Haap's Journey Across The Globe

  1. Haap's Journey Across The Globe

    I have decided to do a proper journey man save. I find this savegames to be the most enriching since they put you on situations you wouldnt be in if you started at yout favorite team.

    Brasil de Pelotas (2010 - ?) Trophies:

    Leagues loaded:
    Argentina (Nacional B)
    Brazil (Serie C)
    England (League Two)
    France (Ligue 2)
    Germany (3.Liga)
    Italy (Serie C1)
    Mexico (Liga de Ascenso)
    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa
    South Korea
    Spain (Second Division B)
    United States

    Brasil de Pelotas hire Manuel Rodriguez as their manager.

    On a surprise appointment, Mexican manager Manuel Rodriguez has been hired by Gremio Esportivo Brasil de Pelotas as their new gaffer.

    Brasil de Pelotas (established in 1911) is currently part of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie C, third tier of the Brazilian league system, and are expected to fight for relegation. Among the "stars" of the team are wingback Galego former Internacional player, and Marcelo Moscatelli, who once was part of Flamengo.

    "He has no experience" claims Luciano.

    The controversial appointment of Manuel Rodriguez as the head of Brasil de Pelotas was met with discontent by 40 year old goalkeeper Luciano.

    Luciano claimed the mexican gaffer wouldn't understand brazilian football, after some conflict in the training ground when Rodriguez tried to instruct the team to play his version of a 4-2-2-2, the clasic Brazilian formation. Questions have been raised as Rodriguez has already fired 14 staff members and brought no replacements.

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    3 new loanees for Xavante.

    Brasil de Pelotas have already been active in reinfoircing their team with 3 youngsters from top division teams. Yago Morais from Vasco, Leandro Bulhoes from Goias, and Mutombo of Vitoria will all reinforce the lower squad of Gremio Esportivo Brasil.

    Egyptian international joins third division Brasil de Pelotas.

    In what may be seen as a coup centreback Ibrahim Said, 53 times egyptian international, former Everton loanee and who has been jobless since he was released from Ismaily at his homeland, has chosen to join Brasil de Pelotas in Brazilian Serie C.

    The 30 year old defende, who is also able in midfield, has said this is a new challenge and claims that though he doesnt speak the language he'll cope with a new country.

    Rio Branco AC
    4-0 (Galego pen 27, Said 38, Oliveira 82, Moscatelli 86)

    "I walked out on the pitch with the hope that all doubts would fade away, I trusted my team, but when we met 3000 angry Rio Branco fans waiting to eat us up and chanting like it was the World Cup I started to get nervous. Marcelo Lopes, their star forward popped up twice, once his shot was out of target and once it was saved by veteran Luciano. Then it happened, they gave away a penalty and Galego stepped up, as one of the elder members of the team, he scored with confidence, and then brimming with confidence, we reduced them to nothing, Said, Oliveira and Marcelo Moscatelli agreed, and we walked away with a very positive result in my very first match ever as a manager."


    "My debut to our torcidas was nothing short of worrying, 4500 people turned up and we were hammered, it seems to me that the away team has a mystical advantage in these leagues. It was unbeliavable to see my team waste chance after chance, we'll have to work harder, the season only lasts 10 matches so we must adjust to avoid dropping points and avoid relegation."

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    Said has issues adapting to Brazil.

    Brasil de Pelotas' star signing Ibrahim Said has stated he is not comfortable in this country, and that he wants to go home.

    Manuel Rodriguez responded to him saying "He knew that he was coming to a whole different country and as so there's no real reason for him to be surprised."

    Said misses training

    Ibrahim Said's controversy at Gremio Esportivo Brasil continues, as he missed training, and claimed that he wanted to be out of the team as soon as possible.

    When asked about the subject the gaffer Rodriguez responded by stating that he was to be disciplined and he would remain loyal to the club for the rest of his 2 year contract.

    1-0 (Said)

    "With all the fuzz going around Said's situation, I was really surprised and partly pleased that we were able to pull out a great result specially with a goal bu the egyptian. Hopefully it will give him a confidence boost."


    "We could not keep the momentum going and our team seems to be getting extermely scrappy and uncosistent at set pieces, we out played them, and were with one man up for 20 minutes and could not even get a draw at home."

    Rio Branco
    3-0 (Oliveira, Moscatelli, Ronan)

    "Rio Branco seems to be destined to go down we have scored 7 with no response from the red and white team in our encounters, this performance was really good in terms of player movement, particularly the Oliviera-Moscatelli partenership upfront but of course we have to see if this continues."
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