Worth buying?

  1. Worth buying?

    Hey guys, I haven't yet bought FM19 but thinking about doing it, is it worth it?
    FM18 was bloody awful thanks to the away game glitch where it was impossible to win away from home no matter who you played as or against, especially when it was like 2-40 in the shot statistics.
    Have SI even bothered fixing this or are they as lazy as EA?

  2. Not played since 2017 thinking of buying this game myself ... any feedback on this edition please

  3. try the demo

  4. Personally find it less frustrating than last years game and find it for the most point more enjoyable. Obviously still has its kinks and drawbacks and bat shit crazy moments but I say it's worth a go.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by wkdsoul View Post
    try the demo
    I have not bought the game yet and have only just downloaded the demo, my question is, if I start a game on the demo, can I carry it over to the full game??

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