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    Hello guys, I'm DazzaFM and welcome to my content thread this is where you will find everything I write on my site and on the FM-BASE website. My current save is in Argentina with the Velez and it has been going really well the save is so enjoyable right now. I will link below the first post from the series so you can catch up with what's going on. Velez won't be the only content I post up I'm looking to focus on some guides and tactical posts for you guys. Football manager 2019 is definitely my favourite game and I have started playing this year so much more in depth and have learned a lot in doing so and I want to share this with the community.

    Viva La Velez Episode one - https://wordpress.com/view/dazzafm.wordpress.com
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/DazzaFM
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  2. Season 2 in Argentina has come to an end, have we managed to catch Boca for the title or are we still miles behind?

    Take a read and see what went on.....


  3. BONUS POST from myself just going over my thoughts on HOW and IF we can ever catch Boca!!!!



  4. Season 3 - Pre-season is upon me in Argentina with Velez....

    Will my signings and new tactic get us any closer to a title winning season?

    Let's See...


  5. NEW POST - We analyse season 3... Did we catch Boca? did we fall further behind?


  6. https://dazzafm.wordpress.com/2019/0...gend-or-loser/

    Have we finally passed Boca for the title? Or did we fall short like we have in the past?

  7. My first ever tactical post is here, I really enjoyed doing this and will 100% be doing more in the future!


  8. Want to get the most out of your poacher? Read my in depth post NOW to get him bagging the goals.


  9. My mini challenge is here the final part, we took over Brighton at Christmas rock bottom of the league. Have I saved them from the drop?


  10. My 5-4-1 Diamond tactic is here, I use this with Lazio and have had some great success.


  11. Looking for a new save to begin in this wonderful game? I have set up a Lazio guide to get you started with this fantastic club.


  12. My latest article contains what to look for when playing with a target man in your match day squad.


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