Duckett's Global Road-Trip
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    Duckett's Global Road-Trip


    Black Leopards 2010 -

    Runners up First Division Inland
    Promoted through Play-Offs
    First Division Inland Manager of the Year

    This story is exactly the same as my previous story ‘Travelling across the globe’. I will be starting off as a manager with ‘Sunday League Footballer’ reputation and aim to win as many trophies and awards as possible around the world. The database i am using is as follows:

    Black Leopards

    Season Expectations

    Top 2 Finish
    Keep the finances Healthy
    Make the stadium a Fortress

    Season REVIEW

    Status – Professional
    Rivals - Dynamos, Orlando Pirates
    Value - £325k
    Media Prediction – 2nd
    Transfer Budget – £40k
    Wage Budget – £3.2k (Currently spending £2.8k)
    Training Facilities – Basic
    Youth Facilities - Adequate


    Sky Sports – You sit here as the new manager of Black Leopards. Is this your dream job?

    Duckett – I am delighted that the chairman has trusted me as the manager to take over the reins here at Black Leopards.

    BBC Sport – Do you have an idea of your team already?

    Duckett – It would be a little harsh to decide yet but I have a slight indication that will feature

    Sky Sport– What do you consider to be the best area of the squad?

    Duckett – I am fully confident that all areas of the squad can play a big part of the success of this club

    Sky Sports– What will your tactical approach be here after a very disappointing season last year?

    Duckett– Football is about entertainment and that is what i aim to bring to the club.

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  2. Good OP, enjoyed your last story, and I'm sure this will be just as good if not better. I'm a follower and look forward to next update. Please keep checking my story.


  3. Fm-RascaL's Avatar Fm-RascaL
    Good OP mate, Novemeber is a great player. Glad you picked the south african league, great league keep it going

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    Cheers lads keep following

  5. Fm-RascaL's Avatar Fm-RascaL
    Why did you change the team ? you were nathi lions ?

  6. FmGodNo1
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    I know mate i changed because i miss BL and i know the team and that so

    ---------- Post added at 06:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:38 PM ----------


    Thabo Mabaso – I signed Thabo from AmaZulu for a fee of 24k, He is going to be my winger on the right and a very good signing in my easy.

    Richard De Vielliers – I signed Richard as a back-up to my current goalkeeper. He is also very young at the age of 22 and one for the future. He was signed for a free.

    Jermain Christian – Jermaine is an extremely versatile player and signed as a back-up as he can play in so many positions. He was also a free transfer.

    Mcendisi Ndwandwe – Mcendisi is a fantastic player and can play in a lot of positions. The main reason i signed him was for rotation with my two forwards.

    Nathaniel November – I signed Nathaniel to play as my AML. He is a super player and very consistent and i signed him for 12k from MP Black Aces.

    Overall i feel that i have signed some super players and they can really come up trumps in getting me promoted this year. This leaves my squad finished and i have a mix of young and experienced in the squad.

    Key Players

    Peter Mponda CB

    Peter is a truly fantastic player at this club. He is brilliant in the air and can score goals but also very strong and compact at the back to help reassure the goalkeeper.

    Netshidzivhe CM/AM

    Netshidzivhe is a brilliant midfielder. He is going to be are playmaker this year and he can score some truly fantastic goals so we don’t need to always rely on the strikers to score are goals.

    Walter Ramulondi ST

    Ramulondi is are main striker. He will be instrumental in guiding my team to promotion and can finish from almost anywhere. He is in the prime of his career and one of the main icons at my club.

    ---------- Post added at 08:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:08 PM ----------

    2 More come in for the Leopards

    Today Black Leopards have brung in 2 more signings despite Duckett stating their would be none. Duckett has brought in 25 year old striker Mhlambi for a free and he has brought in Molekwane from parent club Kaizer Chiefs on loan.


    African Wanderers 0-8 Black Leopards
    (Mabaso 2 and 42)
    (Matsau 18 and 19)
    (OG 25)
    (Ramulondi 39)
    (Christian 51 and 92)

    A fantastic start to pre-season as we run riot at the expense of African Wanderers. I was delighted as new signings Mabaso and Christian both bagged a brace as they looked fantastic.

    Platinum Stars 1-0 Black Leopards

    I’m not going to get disheartened by this defeat as its all about fitness and player gelling. I am pleased with the performance and hope we can push on and play well as a team.

    Black Leopards 1-5 Kaizer Chiefs

    I am not to disappointed as we did play against one of the best teams in South Africa. 2 Of the goals was 40 yarders aswell from the Chiefs so we didn’t defend that poorly.

    Hellenic 1-5 Black Leopards
    (Mhlambi 9)
    (Lubanzadio 21)
    (Ndwandwe 55)
    (Ramulondi 68)
    (Sibeko 84)

    A great result in the last friendly. Mhlambi scored on his debut and then we just ran riot as we came away from our 4 friendlies with 2 wins and 2 loses.

  7. Looking good mate¬ great updates so far keep this up! Iv become a follower

  8. Good to see it back. And Mhlambi looks like a great player for the level.

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    Cheers you 2 appreciate it

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    August 2010 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    Super Eight Cup Quater Final

    Black Leopards 0-1 SuperSport Utd

    We came against vastly superior opposition in the form of Premier Division outfit SuperSport. We played fantastic but unfortunately conceded in the 94th Minute.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-supersport-utd-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Dynamos 3-3 Black Leopards
    (Matsau 6)
    (Ramulondi 48)
    (Mponda 84)

    A good result away to our fiercest rivals and title contenders Dynamos. Even better is the fact that we levelled late on from a fine Mponda header from Netshidzivhe’s corner.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-dynamos-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

  11. Looking good so far mate! high draw there! must of been thrilling to watch! keep it up! second place and heading for the top!!

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    Cheers mate and you still putting link in your story cheers

  13. How many games do you have to play in that league.Is it like u play every team 3 times?

  14. FmGodNo1
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    You play every team 4 times mate. Cheers for commenting

  15. Quote Originally Posted by FmGodNo1 View Post
    You play every team 4 times mate. Cheers for commenting
    Will follow if I remember to.Looks interesting.Have always wanted to start low down.Did once with sutton in the isthmithan league but gave up about 4 games through.

  16. Very good, very good....We want more, we want more

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    Thanks mate. Next update definately tonight so stay tuned yeah

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    September 2010 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 1-0 Batau FC
    (Ramulondi 38)

    A good result in the league as we picked up our first 3 points. We really should have won by a bigger margin but a win is a win and we need to push on now.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-batau-fc-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 3-0 Tuks
    (Kondowe 3)
    (Ramulondi 9)
    (Mponda 94)

    A fantastic victory against second place as we really did play some super football. Kondowe scored early on with a stunning 30 yarded and we then never looked like conceding their after. This moves us up into 1st place.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-tuks-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    United FC 1-3 Black Leopard
    (Matsau 9,18 and 54)

    Another fantastic result in September for the lads. Matsau was truly brilliant today as he bagged his first hat-trick of the season. I don’t know how he does it for a 34 year old but i hope he can continue it and push for the title.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-united-fc-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 0-0 Jomo Cosmos

    I can’t really complain with a 0-0 draw against 2nd place. We dominated all game but couldn’t score but we can take positives from the game. Mponda hit the and had a header cleared off the line in the 91st minute but thats football.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-jomo-cosmos-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

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    Anything people would like to see extra??

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    Good mate, Will follow although i followed your last sotry with BL and getting boring now reading it twice lol but owell

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    Ok keep following

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    Make or Break Month for Duckett's Men

    October 2010 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    First Division Inland
    F.C.A.K 5-2 Black Leopards
    (Netshidzivhe 52)
    (Ramulondi 66)

    A terrible result. We were simply terrible and can’t stand up for my team this time. We went 2 down inside 10 minutes so i can’t complain. This is not the start to the month i wanted and was expecting but thats footy.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-f.c..k.-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 2-1 Witbank Spurs
    (Ndwandwe 78)
    (Nathaniel 88)

    A very poor performance but we got the victory. I was shock in the 77th min when Witbank took the lead but sub Ndwandwe scored a brilliant header a minute after and November scored a boomer from range to ensure the 3 points.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-witbank-spurs-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 2-2 Dyanmos
    (November 44)
    (Ndwandwe 67)

    I would be happy with this result if it wasn’t for coneding in the 92nd minute. We went 1 down inside 10 minutes but scored before ht. We then hit them on the attack and snatched a 2nd and thought the game was won until poor defending late on

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-dynamos-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 3-0 United FC
    (Netshidzivhe 16 and 45)
    (Mponda 65)

    A good end to the month as Netshidzivhe was Man of the Match. We scored early on when Netshidzivhe score a freekick and he then scored from range in the 45th minute. We wrapped the game up when Netshizivhe wipped in the corner and Mponda headed in.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-united-fc-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

  23. Its so close at the top mate! keep up the effort! followers are beginning to come i see keep it up

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    Yeah cheers mate. Loves your story and hope ppl are loving mine to

  25. Quote Originally Posted by FmGodNo1 View Post
    Yeah cheers mate. Loves your story and hope ppl are loving mine to
    Just updated mine mate im sure they are cuz i sure am (:

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    Cheers mate

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    November 2010 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    First Division Inland
    Batau FC 0-2 Black Leopards
    (Ramulondi 37)
    (Matsau 65)

    A good start to the month as we dominate at the expense to Batau FC. We played brilliant and hit the bar and post numerous times. Mponda had a header stopped off the line. We can now push on and continue a very tricky month. It was also good to see Ramulondi and Matsau both combining well upfront and creating a good partnership and a steeping stone for the season.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-batau-fc-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Tuks 1-2 Black Leopards
    (Ndwandwe 38)
    (Matsau 64)

    Another good 3 points as we move to the summit of the table. We played well and Matsau was super today. We need to now travel to Jomo Cosmos and get a good result. This leaves us top of the league and we travel to second next game which will be very hard but i have loads of confidence in the team.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-tuks-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Jomo Cosmos 3-0 Black leopards

    This is an absolutely shocking performance. We were outplayed all game and we payed for that. Jomo Cosmos were simply brilliant. This is definitely by far the worst performance of the season.This leaves us in a bad position now as we drop 2 places leaving us 3 points behind Jomo now. This has also gave Dynamos and F.C.A.K the chance to catch up the points.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-jomo-cosmos-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 2-1 F.C.A.K
    (Ramulondi 11 and 14)

    A good way to end the month as we are victorious. Ramulondi was super today and could have got his hat-trick as he hit the bar late on. Mponda scored an OG but i can’t complain as we got the victory we deserved. This was the best possible result aswell as Dynamos and Jomo both dropped the points required for me to go back to the top and we took advantage of this.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-f.c..k.-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

  28. Good update mate. Better than your last BL KIU

  29. FmGodNo1
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    Cheers buddy keep following

  30. Playen well.Mponda also seems to be doing well.Bit of a socring cb

  31. FmGodNo1
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    Yeah i know scoring mentality :L In a previous save he scored 19 in 1 season :L

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    December 2010 and January 2011 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    First Division Inland
    Witbank Spurs 1-1 Black Leopards
    (Matsau 26)

    A poor performance that has lead to a poor result. We should be winning these games easily but Spurs played well and took the point. Matsau scored early on but they bounced back within ten minutes. This moves us down to third it what is looking like a yo-yo season so far.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-witbank-spurs-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Dynamos 2-2 Black Leopards
    (Matsau 27 and 68)

    I am delighted with this result in the context of the match as we came up against our fiercest rivals who are also in 2nd. They went 2 nil up inside 15 minutes but a stunning goal from Matsau levelled. We went into HT with belief that we could score and that belief shone through as Matsau scored again in the 67th minute to take a much needed point.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-dynamos-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 3-3 Tuks
    (Mponda 12)
    (November 27)
    (Netshidzivhe 43)

    I am absolutely furious with Lubanzadio. We went 3-0 up inside 43 minutes and looked like we was cruising for a collusus victory until Lubanzadio got sent off. His brother then was brought on to replace but Tuks pulled 2 goals back and in the 80th minute his brother made a sloppy pass and we drew 3-3. Absolutely gutted as 1st and 2nd both dropped points.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-tuks-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 4-0 Batau FC
    (Netshidzivhe 29)
    (Ramulondi 40 and 85)
    (Matsau 62)

    A fantastic way to end the month especially on such a high as we won the game comfortably. Netshidzivhe scored a brilliant goal from range early on and we pushed on from there and romped past Batau. Ramulondi and Matsau combined well again both getting themselves on the score sheet.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-batau-fc-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

  33. Nice update

  34. this is gradually getting better and better...KIU

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    Thank you ever so much mate. Really appreciate someone who has a story as good as yours to put nice comments

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    Was wondering what happened to your last one :L

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    Ha yeah made a new one mate

  38. Wow, so close at the top, bet its nerve wracking everytime you play a game hoping for 3pts, then the anticipation of waiting to see how the others did. Good Luck, im confident you will win the league.

    Have just updated my story, take a look when you can.


  39. FmGodNo1
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    Cheers mate and yh it is very close

  40. Brilliant update yet again! this is always a good read! good layout and detail is awesome! close title race should keep me interested keep up the work bud!

  41. FmGodNo1
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    Thanks mate at college atm so update about 4

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    February 2011 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    Champions League Preliminary Round Leg 1
    OS Balantas 1-4 Black Leopards
    (Matsau 5 and 7)
    (Kondowe 36)
    (Ndwandwe 83)

    This is a nice way to introduce ourselves in this tournament. We were simply brilliant today as we played Balantas off the park. The game may have been different if they hadn’t had a sending off so early on but I am delighted with the way we converted chances into goals as Matsau scored a brace inside the first 7 minutes.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-os-balantas-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    South African FA Cup 1st Round
    F.C.A.K 2-4 Black Leopards
    (Matsau 11)
    (Ramulondi 89)
    (Kondowe 91)
    (Mulaudzi 105+1)

    I’m delighted with my team on this occasion. We scored very early on through Matsau again but in the second half F.C.A.K scored 2 goals in 4 minutes and the game looked over. However a change of tactics and instructions and we scored from a fine counter attacking move. Extra time was the last thing i wanted with an important league game in 3 days but Kondowe scored a great header 1 minute into ET and Player/Assistant Mulaudzi finished it off with his first goal of the season.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-f.c..k.-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    United FC 2-2 Black Leopards
    (Matsau 10)
    (Kondowe 72)

    I must use the excuse of my players were really tied after a 3 day break. We lose a lot of ground on 2nd and 3rd but we need to start winning and get back up there. Matsau scored early on again but we conceded 2 back to back for the 2nd game running. Kondowe saved us again and we stay in third position.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-united-fc-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopard 1-1 Jomo Cosmos
    (Mponda 2)

    I am delighted with a draw against Jomo. We got of to an absolutely flyer as Mponda scored early but they drew level only 3 minutes later. However the game turned very sour when Lubanzadio got sent off just before HT so to come away with a draw was brilliant. The disappointing thing is that November had a brilliant chance to earn the points in the 88th minute but he wasted it unfortunately for me.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-jomo-cosmos-information_-overview-.png

    African Champions League Preliminary Round leg 2
    Black Leopards 6-1 OS Balantas
    (Mkhumbeni 1)
    (Ramulondi 4 and 88)
    (Mponda 7Pen and 70Pen)
    (Mabaso 33)

    Good i have asked for a better start to a game than this as my team scored 3 goals in the first 7 minutes. I cockinessly changed my team knowing the game was one and it proved key. I now have rested players and through to the next round with ease so i am delighted with this result.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-os-balantas-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

  43. nice mate! unlucky down to third! but keep up the hardwork coming along well

  44. FmGodNo1
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    Yeah mate got top this month at home so its a must win

  45. You should be able to make a push for top 2. Dynamos are beatable, and you just need to keep picking up points against the lower sides. And good win in the FA Cup.

  46. FmGodNo1
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    Cheers mate need to beat them in min

  47. im finding this story a breathe of fresh gets better and better too

  48. FmGodNo1
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    Cheers mate really aprreciate it

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    March 2011 Review

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black_leopards.jpg

    First Division Inland
    F.C.A.K 2-2 Black Leopards
    (Mkhumbeni 13)
    (Ramulondi 53)

    I am truly gobsmacked and gutted with this result and this has basically ended our title chances. We was 2-0 up after 53 minutes and they scored in the 63rd min from poor defending. All i needed was my team to defend and a cross that was going nowhere was put into the net by Mponda who scored a terrible OG.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-f.c..k.-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-2.png

    South African FA Cup 2nd Round
    Black Leopards 2-0 Nathi Lions
    (Nesthidzivhe 39)
    (Mkhumbeni 58)

    A good result in the cup as we progress to the next round. A major blow to us trying to win points and push up the league was dealt when November attempted a sprint and he is now injured for 3 to 4 months. But we have replacements and need to try and pick up points.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-nathi-lions-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 3-2 Witbank Spurs
    (Ramulondi 28)
    (Christian 58)
    (Mkhumbeni 90+3)

    Another terrible performance and we had to wait till late the 93rd minute to be saved by Mkhumbeni. We didn’t play very well and to make it worse Dynamos (who are top) also snatched a win in the last minute but fortunately we have Dynamos next.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-witbank-spurs-information_-overview-.png

    First Division Inland
    Black Leopards 0-1 Dynamos

    A game we had to win to stand any chance of getting promoted let alone the league as this result now leaves us 11 points behind 1st with 6 to play. We had our chance and didn’t convert so we can only blame ourselves.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-dynamos-information_-overview-.png

    African Champions League 1st Round
    CS Sfax 6-0 Black Leopards

    Superior opposition so what can i say!!

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-cs-sfax-v-black-leopards-information_-overview-.png

    South African FA Cup 3rd Round
    Black Leopards 1-3 AmaZulu
    (Mabaso 46)

    Well confidence is very low at this present time. That is the 3rd game on the bounce we have lost and we really need to start performing and picking up results. We had a goal disallowed and a penalty appeal turned down so we have not had too much luck recently.

    Duckett's Global Road-Trip-black-leopards-v-amazulu-information_-overview-.png

    League Table

  50. Unlucky mate another tough month months like that are always hardest to find motivation to carry on but keep going

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