Issu with Transfer system

  1. Issu with Transfer system

    Hello everyone, first time I post here to complain about something, and I play FM for 12 years now.

    Everytime I accept an offer for one of my player, EVERYTIME the player refuse to go. Different exemple come in mind :

    -100 Millions € offer from Arsenal for Fekir. The player refuse to go.
    -35 Millions € offer from Southampton for Terrier. The player refuse to go.
    - 10 M€ from Sporting for Marcal. The player refuse to go.

    The same thing everytime. It's very frustrating me, because I play every year to sell players and train youngster with the beautiful facilities in Lyon. So I can't sell my players, so i've something like 50 players in first team.

    Have anyone the same bug or issu ?

  2. Hey I know this might sound silly but have you transfer listed said players? maybe even demote them to the reserves and set their squad status to unwanted?

  3. Offer to pay a proportion of their wages?

    The player might be refusing the transfer because the buying club isn't offering enough in wages.
    Failing that, I'm afraid you either loan them out or let the contract run down.

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