jbolas' guide to Havant & Waterlooville

  1. jbolas' guide to Havant & Waterlooville

    jbolas' guide to Havant & Waterlooville

    Year Founded: 1998
    Status: Semi-Professional
    Reputation: Local
    Chairman Status: Happy to Stay
    Legends: James Taylor
    Icons: Timmy Hambley
    Other Rivals: Weymouth, Eastleigh
    Finances: Okay
    Average Ticket: £10.00
    Average Season Ticket: £147
    Season Ticket Holders: 225
    Estimated Value: £275K
    Media Prediction: 6th
    Squad Personality: Fairly Loyal
    Captain: Ian Simpemba.

    Seasonal Expectations:
    Top half finish - £0/£4.9K p/w
    Promotion - £0/£5.5k p/w
    Winner - £0/£5.75 p/w
    The club is currently spending £4,775 per week on wages.
    I would suggest to choose 'Promotion' as it offers you a healthy wage budget and is fairly do able with the squad available.

    Aaron Howe
    Nathan Ashmore
    Both are young keepers with a lot of potential. However Howe is the better of the two and should be regarded as Havant's 'Number 1'. Ashmore is a good enough back up however you may wish to bring in a stronger goalkeeper to take Havant to the next step.

    Potential Transfers:
    James Dalton (Free) *
    Frank Talia (Free)

    Full Backs:
    Jake Newton
    Paul Hinshelwood
    Jon McDonald
    Jake Newton and Jon McDonald should be your first choices at full back for Havant. Both will offer solid performances as well as a balance of attacking flair and defensive responsibilities. Paul Hinshelwood is good enough cover at Right Back and can easily be drafted in.

    Potential Transfers:
    Danny Senda (Free)
    Tomos Roberts (Free)

    Centre Backs:
    Ian Simpemba
    Sam Pearce
    Ryan Woodford
    Emmanuel Udoji
    Ian Simpemba is the club captian and is easily the best centre back at the club and possibly in the league. Sam Pearce and Ryan Woodford both offer similar stats and should be rotated. However I normally choose Pearce ahead of Woodford due to his experience and slightly better stats. Emmanuel Udoji is a young centre back with a lot of potential and should be played in cup matches which you expect to win.

    Potential Transfers:

    Centre Midfielders:
    Bobby Hopkinson
    Shaun Wilkinson
    Ian Selley
    Bobby Hopkinson and Shaun Wilkinson should be your first choices in central midfield for Havant. Both offer different stats which means that they complement each other very well. Ian Selley is an experienced midfielder at the age of 36 who is an adequte back up in central midfield for Havant.

    Potential Transfers:
    Danny Sonner (Free)
    Jordan Hibbert (Free)

    Wes Fogden
    Sammy Igoe
    Wes Fodgen and Sammy Igoe are the only real wingers at Havant. Fogden should start on the left wing whereas Igoe should start on the right wing. Both offer solid performances on the wings for Havant. Offering experience in Igoe and a young talent in Fogden.

    Potential Transfers:
    David Tarpey (Free) *
    Kyle Fraser-Allen (Free)

    Mustafa Tiryaki
    Manny Williams
    Giuseppe Sole
    Steve Ramsey
    Mustafa Tiryaki and Manny Williams are the obvious starters here. Tiryaki is a born goalscorer and will most likely be your top goalscorer and features high up in the league scoring charts. Williams is less prolific however offers good ratings as well as a high number of assists. Giuseppe Sole is the perfect back up striker and works well as an impact sub. Steve Ramsey is not up to the quality up front at Havant and shoud be played in cup matches. However at 21 he still has time on his side.

    Potential Transfers:
    Jon Main (Free) *
    Tesfaye Bramble (Free)

    Please Note: * = Must Buy.

    4-4-2 Havant
    Attachment 147376
    A tactic made by me which is suited towards Havant & Waterloovile and LLM.

    Goalkeeper - Defend
    RB: Wingback - Automatic
    RCB: Ball Playing Defender - Defend
    LCB: Limited Defender - Defend
    LB: Wingback - Automatic
    RM: Winger - Attack
    RCM: Central Midfielder - Automatic
    LCM: Ball Winning Midfielder - Defend
    LM: Wide Midfielder - Automatic
    RCF: Advanced Forward - Attack
    LCF: Poacher - Attack

    Suggested Board Room Requests:
    Wage Budget Increase
    Parent Club Request


  2. nice guide might try it out tomorrow

  3. Updated to the List of Team Guides 2011 Thread.

  4. Luke Phillips's Avatar Luke PhillipsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Sammy Igoe plays for Havant?!?! Legend!

  5. Played my first game with H&A with former Pompey player Igoe scoring a cracking 35 yarder from AMC position. Will try him on the wings but I think the team (at this early stage) should be built around him with Igoe in the centre. The lad Ramsey looks decent on the wings too.

  6. Is there no Dejan Stevanovic in the team?

  7. I started up a game with Havant

    and some of the Potential Transfers will not join

    Danny Sonner
    Frank Talia
    Danny Senda

    does anyone have people that will join to replace them also I can't see the pic of the 442 formation

  8. Quote Originally Posted by R.Belka View Post
    Is there no Dejan Stevanovic in the team?
    Unfortunately, Dejan is not in the team, even on 11.3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madridboy86 View Post
    I started up a game with Havant

    and some of the Potential Transfers will not join

    Danny Sonner
    Frank Talia
    Danny Senda

    does anyone have people that will join to replace them also I can't see the pic of the 442 formation
    The potential transfers have previously joined in my game. Look at the other potential transfers I have stated to look for more signings.

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