Leeds United - The legend begins

  1. Leeds United - The legend begins

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a story - hope you like it!




    Peacocks manager in coma at Leeds General Infirmiary

    Leeds United - The legend begins-sky-news.png
    Murray Albrighton

    LEEDS UNITED manager Simon Grayson is miraculously still alive after a horrifying attack left him with a massive loss of blood and serious brain injuries, teetering on the brink of survival last night. The former Leicester City star took a bullet to the brain in an unprovoked attack outside a Beeston service station. Grayson had been travelling home after a sponsors' function at Elland Road.

    Leeds United - The legend begins-imagesca58l2ij.jpg
    Police cordon off the scene of the shooting

    A shaken Rob Smith, the BP attendant on duty, has told Sky News that Grayson was approached by two men as he filled his car with petrol, before taking a bullet to the head from point blank range. The quick-thinking Smith immediately alerted authorities and went to help Grayson until an ambulance arrived. Grayson was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary, where emergency surgery has reportedly stemmed the loss of blood; however Grayson remains in a critical condition, and is currently in a coma. Hopeful Leeds fans will be praying that Grayson has a similar recovery to Salvador Cabañas, who was shot in the head last year.

    Leeds General Infirmary neurosurgeon Dr Paul Marks said that Grayson's injury did not equate with a speedy recovery. "Mr Grayson has suffered a severe neural haemorrhage and as a result his brain has swelled inside his skull. We are working on stabilising his condition, but the public must understand that brain injuries are very delicate and take a long time to heal." Dr Marks refused to give a timeline on Grayson's recovery, but did indicate it would be a "long time". Neurology experts have suggested Grayson would not be in a fit state to work for at least twelve months.

    West Yorkshire Police chief Sir Norman Bettison has publicly denounced the attack and said that a full investigation of the incident would be carried out. "We cannot allow degenerates of the type that attacked Mr Grayson to run riot and rule this city," Sir Norman explained, "these offenders must be brought to justice. It is a miracle that Mr Grayson wasn't killed."

    The Leeds United football squad was reportedly shocked to learn of Mr Grayson's shocking ordeal. Captain Jonny Howson, star player Luciano Becchio and chairman Ken Bates fronted a packed media conference at Elland Road this afternoon, stating that the team would rally to help Grayson and his family recover from the horrible disaster.

    "It's an absolute shock that this has happened to such a great guy," Howson stated. "But we can't let this get us down. We're going to regroup, keep training hard and the club's fantastic staff will get us ready for the new season." Howson's sentiment was shared by Becchio, however it was disclosed that some members of the squad were in a state of shock. "We've brought in a counsellor, and she's been great so far – but it's my job as captain to make sure the lads get through this," Howson concluded.

    Leeds United - The legend begins-ken-bates-002.jpg
    Chairman Ken Bates at the impromptu press conference

    Chairman Bates stated that Grayson would unfortunately have to be on leave of absence from the club as a result of the incident. Bates would not disclose whether assistant manager Glynn Snodin or a new face would take on the management of the club, but it is understood Grayson's family have discussed resigning on his behalf so they may concentrate fully on Grayson's treatment and wellbeing.

    Top Gear presenter and local personality Richard Hammond has reportedly contacted Grayson's family to offer his assistance. Hammond suffered a similar injury in 2006 after a jet-powered car he was driving crashed. Hammond was successfully rehabilitated after a lengthy stint in the Leeds General Infirmary.


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    Grayson's family tender resignation, speculation rife over replacement

    Leeds United - The legend begins-sky-news.png
    Murray Albrighton

    TWO DAYS AFTER the horror attack on Simon Grayson, the former Premier League star's family has tendered his resignation from his post as Leeds United manager, the club announced today. At a special press conference at Elland Road, wily chairman Ken Bates again refused to confirm who would take over the long-term running of the club. It was announced, however, that in the interim assistant manager Glynn Snodin would continue to take first team training.

    It was also announced that the swelling of Grayson's brain had begun to subside. Neurosurgeon Dr Paul Marks could not confirm if this had meant Grayson was becoming responsive to stimuli from the medical team.

    "His brain is less swollen, which is great news," Dr Marks indicated, "but he's definitely not out of the woods yet. We don't yet know whether he's suffered any brain damage, but we're relatively confident that he hasn't. Similar past cases would suggest that he may well get out of this unscathed; but he's facing at least a year, possibly longer before he can walk outside unassisted. We simply don't know what the effect of the injury will have on his brain and bodily function."

    Despite confirmation that Glynn Snodin was taking training, much speculation remains as to who Grayson's successor will be. An unconfirmed backroom leak has suggested that the Leeds United board could be looking towards Mexican Javier Aguirre as a replacement, with other targets including club legend Lucas Radebe as well as Glenn Hoddle and Steve Clarke.

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    Thanks for the comments! Leeds are about to announce their new manager - just finishing the post at the moment

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    Former Leeds United star agrees two-year deal to end speculation

    Murray Albrighton

    FORMER LEEDS STRIKER Mark Viduka sensationally been appointed manager of Leeds United, a week after manager Simon Grayson's family tendered his resignation. The Leeds United board and squad appear pleased with the appointment, while fans have expressed their delight at the return of the marksman, who scored 72 goals in 166 appearances during his four-year stint at the club. Viduka, capped 43 times for the Australian national team, was part of the groundbreaking Leeds United squad that reached the UEFA Champions League semi-final in 2001. He went on to captain his country to an unlikely berth in the round of 16 at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, almost knocking out eventual champions Italy.

    "I'm delighted to have been appointed manager, but I'm saddened by the circumstances in which I've been appointed," an excited yet sombre Viduka revealed at the press conference at Elland Road today. "It's my goal to continue Simon's excellent work here, and push for promotion this season. It was Simon's great plan to play in the Premier League, and I plan to see that through."

    Viduka became a crowd favourite at Leeds, but some critics remained

    Viduka has been out of football for two years, and is relishing the chance to get back into it. "I spent a while on holiday, and then went back to Australia for year. I really got my head in the right place, and came back to England a few months ago to do some consulting work around the place. When Batesy gave me the call, my head and heart knew there was only going to be one answer. I'm delighted to be here."

    Pundits from across the nation and the world have both applauded and criticised the decision to appoint Viduka, though most are pleased that the saga wasn't allowed to drag on. Sky Sports' own Martin Tyler says that it is best for both the club and Grayson's family that the issue was resolved quickly.

    "I think Viduka is a good choice. He's not experienced as a manager, but he knows the club backwards and has captained both club and country on many occasions. He's about as experienced as you can get from a player, and I'm confident he can take this into the managerial realm."

    However, TalkSPORT's Andy Gray has unsurprisingly offered a heartless critique of the Australian. "I think it's a terrible choice. Viduka was only a second-rate striker who sponged off Harry Kewell, he's not talented and Leeds will regret this decision." Gray subsequently received his first reprimand from his new employers for this opinionated statement, calling into question once more his credibility.

    Captain Jonny Howson was delighted to see a club legend coming back, and offered a heart-warming description of the culture at Leeds United. "This club never leaves you," Howson chimed. "It's like a big family – it keeps loving you even after you've flown the coop! It's like that for Dukes (Viduka), and it'll be the same for Grayso (Grayson) – we'll care for him for as long as it takes."

    Leeds midfielder Howson is keen for a strong season under Viduka

    Leeds' pre-season starts with a friendly against Dagenham & Redbridge at Victoria Road on 14 July. The whole country will be looking to see what Viduka can conjure up before the season commences on 7 August at Watford.


    LGFIRE's Story templates-bbc-sports.png
    Viduka pledges immediate impact in the Championship
    - Moyes: Dukes is a fine talent, his experience will show it
    - Kewell: Even I’d consider coming back to Leeds now
    Jeremy Collymore
    in Leeds for AAP

    In Australia, he is footballing folklore. In Middlesbrough, they wrote a song about him which even Leonard Cohen endorsed. In Newcastle, he endeared himself to the fears even through injury.

    At Leeds, he put four past Liverpool, fired in a winner against Arsenal and almost took the club through to an historic Champions League final.

    That’s the legend of Mark Viduka, and it is understandable why the fans are as delighted as could be given the situation. Out with one hero, in with another.

    The veteran Australian has agreed a two-year deal thought to be worth around £300,000 a season to sensationally replace Simon Grayson, who was shot at a service station a little over a week ago. Sky Sports reported that Viduka is “delighted” to have been appointed to the position.

    "I'm going to carry on Simon's legacy," Viduka stated confidently. "Both the squad and me want results, and frankly that's what I'm going to strive for. I don't think it's unrealistic to say 'we have a chance of promotion this year', because that's what every club in the League wants and that's what every club strives for. Just look at Blackpool last year. I'm like Ian Holloway, except a lot more mentally stable."

    Holloway reportedly laughed off the barb from Viduka.

    Viduka has recently finished up some consulting work with Everton in Liverpool, working closely with David Moyes on attacking strategy and youth development. Moyes reflected on Tim Cahill’s recommendation that the man known as ‘Dukes’ play a role in the continuing development on the Premier League side.

    “Mark was an excellent guy to have around,” Moyes mused. “He’s quiet, but a natural leader. It’s unbelievable how much he knows about the game. In just under six months, he helped reshape our attack whilst he gave our youngsters a new lease of life. In particular Seamus Coleman, who has shone under Dukes’ tutelage.”

    Viduka also reportedly pioneered the use of the football program Football Manager 2011. Reports suggest he will be using version 11.3 to run Leeds United.

    There have always been critics of Viduka, but one thing no-one could ever question was his technical ability as a target man. Former Leeds and Australian national team-mate Harry Kewell thinks that on pure experience alone, Viduka could achieve great things.

    Harry Kewell and Mark Viduka worked wonders at Leeds

    “I think he’s great. I mean, great. I might be a simple man, I might not be all that smart or whatever, but I know that Dukes is real good (sic) at football. I reckon I’d come (and) work under him if I had a half a chance (sic).”

    It seems that the footballing world is behind Viduka. I’m sure he’d love to prove to all of them that he’s got just as much talent as a manager than he did as a player.

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    LGFIRE's Story templates-espn-header.png

    Experienced signings to partner solid first XI

    It's going to be a bumper year for the Leeds faithful, writes ESPN SoccerNet senior analyst Tommy Smyth.

    One out, one in

    What a rocky start for Leeds' second life in the championship. The Yorkshire club has already gone through financial turmoil, and already had two saviours – Ken Bates and Simon Grayson. With the latter unfortunately temporarily incapacitated by soulless thugs, a new man steps up to the plate.

    But Mark Viduka isn't foreign to pressure, nor is he foreign to success. For me, Viduka's got the … gumption to take Leeds from a Football League side to a thriving Premier League success.


    Viduka has undertaken a much-needed revamp of the playing squad, signing some of Simon Grayson's targets, and making some inspired signings of his own.

    Transfers outincluded Davide Somma (£190,000 to Pescara, Italian Serie B), Andy Robinson (free), Andy Hughes (free, Motherwell, Scottish Premier League), George McCartney (loan terminated – injury, returned to Sunderland), David Gonzalez (loan terminated, returned to Manchester City) and Sanchez Watt (loan terminated, returned to Arsenal). This was a great move by Viduka – clearing out players that commanded high wages and wouldn't have got first team action.

    The transfers in represent some fantastic business by Leeds United.

    MAX TONETTO (Left back/left midfielder – free transfer, Roma, Italian Seria A)

    Tonetto signs autographs outside Thorp Arch
    Tonetto represents a huge coup for the club. The vastly experienced former Italian international attracted interest from Premier League clubs such as Everton, but Viduka's promise of key-player status reportedly lured the left back to the club. The two-year deal could possibly involve one year of active playing, and one year of transition to a coaching role, as at 35, Tonetto certainly doesn't have his whole career ahead of him.

    As the season wears on, I think he may find himself playing as a wide midfielder, with Federico Bessone slotting into left back. However if Bradley Johnson or Aidan White can hold down the left flank instead, we may see Tonetto delivering his trademark pinpoint crosses from his favoured left-back position. Even though he's older, he's still got a bit of toe left in him.

    STEVE FINNAN (Right back – free transfer, Portsmouth, Premier League)

    Finnan's Liverpool experience will come in very handy at his new club
    Steve Finnan represents yet more experience thrust into the Leeds backline. Viduka's obviously getting his house in order before he goes and attacks down the street – Finnan represents exactly what's needed in a promotion side: been-there-done-that, but he has experienced also relegation heartache and financial disappointment. He's achieved that with Liverpool and Portsmouth respectively.

    I think he'll slot straight into the right back position. Leeds lacked quality down there – Jason Crowe just isn't a Championship player. Finnan most certainly is (or even arguably a Premier League backup) – and although it's the twilight of his career, he's a great signing and he'll work well with Leeds.

    JOSÉ GONCALVES (Centre back – free transfer, Hearts, Scottish Premier League)

    Goncalves is looking for a fresh start
    Gonçalves is an interesting one. He was available on a free, and he was once billed as a future superstar – but instead festered away at teams he shouldn't have been at.

    Looking on the bright side, Gonçalves could just be the signing of the season. He's got great pace and strength, and good technical defensive skills. His two downfalls are his composure and decision making. Expect plently of brilliant tackles mixed with several yellow cards. My bet – he'll have an great season, then get a red card in the last game – it's up to Viduka to prepare his team for how to respond.

    MARCO VERRATTI (Attacking/central midfielder – loan (£400,000), Pescara, Italian Serie B)

    Verratti can't wait to sink his teeth into English football

    Verratti is a good signing by Viduka. This amazingly talented youngster will be a backup for Nunez and Clayton, whilst getting thoroughly important first team experience and learning English. It's a perfect deal for him and the club – if Leeds aren't promoted, he'll move on to bigger and better things. If Leeds get up, expect him to be the linchpin of any Premier League title assault in the next 10-15 years.


    I've got a pretty good idea of how Viduka will set up. Being a target man himself (and having relatively reduced striker stocks), I think Viduka will go for a packed midfield with lone striker. His first XI will look something like this, in a 4-4-1-1 formation:

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lufc-ch.jpg
    Click the image to see it in full

    Other reserve players that may get a run: Shane Higgs (goalkeeper); Neil Collins, Leigh Bromby, Richard Naylor (centre backs); Fede Bessone (left back); Lloyd Sam (right wing) Mike Grella (striker/attacking midfielder).

    My prediction

    It's going to be a very close run thing for Leeds this season. I can't see them winning or gaining automatic promotion. It's going to be a very tough ask, but I think Leeds can scrape 6th spot if they play responsible, positive football.

    If they make the playoffs - boy, I wouldn't want to be up against them.

    Tommy Smyth is a regular on ESPN SoccerNet Press Pass. Be sure to catch Tommy tonight as he previews the La Liga season.


    LGFIRE's Story templates-skysports.png

    Viduka furious at Foreign Office for refusal of visas

    Murray Albrighton

    LEEDS MANAGER Mark Viduka vented his frustration at the British Foreign Office yesterday, labelling the decision to refuse visas for free agents Marko Babic, Marko Livaja and Abdul Nafiu Iddrisu "a complete farce".

    All three of the players had agreed personal terms with the West Yorkshire club, only to have work permits refused. "It's unbelievable," Viduka stated. "Babic had excellent credentials, while Livaja was abandoned by his old club, and we were going to give him a lifeline. As for Iddrisu – he's a Ghanaian, and there are thousands of Ghanaians living in Britain! He would have been excellent for the club, and now a stupid decision has ruined our plans for these three exciting players."

    The British Foreign Office refused to make an extended statement last night, but a spokesperson from the Office said that they "had immigration standards which were rigorously upheld. The three subjects in question did not meet these standards. Under our guidelines these cases must be kept strictly confidential and we are not permitted to discuss them further."

    Marko Babic was reportedly delighted to have agreed terms with Leeds, and would have been a fantastic addition

    Australian civil libertarian and Leeds fan Terry O'Gorman expressed his disgust at the handling of the matter. "It's a cover-up! The Foreign Office picks and chooses who will be in their master race and clearly Croats and Ghanaians aren't in it. Lucky Mark has Australian citizenship otherwise he'd be out. We need transparency about this, and we need is very soon."

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    Time to walk the walk, suggests Aussie

    Jeremy Collymore
    In Leeds for BBC Worldwide

    LEEDS UNITED have enjoyed a successful pre-season campaign, remaining undefeated by recording three victories and two draws, with squad morale said to be "high".

    Manager Mark Viduka was pleased with Leeds' progress when interviewed at Thorp Arch yesterday. "We've done well so far," the Leeds manager exclusively revealed to the BBC. "Everyone knows each other, everyone seems to be gelling so we're all pretty excited to kick the season off."

    But the former Leeds front man says it's old clichés that need to be driven home to the players. "This is the Championship, a level up from where we were last year. It's going to be hard work, but they've heard it all before. My staff and I have been drumming it into the boys and working them hard so they realise what it'll take to achieve our goals this year."

    It looks likely that the leadership group of Jonny Howson and Richard Naylor will get a shuffle-up. New signing Steve Finnan and young winger Robert Snodgrass are thought to be in the running for the arm band.

    Pre-Season Match Results & Reports with James Asafu for BBC Worldwide

    Match 1 (W)
    Queen of the South 0 – 3 Leeds United
    Clayton (pen 45’), Becchio (48), Bruce (79)
    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-qos.jpg
    This was a solid performance from Viduka’s men in this match. A nervy first half culminated in a superbly taken penalty by Adam Clayton, before the Whites dominated the second half with two well-worked goals.
    Match 2 (D)
    Rochdale 0 – 0 Leeds United
    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-roc.jpg
    A relatively boring match in which neither side ever seemed to want the upper hand. Leeds perhaps got the points decision in the first half, but a red card for avulgar Max Gradel challenge and an injury to Neil Kilkenny did not help the Leeds proceedings and they struggled from then.

    Match 3 (W)
    Lisburn Distillery 0 – 1 Leeds United
    Becchio (66)
    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-dis.jpg
    Leeds absolutely dominated this match but their finishing was absolutely appalling. They created 24 chances but only took one of them. Becchio, Nunez and co. need to sharpen up.

    Match 4 (W)
    Leeds United 4 – 2 Heart of Midlothian
    Verratti (31’), Nunez (37’), McCormack (88’, 90+3’); Kyle (45’), Robinson (84)
    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-hml.jpg
    The Peacocks can count themselves a little lucky here, but did deserve to win. Dominated the first half and had a poor second until McCormack took advantage of a tired Hearts defence and scored a cracker to win the match, before sealing it with a tap-in in stoppage time. Leeds’ biggest test so far, which they passed. Defence still not watertight.

    Match 5 (D)
    Leeds United 1 – 1 Blackpool
    Grella (31’); Vaughan (65’)
    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-blp.jpg
    It just wasn’t Leeds’ day today. Another dominant first half and another second half disappointment. I hope this doesn’t become the order of the season, but Leeds stood up to the challenge of Blackpool and earned a draw.


    UP AND AT 'EM!
    - Still months from recovery, can only stay awake for an hour at a time
    - Little to no permanent brain damage: surgeon
    - He recognised me immediately: Paul Grayson

    Murray Albrighton

    IT WAS LOOKING particularly bleak for the first 24 hours after the shooting, but former Leeds Manager Simon Grayson has continued his impressive recovery by waking from a coma three weeks after after being shot in the head at a Beeston service station, hospital staff confirmed today. Leeds General Infirmary Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Marks said that whilst it would be a long time until Grayson was fully recovered, the early signs were very positive.

    "Mr Grayson has awoken from his coma, and was able to recognise his brother and wife. He was startled to learn what had happened, as he has no memory of the incident. Mr Grayson's memory has been affected, at least in the short term, as he could not remember his home address or telephone number." However, on the lighter side, Marks said that Grayson wanted to get out of bed to attend a press conference at Elland Road.

    "He asked to know the time and date," Dr Marks added, "and upon being told it, said he was late for the Leeds pre-match press conference. Luckily we were able to dissuade him from attending, and he fell asleep."

    Marks said that Grayson would undergo psychiatric assessment and counselling in order to be properly rehabilitated. When Marks told Grayson he had to step down from the position of Leeds United manager, he was disappointed, but didn't really understand what was going on. "It was a lot for him to take in," Dr Marks commented, "but his response is consistent with how we expect his recovery to go. He should steadily increase his memory, mental capacity and spatial awareness over the coming weeks. We are confident after today's developments that he will make a full recovery."

    Grayson's brother Paul thanked the Leeds public for their support. He also made particular mention of Mark Viduka and the Leeds United team. "Everyone's been great. It was fantastic to meet Mark, and he's come in to check on Simon several times. The team have sent well wishes, as have the public – I just want to thank them all. It looks like Simon will recover, but it'll be really slow."

    Leeds' first home match against Derby County on 14 August will be dedicated to Grayson, with fans to sign 'get well' messages on huge Leeds United flags. A bumper crowd is expected at Elland Road, with the club forecasting 36,000 tickets to be sold. Tickets are on sale through www.lufc.co.uk, starting at £18.00.

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    Leeds United - The legend begins-fox-sports-logo.jpg

    Hull City and Leeds United at loggerheads to start off season with a win

    Robbie Slater

    What a blockbuster to start the season. Hull City and Leeds United – a Yorkshire derby – this is a matchup where fireworks are always on the menu. This fixture hasn’t been played for several years, but I’m sure there’s still no love lost between the two teams.

    Hull City

    The Tigers look strong for a promotion charge this year under boss Nigel Pearson. Jimmy Bullard’s going to be key to any hopes that Hull have of promotion, but there’s plenty of quality all over the park – Zayette, Guzan, Koren, and let’s not forget Aussie Richard Garcia.

    Hull will be looking to Bullard for inspiration and experience

    Robbie predicts
    : might miss out on automatic promotion, could be a threat in the playoffs.

    Leeds United

    I’m great mates with Mark Viduka (the Leeds boss) and I’ve had a chat to him about what he reckons is possible on Humberside this season. I think that Leeds don’t have an amazing chance at promotion, but Dukes has done well to strengthen the squad in a few key areas. I think the singing of Tonetto is brilliant, and with Finnan on the other flank, these guys could get watertight pretty quickly. I think young spark Ramon Nunez will have a say in things as well.

    Leeds will look to excitement machine Nunez to fire home a few pearlers

    Robbie predicts
    : won’t make automatic promotion, and a slim chance to pick up 6th; dangerous nonetheless.

    Robbie’s score prediction: Hull 3 -1

    I can’t go past this Hull side. If it were December and Leeds had gelled, then they’d be in with a shot – but I think Hull will come out on top. Leeds will still make a show of it.

    August Fixtures

    7 August – vs Hull City [A] nPower Championship

    9 August – vs Lincoln City [A] Carling League Cup 1st Round

    14 August – vs Derby County [H] nPower Championship

    21 August – vs Bristol City [A] nPower Championship

    25 August – Carling League Cup 2nd Round

    28 August – vs Doncaster [H] nPower Championship

    31 August – vs Scunthorpe [A] nPower Championship


    Championship - Match 1
    2 – 1 LEEDS
    Tigers show class, take three points; Leeds impressive but inconsistent
    David Burnie
    KC Stadium, Hull

    SCORERS: Hull – Zayatte (33'), Bullard (pen, 45+2'); Leeds – Verratti (pen, 54')
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Jimmy Bullard – 8.4 (Hull)
Views: 1597
Size:  752 Bytes Gonçalves (58’)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-hul.jpg

    IT was the result many predicted – a close-run affair, but Hull held out for the three points at the KC Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

    The game seemed to have the prediction as the outcome from the outset. The Tigers started the match in earnest, taking the ascendancy in the first half through a well-taken goal by Kamil Zayatte, before a Jimmy Bullard penalty late in the first half sewed up a 2-0 half time advantage. The away side looked disappointed going into the dressing sheds.

    Notwithstanding the poor end to the first half, Leeds started the second half brightly with a number of chances falling the Peacocks' way. Youngster Marco Verratti calmly slotted a penalty with plenty of time to play, setting up an enthralling finish. However Leeds were forced to tone down their attack as centre-back José Gonçalves was given his marching orders for a second yellow card midway through the second half.

    United had several chances on the break to level proceeding, but Luciano Becchio skied a wonderful chance 15 yards out to leave the score as it was. Richard Garcia almost doubled the Tigers’ lead on full time but his thumping strike only caught the side netting, much to the relief of Leeds keeper Kasper Schmeichel, who was relatively tidy throughout the game.

    But it wasn't all bad for the visitors. Lovely link-up play between Tonetto, Finnan and the Leeds midfield was a highlight; Leeds manager Mark Viduka will certainly be pushing for more of this in matches to come.

    It's easy for the Tigers boss Nigel Pearson – more of the same please.

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    League Cup Round 1
    Positive performance secures second round berth for Viduka’s men
    David Burnie
    Sincil Bank, Lincoln

    SCORERS: Leeds – Verratti (10’), Clayon (31’), Johnson (53’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Bradley Johnson – 8.2 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-lin.jpg

    Leeds United easily dispatched League 2 side Lincoln Town on Monday evening with an impressive performance. The West Yorkshire side created numerous opportunities, and unlike in some of their pre-season encounters, took most of the chances that came their way.

    The match started in earnest with Leeds dominating the unfancied opposition. Marco Verratti popped up just inside the area to slot home the opener. Leeds didn’t enjoy a huge amount of possession, but continued to use the ball they got, with Adam Clayton tucking in a tidy finish inside the area on the half-hour.

    Lincoln didn’t look good after the break either, but their best chance did fall to Scott Kerr, only for the midfielder to force Kasper Schmeichel into a relatively basic save. The rout was complete when Bradley Johnson, who put in a superb man of the match performance, netted a fantastic strike on 53 minutes.

    More chances flowed for Leeds, but the game was won in the players’ heads and they looked to knock the ball around and conserve some precious energy.

    Post-match, Mark Viduka was pleased with the performance. “It’s a start, a good start,” the Leeds manager noted. “Now it’s time to take this form to the league and get off and running there too.”

    Well said, Mark. Leeds will want nothing other than three points against Derby at home, with a bumper crowd expected; if it’s another loss, it could be a very long way up for Viduka’s boys.


    Championship - Match 2
    LEEDS 4 – 0 DERBY
    United smash Rams to record first league win of the season
    Stephen Waller

    SCORERS: Leeds – Gradel (15’, 29’), Clayton (19’), Becchio (71’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Luciano Becchio – 8.6 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-der.jpg

    36,000 FANS packed Elland Road yesterday to see a rampant Leeds United utterly destroy a lacklustre Derby County. Mark Viduka’s men dispatched the visitors in a sizzling first half display featuring some brilliant link-up play deserved of a Premier League side. Leeds kept a tidy 4-4-1-1 formation for the duration of the match; the willingness of the Leeds players to hassle and harry the opposition showing through as there were chances aplenty.

    Leeds were the better side from the 2 minute mark on, when Kris Commons snatched at a chance to send the ball flying into the away supporters bay. The Derby fans applauded their main man, but little did they know it was the best they’d see from him as United took the ascendency and took control of the game.

    Brilliant wing play by Max Gradel resulted in a fine strike from a rather acute angle. Derby were seemingly stunned by the Ivorian’s goal; so much so that Adam Clayton was allowed to sprint through a hole in the Derby defence and slot a cool finish past Derby ‘keeper Stephen Bywater.

    Gradel wasn’t finished though. Another bursting run in from the wing saw a goalmouth scramble with Gradel eventually poking the ball into the net. It could have been a hat-trick had Gradel scored from the spot on 41 minutes, but he tamely hit the ball straight into the grateful arms of Bywater. Leeds looked thoroughly pleased at half-time, in stark contrast to the Rams’ grim faces.

    Max Gradel put in a good performance, scoring two goals

    The rout didn’t stop after half time, and after a brief resistance from Derby, Gradel earned another penalty – but couldn’t take his hat-trick as he hoofed his spot-kick deep into the Elland Road crowd. He was replaced shortly after, and Luciano Becchio finished the deed be scoring a real poacher’s finish with 20 minutes to play.

    There’s all-court tennis, and all-round golfers; in this match, Leeds showed they can knock it about the pitch like any team. The Leeds midfield and full backs linked up superbly, and the effortlessness with which Jose Goncalves and Alex Bruce bossed the Rams in defence was to be admired.

    “Wonderful, just wonderful from the lads,” Viduka commented after the match. “This sends a message – we’re not here to be walked over, it’s not a foregone conculsion. We’re here to shake it up and if you’re playing us, you’d better watch out.” Let’s hope the words from an uncharacteristically fired up Viduka ring true for the rest of the season.

    Leeds sit 8th after two matches, a point from the playoff sports. Nottingham Forest and Milwall continue to set the early pace, sitting in the automatic qualification spots. Many pundits predict Forest to take home the title – only time will tell.
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    Leeds United - The legend begins-fox-sports-logo.jpg

    Championship - Match 3
    Bristol frustrated, Leeds content with scoreless draw

    Allan King
    Leeds, England

    MAN OF THE MATCH: Max Tonetto – 7.8 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-bri.jpg

    Bristol City and Leeds United played out a relatively uneventful nil-all draw at Ashton Gate today. Bristol looked the brighter of the two sides, but they were unable to convert a number of gilt-edged chances that came their way.

    For the first half, Bristol had much to thank former England goalkeeper David James for. Now in the twilight of his career, James showed why he spent much of it between the sticks for Liverpool and his home country, pulling off a number of age-defying saves, despite his ridiculous hairdo. Leeds striker Ross McCormack did make it relatively easy for James, scuffing a number of chances, and sending a couple straight at him.

    David James had a good day between the sticks for Bristol

    After the break, the Bristol attacking trio of Federico Macheda, Sam Vokes and Danny Rose sought to pry a way through the Leeds defence, but they held firm. Max Tonetto had a cracking game defensively on the left flank, but Steve Finnan more than held his own on the opposite side. Had Tonetto and Finnan matched their defensive displays with some attacking prowess, the deadlock may well have been broken.

    Marco Verratti came on for a particularly lacklustre Ramon Nunez for Leeds, but neither that nor the introduction of Gavin Williams for Bristol could alter the outcome. A fair one, albeit – however both sides will need to improve to pick up points from here on in.


    League Cup – Second Round
    Dominant performance from Peacocks ensures progression

    Stephen Waller

    SCORERS: Leeds – Grella (48’, 58’), Nunez (84’)

    MAN OF THE MATCH: Kasper Schmeichel – 8.8 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-rea.jpg

    Kasper Schmeichel led a thoroughly professional performance by Leeds United against Reading this afternoon. The young Dane held firm between the sticks, making save after glorious save to keep the Reading attack at bay.

    Reading were relentless in the first half, having numerous shots on goal. Shane Long used his prodigious pace to threated a shaky Leeds centre-half pairing, but super-stopper Schmeichel was more than up to the task, producing a string of top-drawer saves. Reading boss Brian McDermott had every reason to be stroppy with his team at half time; the Royals just couldn’t take a trick against a determined Leeds defence.

    The second half opened brightly for the hosts. Mike Grella was on hand to latch on to a lovely Ramon Nunez through ball to open the scoring just after the break. This goal spelled a turning of the tide of the match, with Leeds running away with it from that point on.

    Kasper Schmeichel was a chip off the old block against Reading

    Grella popped up for a lovely poached goal from close range on the hour, before Nunez wrapped up the points from just inside the 18-yard box with a clever finish. In the end though, the match will be remembered not for Grella’s brace, but for excellent rearguard action topped off by a simply brilliant performance from Schmeichel. His father would certainly approve.

    “Wonderful work from the lads today, especially in defence,” Viduka mused in the post-match press conference. “We really got going in attack in the first half, and although I’m a little disappointed that the burst didn’t come earlier, you can’t take anything away from us today. Kasper was superb, Mikey was great too.”

    Leeds can maintain their winning home form with a victory over Doncaster on Saturday.


    Leeds United sign Chelsea starlet on loan for the season to bolster midfield stocks

    Jeremy Collymore
    In Leeds for BBC Worldwide

    MARK VIDUKA AND Leeds United have pulled off yet another coup for the West Yorkshire club, signing Chelsea’s young French midfielder Gael Kakuta on loan for the rest of the season in a deal reported to be close to £250,000.

    Kakuta was delighted to have signed for Leeds

    The young Frenchman is reportedly looking forward to first team action, which he has only tasted once since his signing for Chelsea from RC Lens in 2007. The signing could not come at a better time for Leeds, with first choice left winger Robert Snodgrass still injured, and youngster Aidan White still developing into a league player under the tutelage of Max Tonetto.

    “I think Gael is a great signing, and represents a fantastic statement from the club,” manager Mark Viduka noted at the press conference. “Gael is a fine player and can slot into the midfield at virtually any position. He’s a prodigious young talent and I believe we can give him the football he needs. I think he’ll love the Leeds lifestyle, so don’t blame me if he falls in love with the place, Carlo!”

    Chelsea manager Ancelotti was also among the first to give his blessing to the new Leeds signing, adding that the experience Kakuta would get would be “invaluable.” Ancelotti added that he fully expected Kakuta to return to Chelsea a stronger player as a result.

    The signing of Kakuta comes at a wonderful time for Leeds. Lacklustre displays down the left midfield flank from Aidan White and Brad Johnson have been highlighted by pundits, and no doubt by Viduka and the Leeds coacing staff. With this hole seemingly plugged, United can continue their quest for promotion, which is appearing to gather momentum by the day.

    Leeds legend Lucas Radebe took the opportunity to both hail the signing of Kakuta to sing the praises of manager Viduka. “Mark’s doing wonders for the club, and he’s got the whole playing ground onside. I really hope Kakuta stays on past the promotion push and becomes a part, hopefully, of our Premier League revival.” Radebe was spotted at Elland Road at the Reading match, fuelling speculation he is to be offered a role as coach or scout for the club.


    Championship - Match 4
    Four of the best from United as Rovers destroyed in clinical display

    Murray Albrighton

    SCORERS: Leeds – Bruce (4’, 38’), Verratti (49’), Kakuta (55’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Marco Verratti – 9.4 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-don.jpg

    There’s not much more Leeds manager Mark Viduka could have asked from his side today. An absolutely clinical performance from the home side secured a thumping victory over a distinctly average Doncaster, whilst bolstering the Peacocks’ promotion credentials.

    It was all about youth today, with youngster Marco Verratti turning in the game of his life to pick up the man of the match award. Verratti was involved in every Leeds goal picking up three assists in addition to a marvellous second half strike.

    Verratti was simply brilliant against Bristol today

    It was Alex Bruce who opened the scoring with a powerful header from a classy Verratti corner, much to the delight of the Leeds crowd, who began chanting light-heartedly about the size of his head, inherited from his father Steve. Doncaster never looked the same after the opener, with Bruce slotting another header from close range, again from a Verratti corner, just before the break.

    Verratti continued to carve up the pitch after the resumption, with a goal of the season candidate. The young Italian smoked a curling drive from 30 yards which flew into the corner of the net. If the Leeds crowd were already delighted with Verratti, they could thank him even more as he split the Donny defence open once more with Gael Kakuta pouncing to score a lovely finish on his debut.

    The smile could not be wiped from manager Mark Viduka’s face after the game. “What can I say except, exceptional. Marco, Alex, the whole group were unbelievable today. I’m really proud of the boys, we are all so keen to keep this run going.”

    Pundits across the nation are beginning to see the massive improvement VIduka has made with the squad. Some experts tip United to top the league – but there is a very long way to go. What’s for certain, though, is that this year’s Championship is going to be one of the most contested ever.
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    Championship – Match 5
    Defence key for Leeds as run goes on with win over the Iron

    Jeremy Collymore
    In Leeds for BBC Worldwide

    SCORERS: Leeds – McCormack (35’, 46’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Ross McCormack - 8.8 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-scu.jpg

    Leeds unite came up trumps in an otherwise relatively even game at Glanford Park yesterday. The Iron simply weren’t up to the task and didn’t take the chances on offer; in contrast, Leeds United were clinical in their finishing.

    A nervy opening from the visitors allowed Scunthorpe several chances, but the forward pairing of James Brown and Yoann Arquin could not find the back of the net, and the quality of their finishing did not improve as the match wore in.

    However, Leeds’ Ross McCormack steadily grew into the match, and a confident finish on 35 minutes broke his goal drought. The United man was clearly delighted, and his team were even more so when he latched onto a Marco Verratti through ball to double his tally just after the interval. Verratti had another superb game; he was lively in attack and always made Leeds a threat from set pieces.

    Ross McCormack had a cracker for Leeds scoring two goals

    The Leeds defence successfully held the Iron out to keep their sixth consecutive clean sheet in all competitions. Kasper Schmeichel was solid between the posts, whilst Jose Goncalves, Max Tonetto and former Stoke midfielder Amdy Faye played well snuffing out the Scunthorpe attacks.

    It is yet another confidence boost for Leeds, and they find themselves in 4th, only two points from first placed Nottingham Forest. “Good performance from the boys today,” United manager Mark Viduka commented after the match. “Strong across the park, and we’re very pleased to pick up the points.”

    Kakuta injured

    In other news, Gael Kakuta sustained a groin strain at training yesterday and will be out of action for up to three weeks, Leeds assistant manager Glynn Snodin reported today. He indicated Aidan White or even a close-to-fit Robbie Snodgrass would fill in on the flank.


    Great month for Viduka’s men

    Leeds United - The legend begins-table-after-august.jpg

    Leeds have enjoyed a fantastic first month under manager Mark Viduka, wrapping up several victories and only recording one loss and one draw. Good performances have been coming in from all over the park, but the Leeds player of the month has to be Alex Bruce. The Republic of Ireland defender had a wonderful month, turning in three goals and some wonderful defensive displays. Honourable mentions to Marco Verratti and Adam Clayton, as their midfield performances were befitting of a higher division.

    Leeds scored 17 goals in August, a wonderful attacking display; meanwhile, the Peacocks conceded only two goals (both against Hull). What was particularly pleasing for Leeds manager Mark Viduka was that goals came from all over the park.

    Leading the charts with 3 goals is Marco Verratti, while the runners-up with two goals each are Mike Grella, Alex Bruce, Max Gradel and Ross McCormack.

    September preview

    The month of September will be a very busy one for Leeds United. Potentially tricky away trips to Burnley and and Norwich City, along with a blockbuster league cup clash against Sunderland make for a difficult month to pick up points. A much-needed rest will be given to the squad due to the upcoming FIFA international break.

    Leeds will be looking to the usual suspects Ramon Nunez, Marco Verratti and Adam Clayton to lead the team through the month relatively unscathed.

    September fixtures

    11 September – vs Watford [H] nPower Championship

    14 September – vs Burnley [A] nPower Championship

    18 September – vs Leicester City [H] nPower Championship

    22 September – vs Sunderland [H] Carling League Cup 3rd Round

    25 September – vs Norwich [A] nPower Championship

    28 September – vs Milwall [H] nPower Championship

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    LGFIRE's Story templates-goal-com.png

    Championship – Match 6
    Lucky win for home side as Leeds hold nerve to snatch points

    Roy Harmison
    Leeds, England

    SCORERS: Leeds – Bruce (45+2’), Kakuta (68’); Watford – Graham (23’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Gael Kakuta – 7.9 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-wat.jpg

    Leeds United put a lacklustre first half performance behind them to sneak past Watford yesterday. It was a different Leeds that returned from the dressing sheds at half time as Gael Kakuta returned from injury to give Leeds the three points.

    As has happened relatively frequently this season, it wasn’t Leeds that started brightest. The Wasps side came out with real attacking intent, and Leeds paid the price for lax defending on 23 minutes, when Watford striker Danny Graham pierced a gaping hole between the Leeds central defenders to slot home a well-taken finish from just inside the box.

    Leeds did steadily grow into the game, however and Alex Bruce netted his third goal of the season with the last kick of the half. Marco Verratti was replaced on 25 minutes with a suspected calf injury; United’s fears were confirmed after the match, with Verratti to miss up to four weeks with a calf strain.

    Alex Bruce had a solid game at the back for Leeds

    The second half, after a nervy opening, was all Leeds. The quality of finishing was poor for the remainder of the match from both sides; however Gael Kakuta managed to find a lovely goal cutting in from the left flank with 20 minutes to play. Watford never got back into the match and seemed resigned to defeat as Leeds turned in a decent defensive display in the last 20 minutes to seal victory.

    “We did what we needed to do, which was score at the right times,” Leeds manager Mark Viduka commented after the match. “We’ve got to sort ourselves out a bit defensively this week, so we’ll look to improve before our next match.”

    Leeds will need to tighten things up with a tricky away match at Burnley next up on Tuesday.


    Championship Match 7
    United see off Clarets in largely uninspiring match

    Murray Albrighton

    SCORERS: Leeds – Faye (9’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Amdy Faye (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-bur.jpg
    Leeds United were lucky to come away with a win from Turf Moor today, with only a bossing midfield performance from Amdy Faye providing the impetus for a successful away trip to the smallest town ever to host a Premier League side.

    Leeds looked bright from the opening, with an early chance falling for Gael Kakuta. It was Faye that opened the scoring, however, as poor marking from a Ramon Nunez corner allowed Faye to power a header in from the edge of the 6-yard box. Faye continued to make tackle after tackle in midfield for the remainder of the match.

    Amdy Faye had a wonderful game bossing the midfield

    In truth, Burnley never did turn up for the match. The second half was a very dour affair, with Leeds uninterested in keeping the ball, and Burnley uninterested in creating any chances from the large amount of possession the Clarets enjoyed.

    The Leeds defence managed to break down the limp Burnley threat, with Kasper Schmeichel an Jose Goncalves both having tidy games. Max Tonetto will need to review his performance thoroughly; he lost possession too easily and could not seem to intercept much of the Burnley play.

    Leeds boss Mark Viduka seemed relieved and surprised at the end result. “I think we edged it, to be honest, so it’s a fair result that we’ve got the points. Amdy was superb, but we’ll need to take a long hard look at ourselves. If we played them this way on any other day I don’t think we would have come up with the result that we got today.”

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    Championship Match 8
    United win despite second-half red card
    Jeremy Collymore
    In Leeds for AAP

    SCORERS: Leeds – Clayton (4’), White (30’); Leicester – Rodionov (27’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Aidan White – 8.2 (Leeds)
    DISCIPLINE: [r] Alex Bruce – Leeds (57’)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-lei.jpg

    Leeds United was able to produce a fine 30 minutes of defending to keep the scoreline at 2-1 today. The Elland Road faithful were treated to a fine defensive display despite a dour second half, and their boys picked up the points.

    The match was on in earnest when Adam Clayton capitalised on a bright Leeds start to tuck away a lovely finish within the first five minutes. Clever Leicester build-up from the goal onwards came to a head when Vitaly Rodionov pounced on a lovely ball by Andy King to level the scores.

    It was Leeds that took the ascendency back, however, as a stunning volley from Aidan White shocked the visitors into submission. White’s pace was a problem all day for Leicester, constantly providing a threat down the left flank, and also showing a willingness and ability to help out in defence.

    Aidan White had a wonderful game for Leeds

    The match was marred by a straight red card shown to Alex Bruce, who brought down Rodionov as he was clear on goal. After the match, United supporters may well have Bruce to thank as had that goal been scored, the complexion of the game might have changed.

    As it was, though, Leeds manager Mark Viduka was content. “A solid performance today,” he reflected. “We did what we needed to, and it was a marvellous response from the lads to keep them out for as long as we did.”


    League Cup Third Round
    Premier League opposition too strong for gutsy Leeds

    John Ellicott


    SCORERS: Leeds – Nunez (3’), Tonetto (80’); Sunderland – Gyan (38’, 73’), Turner (43’), Bent (65’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Asamoah Gyan – 9.2 (Sunderland)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee%3Dsun.jpg

    Sunderland overcame a nervy start to triumph over Leeds United at Elland Road yesterday. Steve Bruce’s men will have every reason to be pleased with both the result and their performance, as they overcame a potentially tricky challenge from the West Yorkshire club.

    However it was Ramon Nunez that got the hosts off to a flying start, smashing a curling free kick past Craig Gordon in goal and into the back of the net on 3 minutes. Leeds enjoyed the majority of possession for the first half hour, but failed to create many real chances, and spurned those that they did create.

    It was Asamoah Gyan that fired the Wearside supporters into action, slotting home a crafty finish from close range after 38 minutes. Defender Michael Dawson hit a wonderful header to finish a well-worked corner move just before half time, perhaps a cruel blow to the determined Leeds outfit. Leeds manager Mark Viduka did not look at all impressed as the teams went in at half time.

    Gyan was on fire for the Black Cats, picking up a wonderful brace

    The second half didn’t prove much better for Leeds, as Darren Bent livened things up after a dour start to the second half, rifling in a lovely effort from the edge of the box just after the hour mark. Gyan popped up to grab a second on 73 minutes, but Max Tonetto ensured the Whites had the last say in the game, snatching a lovely finish from a corner to give Leeds a worth consolation goal.

    Viduka was sympathetic towards his players at the post match press conference. “It’s always tough coming up against Premier League opposition. I think we did well but lost concentration and belief at crucial times. It’s disappointing to be going out, but I think we can use this as a wake up call.”

    The Leeds manager will be looking for his troops to quickly rebound against Norwich on Saturday.


    Championship Match 9
    Sloppy finishing and complacency from United see Norwich let back in to grab a point
    Oliver Rowland

    SCORERS: Norwich – Straka (78’); Leeds – Becchio (3’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Gabor Straka – 7.6 (Norwich)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-nor.jpg

    Leeds United statistically dominated Norwich City yesterday in their Championship clash, but couldn’t find a way to finish as the Budgies grabbed a late goal to steal a point from the match.

    It was all looking simple for Leeds as Luciano Becchio headed United to an early advantage in the third minute of the match. That was as bright as it got for Leeds in the first half, as the Peacocks did not even manage to put a shot on target for the rest of the half. Several midfield players were guilty of some woeful shooting.

    Even when Norwich returned without improvement after the break, Leeds could only manage another one shot on target for the remainder of the game. Man of the match Gabor Straka pulled Norwich level with only twelve minutes to play after a lovely dribble and shot.

    Gabor Straka had a decent game for Norwich, knocking in the equaliser

    It was a very boring game to say the least. Simply put, Leeds United were poor, and simply could not break down a determined Norwich defence. Full credit must go to the Budgies, however, for holding out for a well-earned point.

    Leeds manager Mark Viduka was very unimpressed with his side’s showing. “That was awful,” he stated. “No other way to describe it. We couldn’t finish a kid’s meal at McDonald’s today. There’ll be some hard training this week, and hopefully we can come back and find some goals next match.”

    Viduka, and indeed the Leeds faithful, will be hoping their team don’t slump into a downward spiral of steadily decreasing form.


    Championship Match 10
    Leeds snatch win late in second half to find first win in three games

    Oliver Rowland

    SCORERS: Leeds – Johnson (76’), Kakuta (90’); Milwall – Church (28’)
    MAN OF THE MATCH: Kasper Schmeichel – 8.2 (Leeds)

    Leeds United - The legend begins-lee-mil.jpg

    Another lacklustre first half performance from Leeds United almost cost them the game at Elland Road last night. Only a magnificent performance from Kasper Schmeichel and last-gasp goal from Gael Kakuta could save the Peacocks from another disappointing result.

    Milwall were all over United early, having a number of chances. The best fell to Simon Church just before the half hour, who pounced on a lovely through ball from Liam Trotter to fire past Schmeichel into the bottom corner of the net. Leeds looked shocked from then on, and there were several worried faces going into the dressing rooms.

    Two inspired substitutions from Viduka had the desired effect, however, with Bradley Johnson capitalising on Leeds’ second half midfield dominance, rifling in a lovely effort 20 yards out from goal. The great escape was completed just before stoppage time when youngster Kakuta, who was returning from injury in the match, slotted a neat finish to send the home crowd into raptures.

    Bradley Johnson hit a superb equaliser before Kakuta finished the game off

    It was another lovely performance from the young Frenchman; however the Leeds victory was soured somewhat by an injury to Ramon Nunez in the second half. The Honduran international seemed to be in some pain and was forced off.

    Mark Viduka, the Leeds manager, was satisfied with the result. “Three points, can’t argue with that,” Viduka mused. “We need to sort out some things but it’s enough to go on. I’m glad we grabbed a win, as without one there would have been problems.”


    In-form Leeds playmaker succumbs to calf injury
    Jeremy Collymore
    In Leeds for BBC Sport

    Leeds midfield playmaker Ramon Nunez has been ruled out for up to two weeks with a calf injury, Leeds United manager Mark Viduka revealed today. Nunez has been a shining light for Leeds United, showing some marvellous skills and wonderful touch in several outstanding displays.

    It comes at a time where Leeds’ season is beginning to splutter. The loss of a star player is certainly not ideal for the Peacocks, with crunch matches against Swansea, Nottingham Forest and Cardiff to come.

    “It’s a blow to lose Ramon, but we’ll do our best to get by,” a concerned Viduka stated at Elland Road this afternoon. “We’ve got a couple of players who can do a job for us, but we’ll be hoping Ramon is back sooner rather than later.”

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