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    Hello and welcome to my part of the FM Base blogging section. I hope you enjoy checking out my work along with everything else you find here!

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    My first post in this area will be live in the near future but you can find my existing work on my own blog where I've been blogging since the start of 2018 and I am also part of the FM'd Show podcast!

    My current main save is a custom team challenge where I am trying to have a player from every UEFA nation play for, score and get man of the match for my team, F.C Europa who play in French football. In addition to this, I am also taking part in Newgen's Achievement Hunter Challenge. You can find updates on this challenge here.

    Have fun and try not to get FM'd!


  2. I have a go at recreating how Preston played when they had the first ever unbeaten league season way back in 1888 to find out how well a 2-3-5 formation works!

  3. Part 8 of my journey as we try and survive in Ligue 1 for the very first time with title odds of 550-1!

  4. Part 9 as I try and survive in Ligue 1 again and I try to make some serious moves in the transfer market!

  5. The second half of the 2022/23 season includes a record-breaking cup run but can we get some new achievements?

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