Story Opening Posts

  1. Story Opening Posts

    From now on, if the opening post is not good enough on your story, it will not be approved.

    We want you to put your actual Story in your Opening post and not just a two line description of what you're going to do. This will give us greater insight on the amount of detail and effort you put into your Story so it is more likely to be approved.

    An example of an opening post of a Story that will not be approved is:

    "Hi I am Jack and I am managing Fulham, I hope do well and show you my game"

    There is help available to you if you want to attempt writing a story, so there is no excuse for submitting opening posts similar to the example given.


    Jack Fulham and Jgibbard
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  2. Writing a load of waffle to fill space won't pass either.

    Shit stories are not going to be approved, regardless of whether the shit is written in bulk or if its a 2 line wonder.
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  3. Bump.

    People seem to be ignoring this compulsory rule. We want you to abide by the rules for a reason - so we can approve your story.

    Follow the rules and your story will get approved - simple as that. The help threads are there, as I have said before.

    There has also been an update to the official story rules.

  4. Same apply for FM11.

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