Don't Cry For Me River

  1. Don't Cry For Me River

    The whole of Argentina was shocked. Even Argentinian legendary footballer, Diego Maradona was totally dumbfounded. It has been confirmed that a 33 year old unknown manager, Zak Man, has been appointed as the new man in charge of River Plate. It was also reported that the former River's manager, Juan José López, had a bust up with the club's president, Daniel Alberto Passarella and was immediately given his marching orders.


    This will be a joint story between me and choices.
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  2. Look forward to this guys.

  3. Yeah I am not one of the cool guys so I won't be doing the photoshop. Would love too, but not very good at it, or well really never done it. I will be changing the layout for this story, but won't be as good as Man's story but will try my best. Plus we didn't put up a poll cause he is a better manager than me so we all know he would get all the votes. I will be posting my side in the next day or so. I have some work to get done with a friend which is why I can't post mine today.

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  5. Transfer News

    In what seems to be a rather surprising or shocking move, River's manager Zak Man has decided to terminate the contract of on loan players such as Diego Buonanotte and Mariano Pavone as well as a couple of others. The reason was due to the very tight wage budget that the club had and Zak Man feels that he should only use the money to invest on certain positions that really need strenghtening.


    27 year old free agent Coelho Rocha is currently in talks with River Plate and manager Zak Man states that the Brazilian right back will be a good addition to the squad and will also provide as a backup to Paulo Ferrari.

    Out of favour Sporting Lisbon left back Leandro Grimi, has attracted the attention of Zak Man and the River manager is trying his best to lure the Argentine player back to his home nation.
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  6. Juan Jose Lopez is OUT!

    Don't Cry For Me River-coach.jpegDon't Cry For Me River-riverplatehres.jpg

    River was not happy last year for not finishing first so they decided to fire their coach although they spend millions building up their youth system and training facilities. Their first look would be at Diego Maradona who was just fired from the national team. Fans were excited they would have him as the coach, but the Board didn’t want him streaking though the cities “If I win the league!” when he said in a press conference if he did get the job. They would then look for another fan favorite of a rivalry club Boca in looking at Guillermo Barros Schelotto who was just released by his MLS club Columbus Crew. Still after the dust settle from the shock of letting Lopez out they fired a up-and-comer in Tulita Pepsi.

    When talking to Schelotto his response of not getting the job was, “I told them that I am a Boca Junior fan for life. They already want me to be their coach in waiting and while River is a very good team I still have a year or so left in the tank to play so I will be playing for a club until I can’t go any longer. I was flattered that they offered, but I feel my loyalties would be spilt when we played Boca and my heart wouldn’t really be into it so it wouldn’t be fair to me or to River.

    Diego Maradona press conference wasn’t as political as GBS, but was the very vocal coach he has been lately and as a player. “I would of lead them to the title in the first year. Now they go out and hire a no-named coach who they think is as good as me? Get real. Plus he isn’t even pure Argentinian and is like a cross dresser. Who names their kid Tulita Pepsi?

    Tulita Pepsi took the stage at River’s press conference. “I won’t be taking any questions, but I think in my statement that you will find some answers to questions would might be inclined to ask me. First off about my name. Too clarify I am not a cross dresser, drag queen, or a porn star. I know some of the ladies are upset, but at least I am not that publicly known. Secondly my name is pronounced “’Two-liter Pepsi.’ Yes my dad is Argentina, but my mother was American and they both worked for Pepsi. They just though it would be funny if my first name was something that they worked with and were so passionately about. Also as you can see our currently salary is a little over the payroll so I will be looking at places where we can cut payroll at. I don’t think we will be bringing anyone in unless its someone really good. Also the Board wants us to finish in the top 3, but more pressing they want me to fix the finances. Luckily for me my mom was an accountant for Pepsi so I am very good with money and books so it shouldn’t be that hard. Yes since I am new hear I will be looking to bring in some of my own staff so that might mean we will be pushing out some of the old staff. I don’t know how many yet, but we will be looking to save money and some of the coaches will be fine. Well enough talk to you guys I have more pressing matters ahead to take care of. But in the next day or so you will see who will be staying on our team and who will be shipping out.
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  7. First things first. Finances, ugh!

    Don't Cry For Me River-tulita-pepsi-overview-.pngDon't Cry For Me River-tulita-pepsi-news_-inbox-2.pngDon't Cry For Me River-river-plate-information_-facilities-.png

    Are you can see our Balance is already in the negative on coach Pepsi’s first day on the job. Also salaries are just a shy over the payroll budget by just $44.89K! Coach Pepsi didn’t long for adding too the red. First was getting rid of all the deadwood on the coaching staff. “Although I would like to keep the staff they are just asking for too much, and that is a good way to save on money.” We don’t know why since he spend $1.050M on coaches. First he released 6 coaches in all (Asst. Coach , two Fitness Coaches, two Physio, and one scout) for a total of 550K to eat up their contracts. We would bring in a replacement for all of those coaches we would have to pay out $500K to take them away from their current teams. Luckily we are getting paid the most from sponsorship which is good, but its only just $4.1 million. Since the club has top facilities there is only one thing we can really work on and that is Training Facilities, but coach Pepsi doesn’t know if he will have the six million it will take to make it State-of-the-Art. With that a breakdown of the coaches.

    Don't Cry For Me River-river-plate-information_-staff-.pngDon't Cry For Me River-river-plate-information_-staff-2.png
    First picture is of the original staff, and the second is the current staff

    Old Assistant Coach: Francisco Russo ($2,900 p/w)
    New Assistant Coach: Mauricio Cupertino ($2,900 p/w)

    Stats Improved:
    Attacking: +1, Defending: +3, Man Management: +2, Mental: +4, Tactical: +5, Technical: +2, Working With Youngsters, +7, Adaptablity: +5, Determination: +1, Judging Ability: +2, Judging Potential: +2, Discipline: +2, Physio: +1, Tactical Knowledge: +5

    Stats lost:
    Fitness: -6, Goalkeepers: -2

    Old Fitness Coach: Facundo Peralta ($1,400 p/w)
    New Fitness Coach: Jailton Cintra ($550 p/w)

    Stats Improved:
    Fitness: +10

    Old Fitness Coach: Alejandro Frega ($1,200 p/w)
    New Fitness Coach: Alexandre Irineu ($2,100 p/w)

    Stats Improved:
    Fitness: +12

    Old Physio: Luis Fillol ($2,900 p/w)
    Old Physio: Humberto Roccaforte ($2,900 p/w)
    New Physio: Donato Villani ($1,300 p/w)

    Stats Improved:
    Physio: +7

    Old Scout: Jonathan Gozalez ($2,900 p/w)
    New Scout: Edniton Lins ($600 p/w)

    Stats Improved:
    Judging Ability: +5, Judging Potential: +2

    Old Staff SALARIES: $18,525,000
    New Staff SALARIES: $19,475,000
    DIFFERENCE: -$950,000

    I know people thought I was going to lower the wages, but as you can see we signed better people. Most were cheaper per week, although they were currently employed which is why we had to shell out $550K for them. Still it is worth it and we will tell by better training results and hopefully better outcome in games.” said coach Ryan after he released his new staff.


    Don't Cry For Me River-gustavo.jpegDon't Cry For Me River-lucas.jpegDon't Cry For Me River-maximiliano.jpeg
    Sent some of our reserve players out on loan (Gustavo Bou, Lucas Orban, Maximiliano Coronel)and hopefully they can gain some valuable first team experience and most teams covered half of their salaries.


    Name:  paulo.jpeg
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Size:  7.2 KB
    Paulo Ferrari for 10 million to Wolfsburg

    Don't Cry For Me River-daniel.jpeg
    Daniel Vega for $3.3 million to FC Bayern


    Don't Cry For Me River-heverton.jpeg
    Signed for free. Will most likely be used for cover, but could crack the first team on how well he does in training.

    Old Salaries: $190,000 p/w
    New Salaries: $167,000 p/w
    DIFFERENCE: +$23,000 p/w
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    good start to this boys
    i've always been a fan of erik lamela
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  9. I'm liking the detail to the start boys, keep it going.

  10. Nice start lads, will definitely follow

  11. Nice start, and I love the Argentine league, so I'll follow.

  12. Thanks everyone. We'll try to update this regularly and won't disappoint you guys

  13. August RECAP


    Don't Cry For Me River-river-plate-boardroom_-finances-.png

    As you can see we started off in the negatives on coach Pepsi’s first day, but from the off-season to the first month we currently are in the positive with a balance of $6,566,505. We will try to build on this throughout the year although we do have that $22.5 million loan we have to pay back for the next ten years.

    Match 1
    Racing Club (1) vs. River (3)
    11’ Pablo Luguercio
    13’ Fabian Bordagaray
    17’ Rodigo Rojas
    83’ Leandro Caruso

    First official game is in the bottle for new coach Tulita Pepsi. On the road it would be kind of tough, but we would prevail for the new coach. It didn’t start out good as they would score, but we would do the rest of the scoring.

    Match 2
    River (4) vs. Lanus (0)
    5’ Fabian Bordagaray
    35’ Fabian Bordagaray
    40’ Adalberto Roman
    55’ Fabian Bordagaray

    It would be a sold out crowd at home as they wanted to see their new coach in action. Pepsi would lose the spotlight in this one as our defense wouldn’t waste anytime getting a shutout, while Bordagaray would score a hate trick to bring his total to four goals as looks to be our go-to guy early in the year.


    We already have the highest sponsorship in the league, but coach Pepsi wouldn’t be happy with that so he went out and got a link with Real Madrid. So they will add another quarter of a million dollars to their annual sponsorships ($269K). With that Real Madrid has the first option to buy players of who we sell. it’s the best outcome for us, although we know they are just doing that to try to get their hands on our youth players, but coach Pepsi already said he will not be selling anyone else this year.

    Match 3
    Argentinos (0) vs. River (2)
    21’ Fabian Bordagaray
    23’ Fabian Bordagaray

    “Apparently no one else can score on our team. I don’t care cause we are still winning. The team is taking a little longer to get into the new formation that I run, but apparently Bordagaray has hit the ground running with it.”
    said coach Pepsi as we post our second shutout and Bordagaray is now up to six goals on the year.

    Match 4
    River (1) vs. Arsenal de Sarandi (2)
    8’ Cristian Alvarez (pen)
    16’ Ivan Marcone
    51’ Fabian Bordagaray

    The honeymoon is over for Pepsi and his squad as they fall for the first time. “It’s fine. I don’t think the fans, players, and especially me knew we were going to win or go undefeated the whole year. Finally we got the loss and we can move on. Although they were awarded a penalty shot and we weren’t so I was a little baffled by that. Despite the loss we would of at least had the chance of tying it up.” Still it would be the first penalty shot on the year in a game that we played, and have yet to have one award for our team.


    Don't Cry For Me River-argentine-premier-division-information_-league-table-.png

    We were stride for stride with Boca until our last gamer. Now we move just three points behind them. Still the season is young since we are only through four games, but the only thing we are worried about is scoring. Sure we have scored the most goals in the league, but most of them are by one guy. If he goes in a slump its going to be a long season. Hopefully everyone else can grasp our new formation sooner than later. We would be okay in second if our hated rivals of Boca wasn’t undefeated and in first.

    (NOTE: This is the rough draft for the layout. Tell me what you think. I am not that big into hunting for pictures since I have this story and Alcorcon going, plus work so I don't really have time looking for them. Tell me what you like and if I should add or change anything. If you been following my other story you know I am always changing and tinkering with my layout so all advice is helpful)

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  14. Player Transfers

    Don't Cry For Me River-river-plate-transfers_-history-.png

    Finally the transfer window has closed and manager Zak Man managed to bring in 5 new faces to the squad while 2 others were sent out on loan and Matias Abelairas was sold to Lanus. Initially Zak Man was hesitated to let Paulo Ferrari go but due to the financial state at River currently, he decided to let Paulo leave for a loan fee of $2m with an option to buy for $5m. And as a result, the River's head coach managed to obtain the services of Denis from Corinthians who was already out of favour and he will now be a backup to Coelho. Leandro Grimi has also signed for River since he was told that he would not get much playing time in Lisbon.

    Pre Season Results

    Don't Cry For Me River-river-plate-river_-fixtures-.png

    Well it was a great pre season for the River's new man in charge notching 4 straight wins and the last fixture was a draw against Defensor Sporting. Facundo Affranchino and on loan Leandro Caruso were particularly impressive during the friendlies.

  15. August Update

    In the opening day of the season, River had to face a strong Estudiantes side in a fairly even match but the away team had the upper hand when the home side were reduced to 10 men and managed to sneak with all the 3 points today.

    Next up, River welcomed Banfield to Antonio Vespucio Liberti, but even though the away team opened the scoring in the 15th minute, Zak Man side were just too good for them and won the match by 2-1.

    Bottom of the table Olimpo travelled to River but they were powerless to stop the home side from getting maximum points and in fact, River should have won this encounter by a bigger margin.

    It was one of the days to remember as Zak Man side recorded a memorable victory over one of their bitter rivals and River even dominated for most part of this exciting match.

    League Table

    Don't Cry For Me River-argentine-premier-division-information_-league-table-.png

  16. September RECAP


    Don't Cry For Me River-river-plate-boardroom_-finances-.png

    Well the loan is killing us since we lost $257K this month and the loan is $253K. Still we are above six million in balance. Some of our players are being wanted by other clubs, but we are already going to be short once the loan players leave so we are trying to hold on to who we have now.

    Match 5
    Godoy Cruz (1) vs. River (2)
    21’ Roberto Pereyra
    32’ David Ramirez (pen)
    71’ Roberto Pereyra

    This game would be a slug fest between two no-name fighters. Both would come out swinging fast, but nothing was really connecting. Their would be 41 total shots in the game (18 by us), but yet we would only score two goals from it. They wouldn’t even get close and the only reason they scored was cause it was from the penalty spot.

    Match 6
    River (2) vs. Huracan (0)
    5’ Fabian Bordagaray
    90’+2 Roberto Pereyra

    Huracan would be 0-0-5 coming into this game and they would set a new record for loses on the year as they would only get two shots off in this one. We continue to keep shooting at goal with hoping that something will fall. “We need to settle down and take better shots, or one of these games we are going to put up a goose egg and it’s going to cost us three points.

    Match 7
    San Lorenzo (1) vs. River (3)
    28’ Diego Buonanotte
    36’ Rogelio Funes Mori
    74’ Fabian Bordagaray

    82’ Gustavo Canales

    We open up the game having a penalty shot, but Abelairas would show what side he was going and the keeper made a play on it in the six minute. They would play very defensively and we didn’t get a lot of shots in this game. It would worry Pepsi, but they would settle down and take some good looks and it would pay off as we would have a 2-0 lead at half. In the second half we would split goals as we would score the first, but with a 4-0 lead the game was out of reach when they scored.

    Match 8
    River (0) vs. Olimpo (2)
    62’ Facundo Castillon
    90’+3 Alejandro Delorte

    Again the last game of the month we don’t live up to expectations and we fall. Apparently the fans knew something was up since we were suppose to have a low crowd of 44,000 fans. (On a side note if anyone follows my Alcorcon save I actually found this depressing. I just got done playing my first game in my new stadium that holds 23,000. I realized its been forever since I played with a team that actually has a stadium that holds more than 40,000 seats.) We would be the better team, but they would just find the net as we were shutout this game. “We needed this win. Still we are just three points behind Boca, but I really wanted to put pressure on them early and often through the year.


    Don't Cry For Me River-argentine-premier-division-information_-league-table-.png

    Boca finally loss this month and we pick up just our second loss on the year. That would be damaging enough as we would lose a spot in the standings as we move to third place. Surprising enough neither Boca or us have a tie. We seem to finally be scoring which is good and in good amounts, but we need to find more consistent drives and better finishes. We are already looking on the transfer listed player to give us more firepower up top in the next transfer window. Still having chemistry issues and its just one of our strikers and a midfielder.


    Fabian Bordagaray(9)/ Fabian Bordagaray(9)
    Five Players (2)/ Mauro Camoranesi ( 6)
    RATING: Fabian Bordagaray(7.82)/ Fabian Bordagaray(7.82)
    MOM: Fabian Bordagaray(3)/ Three Players (3)

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    looks like a good start by both you boys

  18. September Update


    River encountered some nervous moment when Newell's broke the deadlock from a penalty spot. A few minutes later, River pegged back their opponent through a Facundo Affranchino strike. Then as the game goes on, the home side were totally dominant of the match and scored another 3 goals to record a huge win.

    In another exciting match which River controlled throughout the game, they needed a late header from Jonathan Maidana to grab all the 3 valuable points today.

    Zak Man's team had to travel to Malvinas Argentinas to face All Boys and the home side enjoyed a good start after Cristian Fabbiani had given them the lead. River had to wait till midway into the second half before they found their equaliser through Maidana once again and seven minutes later Leandro Caruso netted the winner in a match which was evenly contested.

    A penalty scored by Coelho in the first half was enough to give River the win and the home team squandered many good chances to wrap up the game earlier. Facundo Affranchino and Rogelio Funes Mori did not have the best of game and were eventually substituted in the second half.

    Manager of the Month

    Don't Cry For Me River-argentine-premier-division-awards_-award-winners-.png

    For the second time in a row, manager Zak Man was announced as the Manager of the Month once again. He has collected maximum points from all the 8 games since taking over as River's manager.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by TheRealMourinho View Post
    looks like a good start by both you boys
    Thanks. I am struggling since I can only seem to score with one person in my game. Everyone else seems like they can't finish on the team. Then of course my bro has to be perfect in the first two months too make me even look worst lol. I need to step it up.

  20. October Update

    Two goals in the first half through Facundo Affranchino and Matias Almeyda was sufficient to earn River all the 3 points and maintain their lead at the top of the league.

    Even though River were slightly the better team among the two, they could not capitalise on their opportunities and had to settle for a stalemate. Roberto Pereyra had a very disappointing game and was eventually substituted.

    The scoreline tells it all. Zak Man's side really had a wonderful time and especially Jonathan Maidana who netted his first ever hat trick. Walter Acevedo had the best of game as well. River totally outclassed their opponent and controlled the game right from the kickoff.

    Name:  Boca-Juniors.png
Views: 314
Size:  22.8 KB Name:  river_plate.png
Views: 249
Size:  13.4 KB

    Don't Cry For Me River-boca-v-river-split-view-.png

    The Superclasico is known worldwide as one of the fiercest and most important derbies between Boca and River. It is particularly noted for the passion of the fans and both sets of supporters sing passionate chants aimed at their rivals, often based on popular Argentine rock band tunes.

    The match between this two fierce rivals was played at the home ground of Boca and it was really an end to end game. Both sides created several good chances but it was River who had the upper hand and eventually recorded a huge and memorable victory over their enemy. Rogelio Funes Mori was the man who drove River forward with two goals.

    A solitary goal from River's right winger, Facundo Affranchino was enough to seal the win against Independiente in a match which was pretty dull and boring. Ezequiel Cirigliano suffered an injury in that match and had to be sidelined for two weeks.

    League Table

    Don't Cry For Me River-argentine-premier-division-information_-league-table-.png

    After 13 games, River still remain unbeaten and are 9 points clear ahead of second place Argentinos.

    Manager of the Month

    Don't Cry For Me River-argentine-premier-division-awards_-award-winners-.png

    There's no surprise as Zak Man of River scooped the Manager of the Month award for the third consecutive time.
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  21. Nice lads keep it up. Very impressive away win at Boca Man V.1

  22. Thanks tod! I'm quite surprised at the result as well and how everything turns out

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