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Attribute Masking

  1. Attribute Masking

    Just started a new game and I have the default setting ticked of 'Enable Attribute Masking', what does it mean? And what would it do if I unticked it?

  2. Basically it hides certain attributes/stats (eg pace tackling etc) of a player if he is more unknown to the world. For example if you were to click on a 17 year old from a team in the Russian league, alot of his stats would be hidden due to the realism of not knowing how good a football he really is.

    Hope this helps
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  3. Yes as Danny said basically it hides some of the attributes of players/player from regions your club does not have good knowledge of to add realism. You can reveal their attributes by scouting the player.
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  4. and i forgot to add obviously if you unticked the box all attributes would be shown for all players in the game

  5. I kept it ticked. Makes it more realistic in a way
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  6. Ok thanks everyone, well I'll just leavie it at default with it being ticked. More realistic

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