Highly Ambitious squad. Best way to get squad to being a Determined squad ??

  1. Highly Ambitious squad. Best way to get squad to being a Determined squad ??

    So I have a Highly Ambitious squad is what most of my scout reports tell me for personality.

    E.g "XXXXX is a resolute individual. XXX belives that you have a highly ambitious squad and feels that XXX would have to do a lot of adapting to fit in."

    The thing is, I have a LOT of Resolute personalities in my squad and Fairly Determined - Determined personalities in my squad.

    Looking at my squad listing now - I have 5 players with Ambitious personalities and 1 with Fairly Ambitious. The rest are mostly Professional, Fairly Prof and Resolute.

    What's the best way through tutoring or otherwise to get the squad to becoming Determined? When I get ambitious youngsters what is the best personality for a senior player to adapt their personality to being determined? Determined???

  2. Well, one way to get it by bring in players with high determination to your club, or getting coaches with high determination att.

    But I'm not so sure whether this might be helpful. Lets wait for the experts.

  3. I'm pretty sure that determined and ambition are closely related.

    Think of the personalities as a scale <--(Professional)------(determined)------(ambitious)-->

    If you have a few ambitious players and some determined ones (resolute as well) you'll be more on the ambitious side of the scale.

    Also give your team time to gel, you'll notice that when they are given time to gel, the "squad personality" changes. Not sure how much a players "influence" plays a factor in shaping the teams personality (i.e. A highly influential "professional" may make your team more professional over time).

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    It isnt much of an issue, as long as your players have good determination to boot. But you might want to invest in some highly influential and very determined players

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