Arsenal New Stadium

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    Arsenal New Stadium

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever had a new stadium built with Arsenal? Because obviously they had the Emirates fairly recently but I want an even bigger one I am in the year 2018 so maybe a few more years and they will agree to build one? I have excellent finances etc so no problems there. Cheers.

  2. you'll probably just get a stadium expansion

  3. I got my own Arsenal stadium,built in 2028.
    Wasnt doing that well,like winning champions and premier leagues in a row,but wasnt doing that bad.

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    Sweet thanks

  5. you can get the stadium expanded to 75,000 and i would imagine that should be your first goal.

  6. Spicer666's Avatar Spicer666
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    You can request expansions upto 75k. If you become a legend with the club, like Meco above, you'll get you're own stadium. So 10-20 years with Arsenal you'll get a new stadium

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    Just wondering, do Man City get a new stadium built as well? I have fully expanded to 60k and in the year 2017 now, have won everything loads of times, how long do u reckon I will have to wait until this is an option? Sorry for bringing back an old thread, but I didn't think it was worth a new one just for this question

  8. im in year 2019 and have been trying to get a new stadium. im winning back to back league and champions league doubles and and i am making so much profit its crazy but i still cant even ask my board for a new stadium or expansion. im in hall of fame and i have got a new chairman. i proper want a bigger stadium to generate more cash

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