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can you emergency loan a keeper?

  1. can you emergency loan a keeper?

    Ok, so Im playing as Spurs first season, and at the beginning, I decided to sell Carlo Cudinci, and to have my backup keepers as Vincent Enyeama and Alex Smithies. I have a really importamt champions league quarter final agasint AC Milan coming up, and Gomes is out for 4 weeks, and Enyeama is cup tied. So what im wondering is can you do emergency loans on the game, and which goalkeeper might be willing to join. Thanks.

    P.S You can also mention keepers which may be free agents

  2. Simple answer: NO you can't.

  3. You'll have to use your ex-Huddersfield 'keeper who is meant to be hot prospect :/

  4. ok then. I signed a keeper on a free Le-Woon-Jae, how to you register him as a replacemnt? Becuase when registering players for the champions league therea re 2 replacements allowed

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  6. best way i can think of is signing a player under 21 on free because they do not need to be registered

  7. Arsenal Rotation
    You should have known that Enyeama was cup-tied, so why aren't you willing to give Smithies his chance? If he's your #3 GK any way - and a backup like you said - then give him a break. Otherwise, you're signing a player on a free transfer for the basis of 4 weeks worth of Champions League games.

    As you're playing Milan, I'll presume that you're in the Last 16, which means that you won't exactly have many CL games any way.

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