Make Money with transfers

  1. Make Money with transfers

    I always have trouble selling my Players for their market value or higher. Most offers I receive are far lower. Example: Weigl worth 40.000.000€. offers I get are around 20-25.million €

    The other way: If I want to buy a player the price is extremly high. Even for unhappy and absolut substitution players. Had to pay 30 million for a player worth 8 million.

    Any tipps to make more money and pay less?

  2. Situation. It all depends on situation. There a ton of factors that have an impact, and don't forget that "market value" (or listed value) is subjective and based on a significant number of factors as well, but look at the basic circumstances of the player.

    When you are actively trying to sell a player, you likely have them transfer listed and they probably aren't playing that much. These things drive the sale value down. When you hear a player has been transfer listed in by the club (and not by request) in real football, you probably don't immediately think that any club is going to have to pay way over the odds for them. When you are getting offers for players that aren't transfer-listed and they are laughably low, its likely those clubs trying to unsettle the player or get you to negotiate.

    When you are actively trying to buy a player, are they transfer-listed? Unhappy? Is the club interested in selling? If not, you are either going to pay a premium price or put some work in. Use the media to declare interest. Unsettle the player. This can be massively effective but it takes time. Its what real clubs do. Even if you are a much bigger club, don't just expect a selling club to roll over and give you a bargain because you would prefer not to pay a huge amount for the player.

  3. That is correct and I think the same way. But: In 3 seasons I did not get one offer for any of my players, except I put them for a very low price on transfer list.

    Even for very good, young wonderkids. Nothing.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Redlobster752 View Post
    That is correct and I think the same way. But: In 3 seasons I did not get one offer for any of my players, except I put them for a very low price on transfer list.

    Even for very good, young wonderkids. Nothing.
    Again, a multitude of factors influence that. Active leagues, for one. Leagues that are active will have more transfer activity and, generally, more money to spend. When its bigger leagues that are active, that helps because the clubs are generally richer to start with. Another is your reputation. If you have a high reputation - I'm guessing you are Dortmund, who start with a very high reputation and will have seen it gone up if you've won anything - it means that smaller clubs are going to be less likely to try to go after your young stars. Other than some unique situations, you don't too often see other clubs going after the 20 or 22 year old wonderkids at Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Man City. Your club reputation impacts your players reputation and therefore value - so clubs that might want a 3 star current ability, 5 star potential player you have could end up look elsewhere for a similar or slightly lesser player for far less money. Even regularly offering your top young players new contracts so they are always happy in that regard can make the AI shy away - long contracts, especially high paying ones, are a transfer detriment, not encourager. Even having a large DB with a lot of available players can be a drawback, because AI clubs will more targets available. A lot of the same logic you and I apply when deciding on players to target, how much to pay, etc, is the same as the AI clubs do.

    It sounds strange, but being an effective manager of your quad - where people are happy and getting match time - counts against you because the AI doesn't see unhappy players with reasons to want to leave. Again, a factor among many.

    Because of the factors, it will vary save to save. I am currently Blackburn. Got promoted in the first season. I sold 3 players in the first season and none were ones I tried to sell. Sold a backup attacker (but who had star reputation and skill) and starting defender for about their "face" value. I got 2 or 3 times value for my GK, but the club that made the initiating offer was willing to negotiate. I have a squad with plenty of high potential young players but have yet to get an offer for any. But I know I will get some. My club reputation, the nationality of the players, the wages I can offer, the money that bigger clubs have.... these will all lead to my side getting raided over time. But if I was managing Man City and winning the Prem and CL titles.... my expectations would differ, because far fewer clubs would be of interest to wonderkids already at a major club.

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