money from him (when he hits form..) could help fund a few more seats... a long process, but i will win the Champions League with Telford!!!

  10. Just started in the Pakistani Premier League with Khan Research Laboratories...I won the Premier League title and the domestic cup during the first season but have been trying to extend my recruiting base to attract foreign players as my line up now is currently entirely Pakistani..Any Suggestions for anyone that has done a small league like this? I've been attempting to set up a parent club but the board has not been able to find one nor do I expect them to, and I have been signing coaches with as high of a recruitment attribute as possible although these coaches are Pakistani also. I know an unusual starting point but I had tremendous success with Ajax with two separate three peats as European champions and eventually won 8 Champions leagues total because of the excellent form built up in the Eredivisie so this time I truly decided to start for the ground up. Any help on extending my player base please let me know. Thanks

  11. Right now I'm doing really well. I am only 23 days (game time) away from starting up thr 2011/12 Premier League Season with Liverpool. I picked up Craig Bellamy and Zolst' Poleski. Came in 9th after a string of draws nearing the end. Kuyt has come back from his Saint Paris-Germain loan. Came 2nd in the FA Cup after 3-2 loss to Chelsea. They dominated the match but Torres put us back into it with a superb assist and then a goal. I won the League cup with ease. I don't remember my oppenents but it was easy. I have been resigned with my board and resigned some great players after change of statuses. Thrashed Crewe Alexendra 4-2. Gerrard opened the scoring. Then Reina scored own goal to make 1-1. Torres on the run. 2-1 at HT. Babel scoring made it 3-1. Gerrard's 2nd goal put the game in our clutches 4-1. Crewe scored a late consalation (not so sure who it was) to make it 4-2 at FT

  12. With Cork City.In the preseason of Season 6 with them after finishing 3rd in the Premier Division,bit disappointing after snatching 1st in my previous season,just didnt have the luck this season.Amazingly made it too the Champions Cup somehow too after getting though qualifying got smashed in the group stages though.Took the League and All-Ireland Cup this season.Hoping to strengthen my midfield for the coming season especially in the centre as i don't have much depth.

    On my 3rd season i picked up a job with Jamaica thats been going pretty well,2 caribbean Championship wins,Gold Cup Semi-Final,and qualified for the World Cup with a play-off win against Paraguay before losing too Argentina ,Ukraine and Japan in the Group Stages :-(.Thinking about packing it in with them as there an old team but managed to get 2 or 3 good youngsters to play for Jamaica over other countries so tempted to stay and see them grow until i hopefully get the Ireland job .

  13. plz like this page i do a lot of fm and some updates on my local team

  14. Into EURO Cup with Ross County in 2nd season in the SPL, finished 5th.
    Getting decent money in as well but struggling to get the board to up the wage bill.

  15. Sacked by Dagenham and Redbridge, sacked by Plymouth Argyle, now been given the hot seat at Airdrie Utd. Only playing pre season friendlies at the moment. Won four, drawn one and lost one. Still a novice at this game but find it addictive and frustrating.

  16. Playing as Chelsea, won 9 PLs in a row, en route for 10th.

  17. Nice combination goal, pass and move, exploit the space

    3 min - 2 goal.

    2rd goal is awesome

  18. how you like it

    everyone hate us

    i wanna do ragequit

    you can't catch me, b*ch )

    i make new tactic now, change my 4-1-4-1 to 4-1-3-1-1, this more flexible system and now i have a good transition from defence to attack. Unlike 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 + low pressing my wings safe now. Yes, we have not so much chances, but we underdog, it's only first season and we have a lot of injuries.



    passing: normal
    creative freedom: more disciplined
    closing down: less
    tackling: more aggressive
    marking: normal
    crossing: normal
    roaming: stick to positions.

    tempo/width and etc. settings are default.

    all players have default settings, except:
    DM - more direct passing, especially to the wings.
    ML - he cut inside if Nianetty playing, and he roam from position. Creative freedom a little bit more, than normal.
    MR - Creative freedom a little bit more, than normal.
    AMC - moves into channels( simple here, i don't use wingers on AMR/L positions, and i want my AMC open on this space) , roam from position. Creative freedom a little bit more, than normal. When we score, and/or it's a 70-80 min, and i not sure what we can contain this result, i take down him to MC position.
    ST - Creative freedom a little bit more, than normal. Roam from position, if i play with Poacher role.

    if your MC have a PPM "likes to go in penalty area" or "move forward asap", you need to change your dm forward runs - normal. it's needed, because in possession your team should look like this:


    and the opponent is easy to counter attack you.
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  19. give them the ball - they kill themselves )


    this picture... every time when i start thinking ,what a computer have advantage playing vs my team, i'm gonna look at this picture


    one of the best goal, what my team score:

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  20. ok, season ended.

    this is very good season for us. we are the top defense in the league, before 42 games. but, my team lost motivation and we concede some brainless goals.
    late slump (in april), and our best striker get injuried to 2 months. my fullbacks play like shit in last games, and in playoff we lost 4-1 vs Grimsby (their striker is a beast, Elding, sold in that window to league 1).
    anyway, im glad, what we not get promotion, because with squad what i have this would be a pain. i need 1 more season to prepare my team.

  21. remember, remember, curse of december..

    this is our mid-season slump, ye anyway we win in most games, but this games are very, very terrible.

    and if not this guy (Yaya Toure, lol)

    we should lose everything.

    nice teamplay goal:

  22. Ah...Abdi Ibrahim. Absolute signing for lower league clubs. i saw his contract as N/A, which club you loaned him from?

  23. Manchester City, our parent club.

    to avoid slump i made 3 tactics, not like home/away/park the bus, but every with different ideas.

    4-2-3-1 defensive: narrow, slow, "till we have a ball they can't score"
    4-2-3-1 assymetric: typical counter-attacking tactic. very good in defense, bad in possession.
    4-6-0 strikeless: good in possession, but very vulnerable to counter-attacks. tactic not ready yet, need to spend some time to setup this.
    we win the league, very easy. still unbeaten home.

    Best Striker:

    this is last season in first squad for him.

    Best assistant:

    crap-player for championship, i sell him in this summer.

    i don't know, what we can do in Championship, but anyway for first squad we need: 1 central defender, and 1 striker. after this, if we can avoid relegation, need to find some good fulbacks.

  24. hello nPower Championship

    it's must be a painful season

    i spend a lot of time to find a solid striker to replace Kuqi.

    this is the best free agent, what my scouts find. terrible First Touch and Concentration. better than nothing.

    2 central defenders from France League 2.

    and 2 AMC what also can play on the wings.


  25. HOLY F**


    And it's Oldham, Oooooldham A F C!
    We're by far greatest team, what world are ever seen!

    just kidding )
    i think our opponents strongly underestimate us.

    this guy is amasing, his movement without ball is outstanding.

    i like this type of strikers more when brainless poachers with 17/17 pace/acceleration, but 10 finishing and nothing in mental attributes.
    doesn't matter how we end first part of the season, but in january we need to find some fulbacks to the bench.
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  26. Remy cabella stats look wonderful for your team. and Chris just wow

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  27. oh dear god, our chairman is totaly garbage! f** this sh*t, he sell Reid, our best striker from first season, for silly 375k, and now this idiot ,without my opinion in the last day of transfer window, sell our best young player, what already 3 season with us! oh holy f** , he grown so good, and have a 5-star potential. i expected to give him a lot of time in this season... bulls*t.

    i have no depth now on the left wing

    this is my last season in this club, i hate this "BOARD", and i can't say them it.
    i want to help this club, and asked the board to expand stadium/improve facilities, but they refused my requests.

    when i came in Oldham, i have "unknown reputation", but now i think it easy for me to say goodbye, and find new job.

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  28. Time to say goodbye, mate.

    Tip: next time remember to set high prices + select "reject all offer" option in player transfer option. Most of the time it will do the trick to block board from selling out my players..

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  29. wow, thank you very much, i did for some of my core players, especialy for young:


    both plays now in first team, because my main GK injuried, and my right fullback in bad form. Carl Winchester not the best option to my DR: bad marking, determination, but he grow very well, and, in first day when i came in club, i set him to train on DR position, and now, he learn this position to "Natural".

  30. lol Loris Karius in FM11...I'm currently in 2042, even youngest real players already retired and become coaches or managers

  31. ye, Karius 5-star potential )

    what about this guy? he is our home grown player, and he in good relation with 3 of my players, but, when i see this "estimated value" (idk why it's so big, he is 2.5 star, and no potential), i wanna sell him ASAP.

    i think his prise so big, because he score so much in last season. in the FM 10 i play 4-3-3 flat, and all my main strikers get injury. and i take one guy from youth squad (striker, 0.5 star, crap player, but ,for the BSP, with good pass (8) and creativity (around 15), and give him a Trequarista role. it's crazy to do this, but, it work! he score 6, make 8 assists, in ~18 games. After this i sell him for 50k! my best deal.
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  32. Seems you got yourself good eye there.

    Mind to share your 4-3-3 tactic?

  33. i change and change and change my tactic, formation, because it stop working, or AI adapted to my style.
    in league 1 i use 3 formation:

    this most successful, and what i use now: 4-2-3-1

    Team Instructions:

    Philosophy: Fluid (in the league 1 i use Balanced, sometimes Rigid, but with fluid it works better)
    Strategy: Counter (always, i'm not switching to more attacking mentality, if it 1st half)
    Passing: Default
    Creative Freedom: More Disciplined
    Closing Down: Default
    Tackling: Default (if i score, i immediately switch to Hard tackling, to prevent opponent equalize asap)
    Marking: Zonal (everybody on zonal, exept 2 DC, they man marking)
    Crossing: Drill crosses
    Roaming: Default

    everything in player instructions on default, except:
    gk - distribution:defender collect: my dr
    dc - man marking
    fullbacks - cross ball: often
    st - cross ball: sometimes, throw ball: sometimes

    gk - gk,
    dr/l - full back (s)
    dc - dc (d)

    dml - dm (s)
    dmr - dm (d)
    (ofc depended on players, but i like to give 1 of my dm - defencive duty)

    AML - inside forward (a) .sometimes i ask him to cross ball often.
    AMR - winger (a) . sometimes, when he makes stupid things, i set his creative freedom to "very little".

    and now here a 2 positions, what can be very versatile.
    amc and st partnership can be implemented in multiplicity variations.
    what i use now
    AMC - attacking midfielder (a). heart and soul of the team. he assist, he score. i set him to attack duty, he don't need to drop deeper, because he have 2 DM behind. when i play vs formation with DM, i set his wideplay to "move into channels".
    ST - oh dear, how much changes i do here. lone striker, if he not have Acceleration and Pace, Intuition and Off the ball, it's very hard for him to get good CCC, especialy when opponent "park the bus" (imo). but now i set him to Defencive Forward (a). Why? i like this role: he pressurize the back 4 and GK, he very agressive and always going to tackle, and he don't do, what he can't. i score a lot of goals, when my ST just eat the opponent DC. ofc this type of striker should be strong. Diego Costa for example. Dirty guy with good strengh, aggression, teamplay, workrate.

    thats all, now time to do some homework:
    match prep: in league 1 i set team blend 24/7 (workload very high, before team fully understand my tactic), BUT, one day before the match i set it to: attacking movement , if i favorite (and not concede every f*king game), defencive positioning (if i underdog, or i concede a lot, or my team in slump/bad form) , and i always switch workload to Very High. after game i again set match prep to team blend (workload depends on tactic familiarity).

    ok, match day.
    if i play vs 4-4-2 (90% time i always play vs this formation)
    OI: if my defenders have a brains, and they in good mood, i can set Hard tackling to most dangerous opponent ST.
    i set to close down always his partner, if he have prefered moves: drops deeper or move into channels. or he right-footed/left footed only.
    i set to close down always their MCs, if their "long shots" +10
    i set to close down MC what have prefered move: dictate tempo.
    if their ML left footed, and MR right footed - close down always+show onto weaker foot+sometime hard tackling
    i don't know how to deal vs insides (ml - right footed, etc)
    i set Hard Tackling to their most strongest defender. it's just theory, but i hope it work on corner kicks to, and my defenders must stop him by any means.
    i set Hard Tackling to all opponent players, what have a injury, or ~80 conditions. but here need to be cautious, because if, for example, your DMR get a yellow card, you need to change his tackling to "normal" , or if you don't trust him/he is a idiot - to light tackle, and in OI his side MC (DMR-MCL; DML-MCR) set instruction to: none.

    now to tactic screen! i always set my AMR to mark the DL, and AML to mark the DR (tight marking: no). they track back, this is what i need.
    i set my AMC to mark MCR, and my DMR to mark MCL. players like Mesut Ozil not for my team, everyone should defend (except striker, sometimes i set my ST to man mark DMC/MCd, but this kill his rating).

    not the best example, here Coventry in possession, my AMC vs MCR. my wingers mark full backs, my DML fails here, he should be between the lines, but here he near n-18 ,opponent winger.

    thats how my team play now.

    if you set now this tactic for your team, i don't think it give you good result. i setup this for my squad. but it good template, i think. patient, cautious game with fast counter attacks, thats what i like. ofc if opponent sit deeper, you need to change something (mentality to control/attack, more pressing, light tackling. it's very interesting, why light tackling. because if you meet the team, what park the bus, they always kill tempo, start to dive, etc. don't give them reasons to do it).

    sorry for the "wall of text" , english not my first language, and i'm sure, it's hard for read.

    oh, and i forget to say, sometimes in match i set my width/tempo much higher, if i see, what i can breakdown opponent, or i don't have so much CCC.
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  34. No worries about your English, it is very very straightforward and new perspectives for me to think about it.

    Because currently I didn't paid as much attention to tactics as you, and I am amazed you actually paid that much attention to the details and have strong understanding.

    Is there any specific shouts you deploy during matches? or it depends?

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  35. it's all credits to guys, like wwfan and SFraser

    i don't like "shouts", because they change my tactic familiarity. but i often use "Push higher up" shout, if pace/acc > or = pace/acc opponent fastest striker. i play with counter strategy+2 dms, it's not needed to use "drop deeper" (defencive line already deep).
    i switch to defencive strategy only if i feel, what my team can't hold the result, but better to understand threats, and how to eliminate them.with defencive strategy i always use "push higher up".
    imo 90% success in FM to not give the AI keep possession on the your area of the pitch (especially last third part of the pitch). or, in another words:
    "We must make sure their worst players get the ball the most. You'll get it back in no time"
    Johan Cruyff
    i hate to concede from corners/free kicks, because i can't do anything with it. sometimes my 180cm defender with option: "mark short player" mark big guys. thats why i use hard tackling to opponent tall DC.

    i use "shoot on sight" after 75-80 min, if we trying to keep the result. it's better to shoot and miss, than dangerous pass->intercept=counter-attack.
    i use "take breather" for 7-10 min, and after this: setup my tempo and width to fast/wide + changing my wingers sides + fresh guy from the bench. sometimes it makes result.

    it's ofc all for the underdog teams.
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  36. i find very useful this setup in defence, when i play vs 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1)
    my DL/R mark opponent AML/R (tight:no)
    my DML/R mark opponent MCL/R
    my AML/R mark opponent DL/R (tight:no)
    one my DC mark lone striker (OI:closing down - always; hard tackling).

    for example game vs West Ham (top team in Championship)

    West Ham shots:

    a lot long shots, 2 shots from the right what missed it's from their (right-only leg) winger, not so dangerous. more dangerous shots made their inside forward from the left side. but anyway it's from outside of penalty area.
    2 shots from the GK area - it's from corner kicks. i hate this sh*t
    my defence made only 1 mistake - near 11 meters blocked shot.

    we lose, but anyway we have a good game, and after i setup my defence as I said above, they don't have a realy good chances, we take a ball and dominate possession. but this possession useless, because i don't know how to deal vs 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-2-2-1. Doesn't matter how good opponent DM, he eats my AMC.

    interesting solution, to move my AMC to AMCR position, this give me advantages:
    1. AMCR drag the DMC (who always man mark him) to the right, and now in the middle created a good space to my AML (inside forward), to my Striker who can drop deeper now, and to my DMCL who can use this space and make more runs!
    2. my AMCR and my AMR can overload right flank, swap positions, makes one-two etc.

    great example how it work on this video:

    my 23 number is AMCR, Clement (DMCL) made good run, but can't score.

    but i have not so much time to test this, need to do this later.

    we lose, because... it's most painful part of the game - adaptation of my new DC in the first squad. he don't speak english, he from another country. so many mistakes, so little right decisions.
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  37. language barrier. i never paid attention how this is important!
    example: on the start of the season i sign 2 new DC, both from France League 2. not the best signing + they don't know english, but i planned to play them with my best central defender - Zander Diamond, top player for the Championship.

    they start season very terrible, many of mistakes.

    sometimes 6.8-6.9 ,but in next game 6.0 .very unstable performance, very nervous etc.

    Zander Diamond get the injury, and i think here is a troubles begin (first injury in 3 seasons, i never play without him, only in FA Cup). BUT

    2 good games vs teams with fantastic strikers. this guys never play together, but their understanding what founded on same language give us 2 matches without conseding, 2 matches, where they don't give opponent strikers any chance to score.


    oh , i hate this game. i love football, but this game like a work, i can't sit and relax. need to take another break.
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  38. ok, 26 games played, any predictions?

    this guy unbelievable

    EVERY season (3 in the row) he start with performance ~6.4-6.7 , i say him: "You're f**ing garbage!" and send him to reserve team. He played there september-october-november. In december i return him to the first squad. After this he scored tons of goals.
    for example, season 2011/12 ~15 of his goals he scored in January-April period.

    Remy - top quality. 10 games = 10 points.

    and now... i find new Van Basten, in Swansea. just take a look

  39. i got new job, in AZ Alkmaar, or something like this
    fantastic facilities, good stadium, but team with their last manager drop from top 7 Ederveise.

    they sold some core players. but anyway here a good defenders, Wernbloom and Rasmus Elm, and ofc Altidor.
    i buy only 3 players, just to fill the bench, and sell some guys from team 2 and Poulsen (2.6 million for this sh*t, thank you rich italian noname club).

    prediction: 6. Season started good, but in the october we dive in the slump (slump in october, how you like it?).
    we concede in every f*ing game, concede so stupid goals.
    perfomance - L,L,D,W,D,L and we drop to position 10. i'm in panic, my 3 tactics not working (4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and defencive 4-2-2-1-1). WHAT I'M F**NG DOING WRONG? am i, or this is the players?

    Both. Firstly, when i take a job in AZ i decided: we play possession football. I decide it, because we have a good amount of AM players, with nice passing and creativity/flair. Our defenders and DM also have a brains. Right decision? Now i understand, not. I hate possession football (irl), and i know nothing about this. When something goes wrong i don't know what to do. And we loose and loose points vs teams from the bottom.
    In one day i play whole day, and have a time to watch Full Match. And what i see? My defencive midfielders goes into dribble and lost a ball, my left winger with LEG: Left only (role att.mid:support) make "cut inside", and lost a ball, my GK makes stupid long shots, when in his PI set up: defender collect. Oh long shots! everyone in my team wanna make a long shot! Doesnt matter if i say them: work ball into the box, they just shoot and shoot. RAGE.

    i fined guys with rating 6.3 and low, i send them to team 2, but it make everything worse. Morale - red. I think to resign, after 4 month in the club...
    No! I'm not cowardly! If i so coward, what i wait from my players? Never give up, this is only october! Let's do something, what can make a difference.

    My main tactic before changing: 4-2-3-1

    Fluid, later Balanced; Standart; Zonal Marking.

    When i see games on Full Match i scream: "WTF you guys doing? why not to make simple pass, or good cross? Why you shoot when your partner staying in free space? Why you playing like my lovely Arsenal in january/february?
    If you guys so selfish, i wanna to teach you something special."

    My tactic now:

    Philosophy: Very Rigid (!)
    Strategy: Counter is main, sometimes Attack
    Passing: Direct
    Creative Freedom: Disciplined (!)
    Closing Down: More
    Tackling: Hard
    Marking: Man
    Roaming: Stick to position

    How you like it, selfish bast/*rd Martens?

    DL/R: fulback (s) - crossing: often
    DC: dc (d)
    DML: DM (d)
    DMR: Anchorman
    AMR: Winger (s) or Advanced Playmaker (s)
    AML: Winger (s)
    STCR: Targetman (s) - RWB: sometimes(because Altidor very good with ball), RFD: sometimes
    STCL: Poacher - RFD: rare, through ball: sometimes.

    Why so strange setup on my strikers in RFD? thanks SFraser:
    Another good and basic example is the Advanced and Deep Striker combination. One striker plays with a high Mentality and RFD Rare meaning he starts in an advanced position but does not make runs. The other striker starts deeper but he makes RFD Mixed, and will look to feed the ball to the advanced striker, then make runs past him. Once the deep striker gets past the advanced striker, the advanced striker will bomb forward and try to stay high up the pitch because of his mentality. In this way you can setup a whole series of pass-and-forward run moves simply by getting one striker to run from deep, and then getting the other striker to try and stay high up the pitch through mentality alone without making Runs From Deep when he is already advanced.
    with this setup + man marking my strikers usable in defence, and i like it.

    Idea in my tactic to make things simple - exploit the space, make as much crosses as you can, hard tackling. No more silly dribbles! Everything turns around my Targetman.

    next game vs PSV, and i think our unbeatable serie stops.
    This tactic not only just "shoot and run", this is good in possession to. in my last game i have 60 - 40. We play not so beauty, but who cares?

    I have problems only vs teams what park the bus in the middle (4-1-2-2-1, 4-1-3-2, etc). And idk how we can perform vs 4-2-3-1.

    Anyway i like it, and in the next transfer window i wanna to buy some strong/fast/workhorse wingers. and i need Targetman to the bench.


    Game vs Twente. Twente is a fantastic team (Chadli, Fernando, De Jong) solid in defence, and ruthless in attack.

    this guy just laughed at my defenders in first game

    scores 2 or 3.

    if this is their main threat, why not to deprive his space?
    what i do:

    very rigid (my philosophy - just do what i want from you)
    counter (i like counter-attacking football)
    more disciplined (same as philosophy)
    more direct (pass to the targetman and run)
    stand-off more (twente very intelligent and technical team, just restrict space on our half)
    hard tackling (KILL THEM ALL!)
    man marking (better than zonal)
    stick to position (same as philosophy)

    4 defenders, all on def. duty.
    2 defencive midfielders on def. duty. 1 anchorman and 1 dm.
    1 ML, 1 MR - defensive winger on att.duty. my ML is a typical winger, my MR is inverted playmaker (cut inside and through ball: often)
    1 MC - central midfielder support. good in tackling to.
    1 ST - targetman support.

    Twente played 4-1-2-2-1
    OI: i tight mark their lone striker (super de Jong), hard tackling, but Closing down: never.
    tackle hard vs Chadli, because he tired (83 cond).
    tackle hard vs Cabral. he is Inside Forward, very dangerous.
    closing down: never to opponent DL/R and 2 DC.

    my right DMCR get the instruction: specifically mark Luke de Jong. And this is works brilliantly!

    de Jong performance tonight:

    not so good, yeah?

    Twente performance in this game:

    a lot of passes, but they realy not so dangerous. only 2 passes goes inside the penalty area. yes, we can concede from all of this long shots, and Twente unlucky a little bit (my team play very narrow, it gives us advantage vs long shots). This is demonstrate, how they depend from de Jong and his skills.

    after 1 half i substitute my DMCR ,because he get a yellow card, but in 50 minutes he made 3 tackles (2 vs de Jong) and maked 2 fouls, and all 2 vs de Jong. top job.

    we win 2-0.

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  40. last night i read interesting article about Athletico Madrid, and their tactic. I rarely watch ATM matches, because i don't like Primera, but like how Simeone work,his tactic and philosophy.
    I found something interesting: players often make triangles on the wings, pass and pass the ball and move deeper and deeper on opportunity part of the field. It's like "pig in the middle" but where players what own the ball also move forward.

    This is easy to make in Football Manager.

    1 issue - my players pass and pass, but not moving. need to change something, mb mentality slider.
    issue fixed when i add more mentality to my wingers.
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  41. very interesting to play in Netherlands.

    my AZ average team, we have squad worse than Twente and PSV, much worse than Ajax. Twente PSV and Ajax easily beat us in money , and wage budget. This is a challenge, and this is so fun.

    this is my 2rd season, and we played well:

    my best signing ever:

    1.5 million euro for this beast, TY Benfica!

    probably no chance to win the title, but we are in Semi Final KNVB (Dutch Cup), playing vs PSV, and if we win i think we meet in final Feyenoord.

    ok, here is a tactic what i use. i made some changes after last season, but basic concept remained.



    why this formation? no, it not "all about players". if i build my formation based on their Natural positions, it should be 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-3-1 narrow. in my vision this type of formation should get lots of creative freedom, to make players roam, finding space, swaping positions etc. I don't like it. And i dont like to use my wide players on advanced positions, they very rarely track back.

    Philosophy: Very Rigid
    Strategy: Counter (i change it to Attack when i need to score, or opponent just parking the bus)
    Passing style: Direct
    Creative Freedom: More Disciplined

    conception here: Limited Creative Freedom. only 2 or maximum 3 players have big Creative Freedom, this is guys with good Flair, Creative, Desicions, Determination. Everyone else - "keep things simple".

    ok, now players:

    GK - defender collect (DR)
    Fullbacks (S) - zonal marking, tight, tackling: hard(!), RFD: rare (i change it to "sometimes" if i play vs team with 1 player on the wing), closing down: rare, passing style: short (i change it to direct, if i play vs team with 1 player on the wing, or when i need to build up attack faster).
    DC - zonal marking, tight.
    Defencive Midfielders (D) - zonal marking, tight: no, closing down: rare, RFD: sometimes (to fill the gap between midfield and strikers), passing style: short (i change it to direct, if i play vs team with 1 player on the wing, or when i need to build up attack faster).
    Wide Midfielders ( A )- zonal marking, tight: no, tackling: easy, closing down: rare, passing style: short (i change it to direct, if i play vs team with 1 player on the wing, or when i need to build up attack faster).
    Shadow Striker/Trequarista/DLF - mentality same as any forward with duty: ( A ), but RFD: Rare (!). RWB: often, if he is Gaitan. This striker often are my Playmaker. Tons of Creative freedom for this guy.
    Second Striker - any support role. i often choose Complete Forward (s) or Defencive Forward, and turn off Hold the ball, if my striker not so strong.

    how it works in attack:
    we build our attack from the back, often on the wings (short passing to DL+DML+ML and DR+DMR+MR creates triangle) where we pass, and pass the ball, before my striker open in space. this striker make run with ball, sometimes he cut inside, shoot or made throwgh ball to winger or second striker. Or make a simple pass to one of my DM, who start attack again with short pass to DL, DL to ML, ML to DM, etc etc. If opponent are aggressive in pressing, i turn of all of Passing setting in Player instructions, and made to shouts: Exploit the flanks and Clear ball to the flanks.
    we score a lot of goals in couter-attack to.

    how it works in defence:
    loose zonal marking to every player in midfield and Rare closing down allows to keep the shape. Striker with support role track back and sometimes cover opponent DMC. I use Opponent instructions very carefuly, because it can ruin everything.

    vs 4-4-2: very easy. just need to exploit space in the middle.
    vs 4-1-2-1-2 wide: same, we should use space in the middle, but don't forget about opp.AMC, i mark him with one of my DMC, another DMC get the RFD: often.
    vs 4-3-1-2, 4-1-3-2, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-2-3-1 narrow: i have a problem vs narrow formations. they cant score , and i rarely to score.
    vs 4-1-2-2-1: my DMC mark opponent Striker, and he end the game with 6.0 rating. It hard to break down them, if they park the buss.
    vs 4-2-3-1 wide: in Eredivisie only Ajax play this formation. Can't test properly, because they have much, much better players.
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  42. season ended. a little bit embarasing, because... because Ajax so strong. just take a look, here we in 2 points from them:

    this is... holy sh*t. 24 scored, 1 concede.

    final league table:

    but anyway, this is a good season for us! we promoted to UCL, i hope in Third Qualification Round we don't get something like Inter or PSG.

    We also win the KNVB Cup, very easy, 3-0 vs Vitesse in Final.

    i think about sell this guy:

    he played well only 1/3 time of the season (and this is because we have good season, if we lose more, i think he perform much worse). hes determination, bravery and team play are terrible. Natural fitness - 6. oh, ye, i sell you in the summer.


    Gohou selled to Nurnberg. for this money i buy:

    i realy need new gk, and Krul is a good choice.
    and in winter transfer window i got:

    Real madrid already make a bid (3.5 mln), but i reject it
    this is our future.
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  43. fantastic season with East Fife in second division of Scotland. To be fair, i made 2 reloads. In next season i promise never do it.

    Media prediction: 9, but we easy win the league.

    tactic: 5-3-2, i finally setup tactic with 3 at the back, what works very well.

    philosophy: balanced
    strategy: standart
    marking: zonal

    MCL: BWM (s), MCR: BWM(d). it's essential to use roles, what not 'move into channels'. this guys should stay in the middle when we in possession, and help wingbacks when we defending.
    AMC: Advanced playmaker (a). Simple here, a lot of teams in Scotland play 4-4-2, we should use this space between their defence and midfield. Advanced playmaker fit this role very well, because he not roam and not make a lot of forward runs.
    STL: DLF(s). Striker what can hold the ball and make pass. Nothing special.
    STR: Poacher. Fox in the box, without creative freedom, he NOT 'move into channels'. He should always stay in the middle.

    + very good defencivly. If you take a look at my DC, you can see what they are not so good. We concede 26 in 36 games, but ~50% of this goals come from Corners and Free kicks.

    + nice in attack. we have options how to build up our play: in the middle, or throw the wings.
    + teamplay. take a look, how lot of my players score or make assist

    - when team tired or not motivated we struggle on the wings, if opponent overload it.
    - need good wingbacks, if you want use all the width of the pitch in attack. They should have PPM: Get forward whenever possible.
    - lack of the players in the opponent area (3), when my wingback make a cross.

    I'm very proud, because with squad like this we made impossible. And i very happy to see, what tactic with 3 at the back works so well in FM11.
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  44. The Mighty Saints

    Usually just play with Man United or Man City or generally just big rich teams but got quite bored of this so said I'd try and find a sleeping giant down the leagues. Well look no further than the mighty saints. Southampton is a club with massive potential for growth if you can navigate your way back up to the Premier League.

    I'm just heading into the fourth season now and everything is in place to do something special. Have lived mainly off lots of pretty epic free transfers but in the 3rd and now fourth season I've started to splash some cash(not without some consequences!).

    You don't need to really spend much in the first season as Southampton are far too good for league one but I did make a lot of free transfers and loans just to beef up the squad a bit.

    Attachment 1134713

    Alex Smithies was of course the first port of call, a tremendous keeper for this level and the Championship. The full backs were the Ghanian Yakubu(FT) and Cunningham on loan from Man City. Fonte formed an excellent partnership with the West Ham loanee Holmar Ejjolfsson which was the bedrock for a very solid defence. 2 more frees Basinas and Richetti rotated the ageing DM slot with Morgs playing most games in CM. Puncheon was recalled from his loan to rotate the right wing slot with the Ox, Lallana on the left with Kaltenberg (FT) his back up. In AM Guly De Prado had a productive season with 14 goals and 11 assists in the league but can be a highly frustrating player. Up front was the main man Ricky of Lambertshire who was backed up at different spells by Guidetti and Wickham(Loans) as Barnard was injured most of the season.

    So to be honest the first season was an absolute doddle but we did poorly in the cups going out in the 1st round of the Johnstone's paint trophy to fellow League one side Swindon and second round of the league cup against Championship side Reading. We did manage to make it to the third round of the FA Cup where we were drawn away to Championship opposition Nottingham Forest, but my refusal to change from the attack minded approach that had us dominating league one lead to a 6-3 tonking. The league was a different story though!

    Attachment 1134714

    So now in the Championship our predicted media finish I believe was 18th but I was quite confident with the right signings we could push for promotion. I had been tracking some higher profile players whose contracts were winding down and come the 30th of June i got a very nice surprise.

    Attachment 1134715

    On loan came two young French full backs with bags of potential Appiah and Digne, the Brazilian CB Toloi from Man United and Jack Collison. They added to the great free additions of Italian midfield destroyer Blasi, our new #10 Cani and young Italian hotshot Destro. Later in the season I even managed to convince Michael Owen to join the promotion push, gotts to love the auld take it or leave it contract offer!

    But the most exciting addition came in the shape of a nice looking regen from our very own academy. Here he is in my 4th season still only 18!

    Attachment 1134719 Attachment 1134720

    The season started with a backs to wall smash and grab 1-0 victory away to Derby which was followed by 2 more wins before our first league defeat in 49 matches (Arsenal anyone!) at home to Brighton. After this we went 12 unbeaten in the league which had us battling with recently relegated Premiership side Fulham for top spot. We made it through the first and second rounds of the league cup before being beaten at home by Premier league Birmingham 2 zip. We got to the 5th round of the FA cup beating fellow Championship sides Sheffield United and Blackpool but Stoke away was where we met our match 2 zip again 2 Walters screamers grrrrrrr.

    I blame the defeat to Stoke on the fact that our team was wrecked after a huge win away to Fulham where we played the last 20 odd minutes with ten men and picked up a few key injuries to Appiah, Cani and De Prado. The main man Blasi filled in at right back in what was a tactical setup which took about 30 minutes before I was happy enough to confirm the changes. Lots of time wasting.

    Attachment 1134721

    After the FA Cup defeat 10 wins from our remaining 13 fixtures meant that we had smashed our predicted finish and won the League. We could now look forward to playing with the big boys in the Premier League! How about Pompey by the Way?!

    Attachment 1134724

    So now finally in the Premier league I knew we would need some serious additions if we were to hold our own so once again I had been tracking some fine players whose contracts were close to expiring but was not expecting too much. Amazingly though some real quality players had become free agents with nobody attempting to sign them before their deals finsihed. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

    Attachment 1134725

    Somehow we had managed to get our hands on the Spanish GK Asenjo, the solid Senegalese CB Diakhate, the CB Caceres who had left Barcelona no less, the Brazilian midfield maestro Fernandinho from Shaktar as well as proven premier league players in Russian wing wizard Yury Zhirkov and Man City's SWP. As for the tranfer budget that was spent on bringing back the two French full backs Appiah and Digne and CB Toloi who had all spent last season enjoying themselves on loan with us(And now all had Southampton as one of their favoured clubs) on permanent deals. Azpilicueta also joined on loan but the icing on the cake was when I spotted that Alan Dzagoev's contract would expire on the 1st of January so in one last wreckless bit of budgeting I went full David O Leary and gave him his 33,000 contract and while only having to pay a small compensation fee to CSKA.

    So the board were not too happy with our finances and we were now 150,000 thousand over our weeky wage budget and had spent every penny of the tranfer budget but I had evil intentions for this season and our media prediction of 19th! Also our plans for new training facilities were scapped (oops) and midway through the season the board took out a 19mil loan even though we were actually making a profit every month and were gradually erasing our negative finances.

    So we started our Premier league campaign with two draws against Wolves and Fulham before a tough defeat at home to a strong Everton side. But we bounced back to win 3-1 win at Bolton with academy graduate Davies bagging a brace with his first goals in England's top flight at the tender age of 17. Next was a battling display away to Mega rich Man City where we took an early lead thanks to a rocket of a free kick from Fernan the Man Dinho only to be eventually beaten 2-1.

    After this we won 6 of our next 9 Premiership games as all our new players started to gel and we were in a very good looking top half spot after 14 games. But tough times were to follow as we went to Old trafford and were taught a lesson in a 3-1 loss. And more pain followed with two stinging defeats at home to Villa and Newcastle. We needed a confidence boost so perhaps it was the perfect time to face fellow promoted side Reading. Well yes, yes it was!

    Attachment 1134729

    So now with confidence restored we headed into our toughest task yet, away to unbeaten runaway league leaders Arsenal. For the first time in my tenure at the club I decided this called for a big change in our tactics. I switched from attacking to counter strategy and moved our defensive line deeper. The plan was to have explosive pace out wide with the two young Frenchmen at fullback and Zhirkov and SWP as wingers to counter quickly.

    Attachment 1134740 Attachment 1134741 Attachment 1134742

    Well the tactics worked, an inconceiveable 3-0 win at the Emirates had our fans in dreamland, Zhirkov setting up two and scoring the third for his man of the match award!. We were now firmly in the mixer for a European place after a predicted finish of 19th having just been promoted. Dzagoev joined and we won our next 4 matches including away to Sunderland in the FA cup and were looking strong. But two defeats against Everton and Man City followed to bring us back down to earth.

    But what followed was a mighty 16 game unbeaten run which would amazingly put us in contention for a champions league spot as well as taking us all the way to the FA cup final. In the middle of this run came a tricky looking 4 games LIV A, CHE A, MUN H, MUN(FA). But we managed two draws with LIV and CHE before beating MUN 2-1 at St Marys. Prior to the FA cup semi against MUN they played the 2nd leg of their champions league quarter final against Shaktar which they lost 3-2 on agg. So I expected to see a slightly tired MUN side at Wembley but instead I was greeted by quite a surprising line up from Fergie.

    Attachment 1134743

    So thats Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Carrick, Fletcher, Rooney, Hernandez and Berbatov not even in the squad. Needless to say they were dispatched comfortably 4-0!

    We lost our last two league matches of the season but results in other fixtures meant we had somehow clinched a 4th place position after being widely predicted to go straight back down. We faced off against Man City in the FA cup final but unfortunately we couldn't make it 3rd time lucky against Rafa Benitez's side as we succumbed to a 2-0 loss. Still despite the heartbreak of a cup final defeat I knew we had had an absolutely massive campaign and we could look forward to rubbing shoulders with some of the real European Heavyweights next long as we get through the qualifiers!

    Attachment 1134744

    Now lets see whose contracts are expiring...

    So I've managed a few nice signings so far

    Attachment 1134745

    Trying to get Nigel De Jong on loan from Man City as he is transfer listed, it's between me and Villa but there is one player I have my eyes on big time!

    Attachment 1134746 Attachment 1134747 Attachment 1134748 Hopefully he will eventually negotiate with me before some big team team comes and swoops in.

  45. Hello guys, I play in Netherlands again, I love this league in FM.

    Now it's Go Ahead Eagles, and i want to share my tactic, because i think you should try it.

    Philosophy: Balanced
    Strategy: Standart
    Passing: Direct

    This is deep 4-4-2, and you can ask what special here? Mentality + RFD sliders and instructions what i give to my wingers.

    Mentality - this is player position on the pitch with more (or less) desire to make risky decisions.
    RFD - how early/often player make attacking runs as moves develop.

    Using this 2 instructions together creates a magic!

    my strikers partnership:

    #10 - DLF(s) : he starts from deep position but makes some runs (RFD: sometimes)

    also i gived him +3 to mentality, because on standart/balanced he drops very very deep, especially when our opponent in possession.

    #9 - Poacher: he plays with high mentality slider but does not make runs.

    How it works: DLF(s) starts deeper but he makes RFD Mixed, and will look to feed the ball to the advanced striker, then make runs past him. Once the deep striker gets past the advanced striker, the advanced striker will bomb forward and try to stay high up the pitch because of his mentality.

    This is works very well, thanks Sfraser from sigames forum for this setup.
    In this setup i added winger-striker and fullback-wingback partnership.

    My winger play with high mentality (higher on 1 notch than my DLF) but RFD - never. Why this: i like when my wingers play very high and when they come into opposition penalty area. But with standart setup (high mentality+rfd often) they often become isolated and not included in possession. With my setup they always help my team to build attacks, and also they always try to find space into the box.

    Winger-DLF partnership: same as DLF+Poacher, winger dont make runs but always will stay higher than DLF. When DLF got the ball they run past him, when Winger got the ball - striker make run forward. It works like a charm, especially in counter-attacks.

    Fullback-Winger partnership: my fullback

    i noticed what playing with defenders what have all same mentality give you more solid defensive block. My fullbacks on defend duty have a same mentality with my DCs, but i dont like this boring role, and i give him RFD, RWB, through balls and of course cross ball instructions. Because his low mentality he rarely will make risky decisions (like dribbling on his own half), but when he see good, safe opportunity - he will do it.

    How it works with winger - winger play high, fullback mostly stayed in area from there he can make cross from deep.

    My winger. It's like inside forward on AMR slot, but on MR
    Sometimes i use 2 inside forwards, but mostly one my winger - standart winger with RFD - rarely.

    My 2 DMC not modified, because they provide defensive stability and transition. But sometimes (when we need to score) i give my DMCR - roam from position: yes and RFD: often. Be careful with this instruction, if you play vs 3 or 4 in the middle.

    No playmakers or targetmans.

    Narrow Width always, because i dont like when my players stay far from each other. It also give us defensive stability if opponent intercept the ball.

    When we need to score i change strategy to attacking, but also need to change winger/dlf(s) mentality, give them +3 to mentality.
    When i want to play safer i change strategy to counter, but again need to change winger/dlf(s) mentality, give them -3 to mentality. Use creative freedom: more disciplined, if you see your DMC like to leave his position. Use closing down: stand-off more if you see your players dragged from their defensive positions.
    Also if we can't keep possesion i change our passing to default. When we try to contain result i always use: contain strategy, short passing, more disciplined, stick to position.

    Shouts: hassle opponents and high defensive line when we meet team with 3-4 central midfielders (to compress space what their AMC want to use). Play Wider vs teams what play without wingers.

    +good for everyone. I played in Erestedivisie and got promotion in first season.
    In Eredivisie after 3 games we got 9 points, we beat PSV (3-1) Utrecht (2-0) and Vitesse (3-1).
    +great movement
    +fast transition

    -only 2 central midfielders. This is problem, especially vs teams what like to drag them from their positions (4-1-2-1-2 wide for example). Zonal marking works here very well.
    -gap between strikers and dmc (this gap felt only when your opponent in possession and he play with DM, need DLF with good workrate to put pressure on opponent DMC).

    You can download it from here: 4-4-2 SV (Go Ahead, Aug 2013)

    sorry for my english, not my first language)
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  46. In continue to my post Tactics & Training: The " I have a small question " thread

    This is very impressive:

    My modified 4-4-2 vs Inter 4-3-1-2

    btw, we all know how overpowered narrow formations in FM 10, 11.

    My Bologna, first season with 2 signings from free - Gagnon (2 star winger with potential, but now he not good enough for Seria A), and striker that injuried. Trust me - we have weak squad for relegation battle.


    Team instructions: strategy - standart, float crosses (my wingers very bad in crossing, and every cross to the near post intercepted by defender or gk, but from crosses to the far post we scored ~ 3-4 goals in 17 games. well, crossing not our strong side),

    Player instructions:

    Tactic in details: I realy like 4-4-2, maybe oldschool 4-4-2 now outdated, but modern 4-4-2 still used by some teams, especialy like defensive system with high counter-attacking potential.

    To understand why i use this roles/duties you should look at formation from this perspective (dont look at arrows).

    Players in triangles work together, in attack, in defending, in closing down. The only player that I use in two zones would be the wide midifelder who is expected to support both attacking and defensive phases whilst shifting up the field, this is why I use them with support duty and with disabled roaming - they should always be in this position to provide support.

    Because we have only 2 CM, this is will be hard to keep possession in midfield, but because we have static wingers to link up play it make our central midfielers more opportunities in attack. My wingers also will stretch opponent midfield, what give my CMs more space to exploit. This is why i give to both my CM - roaming: yes. They will play deep, because their duties, but if they see space ahead of them - they will run in this space. To better understanding, look here:

    It's typical situation vs 4-3-1-2, imagine my ML with ball pressed by Inter MCR, and my MCL (d) with roaming makes run to exploit this space. It works very well.

    Like someone said: I always score more goals when the box is clear and people arrive from deeper positions rather than starting in higher positions.

    I use trequarista because i want to have playmaker upfront, and because i want striker who will drop deep to get the ball. But dont be confused, trequarista will score too, in this game he made hattrick. Btw for trequarista i disabled roaming.

    My low defensive line connected with low closing down, it's logical. Low tempo and low timewasting made great ball circulation. Counter-attack - yes, because i'm a fan of counterattacking football, and because it works very well with roaming settings.

    You remember I use 'standart' strategy, but I changed mentality ladder for players. Why? Tactics & Training: The " I have a small question " thread

    Like a team we play 'standart' strategy, but every player got his own mentality in Player instruction, his own mentality from 'defensive' strategy!
    This makes them to track back, to play deep in defending, but because 'standart' team strategy they play without cautious, like if you use default defensive strategy. No more gaps between my DC and MC!
    Low closing down, from defensive strategy with more closing down on the wings. Tight man marking for everyone, except #9, because we play very deep.

    I like how my team play now. But ofc we have some issues, especially with low closing down. And it hard for us to break down 3-5-2 or teams what defend very deep (maybe this is players issue, our squad not good enough).

    p.s - because players got low mentality in PI doesnt mean they will play with low risk, they not, because we dont use 'defensive' strategy. It also doesnt mean they will play very deep - player mentality it's his position in the TEAM SHAPE, not on the pitch. You can't make your CM to play like halfback, giving him '1' mentality. Team shape ranges from DC to ST, less mentality between them - less space between lines. If your DC got '1' mentality and your ST '7' mentality - he will drop deep while defending, because of shape, but when your team got the ball - lines will move together, team will move together.
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