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    New save is with the Welsh Side Cardiff Metropolitan University Football Club but we will call them Cardiff Met Uni. They play there football in the JD Welsh Premier League, they are a little side and only just got promoted to the top division in 2016, but we are going to try and take them to become winners of the Champions Leagues, so join me on this story, and lets all hope it goes better than the last lol.
    There nickname is The Archers

    There home ground is called Cyncoed Campus it holds 1,620.

    So this is my first ever save outside the England Leagues, so very excited to start this story and hope you are and hope we can one day all say we were there when Cardiff Met Uni won the Champions League.

    Next update shall be meeting the team.

    Hope you all enjoy this save and once again sorry about the last save but shall defiantly make it up on this save.

  2. Meeting the team

    So here we meet the manger
    Ive started with a Continental A License, as I let it go with what was suited for me.

    So the team, there is a lot of players and I reckon a lot of these will be let go as they wont cut it for me and I want to try and build a strong squad as were going to be able to call upon all the players.

    But out of all this I have got 3 keys players and they are:

    First up is a young winger Matthew Neale who looks very good and with a lot of playing time will only get better so not only being a good player but someone who we could turn in a little superstar for us. Will be looking for him to set up our goals and hopefully can chip in with a few as well.

    Next up is another winger called Eliot Evans, so looks like we will most dangerous from the wings and with Evans being one of the older players he can help train and bring along the younger players.

    Next up after having 2 decent wingers would be ideal to have a great striker and we have in Adam Roscrow, who I will be looking at to fire the goals in for us and to get of the end of the play from our wingers, so we look like we should score a few and also create a load of chances during the games.

    But the most gutting thing is our Goalkeeper who is by far a step above is injured 5-7 months which is so annoying but I just hope my other keeper can do ok and then when Will Fuller is back he can take over and be at the level he is now.

    So there is a lot of work that needs doing but with the pre season friendlies will see where we need to improve but with the attacking play we should be so it looks like it going to be one of them season where we will win 5-4, 6-5 or 5-3 so its going to be a fun season lol.

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  3. Pre-Season Friednlies & Transfers

    So here we go through the transfers we made, this was so difficult as not many players are funny enough that interested In joining an amateur welsh side.

    First was a strong CB Alex Evans, we 100% needed to strengthen our defence and I reckon that Evans is a real good capture and hope he can keep my defence in shape and keep us strong at the back.

    Next up was a LB and Tom Roberts was the best we could get but he isn't to bad and should do a solid job for us down that side.

    Next up is Anderson Cayola, we needed a back up striker and once again he isn't great but I hope when called upon he can score us some important goals.

    Next up is a CM Sam Evans we really needed numbers in the middle of the park and as I said not many people want to join us YET so yeah welcome Sam Evans.

    Next up is Corey Francis another CM and just like the last one to add depth to the team.

    Next up is a young GK Aaron Jones, during the friendlies it came clear we needed a new one and Jones came rated highly and hope he can do the job between the sticks till Fuller is back.

    So that's the transfers so far its been very hard to get players in and for this season we will be relying massively on our current players we got and the youngest who have a good amount of ability and have a promising future ahead of them, hopefully will be making couple more signings nothing amazing just once again to add numbers to the squad.

    As you can we have not been great during the Pre-Season and have shipped a load of goals I hope that we can cut that out in the season.

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  4. August 2018

    So here we go start of the season, going in to the season with an open mind I don't know what to expect? Also we made a few more signings, so lets get into things.

    VS Newtown, so going into the game and not knowing to what to expect as I had to give a load of youngest a start, and it was one of them youngest who stole the show, Welcome everyone to Henry O'Donnell our 16 year old forward, what a way to introduce yourself he was deadly netting 4 times and we played some great stuff, maybe playing the youngest isn't the worst thing in the world?

    So we also made some new signings aswel nothing special just back up players really. But here they are.

    VS Carmarthen, Nathaniel MG Cup 1st Round, Once again our young striker scores the only goal of the game for us and already has 5 goals this season, reckon we may have found a gem within our team??

    VS Aberystwyth, Now it was time for our other striker Roscrow to take the headlines and score the only goal of the game, we are looking like a good team and could maybe do something this season? Or am I speaking to early?

    VS Caernarfon, This was a game that we showed our grit and willingness to get the 3 points and we did after throwing away a 2 goal lead whivh was given to us thanks to Evans and McCarthy, and then our little gem O'Donnell steps up and grabs the winner for us on the 88th min!!!!!

    VS Carmarthen, Once again a very good team performance and a routine 2-0 thanks to McCarthy and Roscrow and we are playing some great football aswell, and we finished the month unbeaten.

    So also we have had some bad news this month we have lost some keys players that have gone now or that are leaving at the 1st Jan, we have lost Joel Edwards who was our best CB, so its a chance for another youngest to come in and stake a claim and then we have our young Keeper Aaron Jones who is joining Peterborough, also our young winger Matthew Neale is also joining Peterborough and then there is our other winger Elliot Evans who is joining MK Dons, so reckon I have a few months to scout there replacements.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So after the unbeaten start we are sitting top of the table and maybe just maybe we can stay within the top part of the table and try and get into Europe??

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Theres only one person who it can be and that's O'Donnell, just shows that me being worried about playing the youth I had no need to be and I hope he can carry on as he could become our main man for many seasons.

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  5. September 2018

    So here we go, can we carry on our unbeaten run? With arguably the biggest team in the Welsh league this month? Also we made one more signing, so lets get straight in to it.

    So here we have our newest addition and with Evans leaving us we needed a new right winger and Jack Fox looks like a hell of a find and being young aswell means he is only going to get better with more playing time.

    VS Cefn Druids, Nathaniel MG Cup 2nd Round, well we were shocking and going down to 10 men thanks to McCarthy getting 2 bookings so quick together really made it difficult for us.

    VS Cefn Druids, So we could get revenge here for them knocking us out of the cup and we certainly did, it was a close game but the lads came up with the 3rd goal and we defended well towards end of the game and we walked away with the 3 points, the goals were thanks to our wingers Neale x2 and Evans.

    VS Llandudno, So here we have our first defeat in the league and to be honest I don't think we deserved to lose here just if we could get our shots on target then we would score a hatful a game, but when O'Donnell drew us level I was hoping we would go and snatch the win but it wasn't to be.

    VS Newtown, So I was looking for us to get back to winning ways and we did but to be honest a draw would have been a fair result, but when Neale pulled us level from the spot that is what I fought we would have got a draw but then Francis popped up with a 25 yarder to give us the 3 points.

    VS TNS, So this is the game I was worried about and would be a good judgement to where abouts we are, and to get a draw im happy with even with them being down to 10 men for most of the match they were still the better team, we still have a long way to go by look of things to be the best team in Wales.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So after a bit of an indifferent month we are still 3 points top of the table but If im honest I cant see us being there come end of the season as some of the teams we have played are better than us, but if we can stay near the top so we can get into Europe then ill be happy.

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: It's got to be our young Keeper Aaron Jones, he has been outstanding this month for us and has made some big saves for us.

  6. October 2018

    So here we go another month, can we stay top of the pile? Lets find out.

    VS Connah's Quay, For the first time this season I felt this game we should have won we were the better team throughout, but we had to work hard to even get a point and we did thanks to our Young Striker O'Donnell stepping up for us when we needed it.

    VS Llanelli Town, To be honest I was expecting the 3 points as they were bottom of the league but they gave a really good account of themselves and earned a point, which is gutting s it seems to be we rely to much O'Donnell when hes not performing we don't seem to score and that is something we need to look into perhaps.

    VS Cefn Druids, The most annoying game we have played, excellent in the first half outplayed them all over the park and went in 1-0 up thanks to Evans, and then when McCarthy made it 2-0 at the start of the 2nd half I was expecting us to see it out, but then we just fell asleep and let them back in the game and then they drew level and I was fuming at my laptop at this point but when they went down to 10 men I fought we may go and get a 3rd and nick the points but If anything they looked more likely to get the win.

    VS Carmarthen, How on earth we didn't win this game I don't know? We were by far the better side but once again if O'Donnell doesn't score then we don't stand a chance and that couldn't be more true than this game. These draws could come back and bite us in the ass come end of the season as we try and fight to stay at the top end of the league, need to find a way to get the wins and get other people scoring instead of relying on O'Donnell.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So we now have dropped to 2nd place and 5 points off top, which coming into the season I would have taken, but its just frustrating as if we could find a way to either hold onto a lead or turn draws into wins we would be top by a few points by now, but we will keep battling to the end and hope we can finish near the top if not maybe the top??

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: So its got to be our young winger Neale who to be honest as been the best of a bad bunch this month but he certainly has been most consistent for us, just need everyone to step up there game.

    So one thing I am finding though its impossible to keep hold of our key players as being an amateur team and we cant offer players contracts so when a bigger team comes in im buggered, so the latest one to be leaving is our injured keeper Fuller will be going start of January so expect couple more signings.

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  7. November 2018

    So here we go with another month, we have an epic cup game this month and also a couple new signings, so lets get straight into it, and lets see if we n turn the draw into wins.

    VS Bala, very much a game of 2 halves, we were once again excellent in the 1st half and fully deserved be 2 up thanks to Neale & O'Donnell, but the 2nd half we seem to switch off and let them back into the game and then we were holding on for the win.

    So we signed to keepers who once Fuller and Jones go will be battling for the NO.1 spot, there not great but I hope they can do job for us until end of the season, so welcome to the club Rhys Williams and Michael Askew.

    VS Cefn Druids, JD Welsh cup 3rd Round, How on earth we didn't win this game I don't know we were the better team throughout and they went down to 10 men I fought we may and go find a winner but it wasn't to be, but our goal came from McCarthy our Penalty king by look of things, but this game had it all like a good old fashioned cup tie red cards and then all way to Pens which is where we came undone and went out thanks to O'Donnell missing the last spot kick, but means we can concentrate on the league and push for the Europe places.

    VS Caernarfon, back to winnings ways in the league and we did that with a routine win thanks to goals from Evans and Cayola, which is a good sign as pretty sure last month we would drawn this game, so hopefully we have found our winning touch again.

    VS Aberystwyth, This was probably our biggest game so far as it was 1st vs 2nd (us being 2nd) and we were outstanding didn't give them a kick during the game and walked away with an easy 2-0 thanks to Roscrow and O'Donnell, but if it ended 5-0 or even 6-0 then it would have been a fair reflection to how good we were, but a massive 3 points and we close the gap between us now.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So after some big wins this month we have put ourselves 1 point off top, and we seem to be finding some form and other players are chipping in with goals, can we seriously mount a title challenge?

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Robbie Mathias, he is our 17 y/o CB who after we lost our main CB stepped in and in previous months he has just got better and better and is becoming a key player for us, the kids are doing alright in the team this season.

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  8. December 2018

    So can we keep our title push going? Or are we going to start fading away? Lets get into it and find out.

    VS TNS, So here we go up against probably the best team in Welsh league, and we outplayed them all over the park and walked away with a comfortably 4-2 win, and that was thanks to Roscrow, Neale and O'Donnell x2.

    VS Llanelli Town, up against now the team that were bottom of the league and we dominated from start to finish and to only come away with a 2-0 win was bit gutting but we will take it and keeps adding points to the table for us, it was nice to see Roscrow score a double this time, perhaps our duo up top will find the form together at the right time?

    VS Connahs Quay, we much a one sided game throughout and the 1-0 flattered them, but thanks to Neale stepping up and scoring after a great team build up we walk away with the 3 points.

    VS Barry, Lucky to get the win here and it was thanks to McCarthy scoring from the spot again but it was one of them games where we couldn't finish and it nearly cost us the win.

    VS Barry, well it was due as were shite and had Neale to thanks for scoring for us for us to get the draw, but instead of 2 points dropped rather look at it as 1 point gained, given that we didn't deserve it.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So we are top spot now and 5 points clear, which is good with us losing a few key players next month, so I hope us being a bt in front will be good for us come end of the season as we try and get into Europe.

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Well theres 2 and its O'Donnell and Roscrow, our duo up top have found some form and playing really well together and I just hope it carries on for the rest of the season.

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  9. January 2019

    So here we go we have lost 4 keys players in 2 keepers Fuller and Jones and our wingers Evans and Neale, how can we cope without them? Will the youngest be able to set up again? Also this month there is only 2 games as then the league splits into 2 of the top 6 and bottom 6, so lets see if we can stay top before we spilt and see if we can make any new signings.

    First up is a back up CB Sam Barnes who will add depth to the defence and is a good signing I think.

    VS Bala, so first game after the we lost our 4 key players how will do? SHITE is the answer, is it cause we are getting use to the new players who stepped in? Or where the ones who left that key for us? But one player who is key for us O'Donnell got onto the scoresheet again but it wasn't enough for us to get any points.

    VS Llandudno, That's a way to bounce back and reckon we found another little gem from our youth side in Coffey who has the hard job to replace Neale on the left wing but this game he showed he could and hope he carry it on and he got the score sheet aswell with O'Donnell and Roscrow, we played a lot better this game and I hope we are starting to gel again already, only time will tell.

    So I made couple of signings both youngest but players who I believe will be key players for us this season.
    First up is a young striker Jon Smith who looks very good fir his age and am hoping him and O'Donnell can make a deadly dup up top and both being young will be for many seasons, and I mean having Roscrow on the bench isn't a bad player to bring for us.

    Next up is in my view our best player already and at 17 will be hard to keep hold off but he will add quality to the middle of the park and I for one am excited to see how he plays and how he drives us forward, so welcome Sam James.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So as you see heading into the spilt we are still top by 2 points and I hope we can keep up there so we can get into Europe next season.

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: With only 2 game this month I don't see the point of giving on.
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  10. Never seen an amateur club win Champions League before, so good luck with that! Will be following.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Muttley84 View Post
    Never seen an amateur club win Champions League before, so good luck with that! Will be following.
    Cheers mate and yeah it’s going to be hard but we’ll worth it if we can do it mate, cheers for following mate and hope you enjoy.

  12. Feburary 2019

    Here we go after the spilt, how will we get on without our keys players? Can we keep up our unlikely title challenge? Lets go and find out.

    VS Aberystwyth, well this wasn't a great way to start got a feeling this is going to be a long 2nd part of the season for us and we scrapped through a draw thanks to our main hitman O'Donnell getting on the score sheet again, just hope we can improve as we were 2nd best throughout this game.

    VS Carmarthen, Its all good having shots but you aren't going to win games unless there on target and that was our problem in this game, I hope we aren't seeing the downfall now where we drop off top spot and out of the Europe spots?

    VS Connahs Quay, Once again 2nd best throughout and it was a youngest who got us out of the shit this time, James Toshack scoring a brace for us, he got his chance due to Evans going and he certainly has taken it, reckon we have some great young wingers who could turn out to be key players for us.

    LEAGUE TABLE: We somehow are 1 point clear still? but TNS have moved uo to 2nd a point off us and a game in hand, did we peek to early right at the start of the season? Or are TNS finally showing there quality? Only time will tell??

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Young winger James Toshack, he earnt us a point and showed even though hes young hes up for the fight and hope that carries on.

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  13. March 2019

    So getting towards end of the season now, can we keep up the charge at the top of the league? We also had regen day, did we get any more youth gems that could make it into our team and help us out for the rest of the season?

    VS Newtown, This is more like it, we looked like the team from the start of the season and over latest youngest Toshack got himself on the score sheet again along with O'Donnell and Roscrow, hopefully we can hit a bit of form coming end of the season.

    Now is our time for the regens and we got a couple of decent players, one player who is already leaving us and another one who will be leaving us end of the season, also we have got our best player in the team so far and time will only tell how long we will have him for as hes a step above not just out team but the league.

    First up is Malcom Burke who I had really high hopes for but he is has left us already and shows the struggle I have keeping my brightest players.

    Next up is Sam Taylor, who is leaving us at the end of the season which is gutting as he could have played a big part for us now and future.

    Next up is Dan Hill who at the moment we have managed to keep and I believe with game time and the right training will become a key a player for us.

    Next up is Steven Finn an AM who is 6ft7!!!!! And OH MY GOD hes so good I just don't know how long we can keep him for but I need to find a formation for him to fit in, as I cant have out my team hes my best player in the team and hes just AMAZING, just hope I can bloody keep him.

    VS Aberystwyth, We had to dig in deep here to get the win today as we wasn't great and was outplayed but thanks to goals from O'Donnell and Roscrow x2 we picked up a vital 3 points.

    VS TNS, A massive game 1st VS 2nd and we turnt up and really help our own and I would have been happy for a draw but to take all 3 points could be massive come end of the season and that's thanks to Mathias scoring a rare goal for us.

    VS Carmarthen, So after the big result last game this was shocking and could cost us the title come end of the season, chance to pull away from TNS but we blew it and we played so poor and didn't deserve anything from the game at all, reckon we may have blown the title now.

    LEAUGE TABLE: So after that lost we are now 2 points off TNS but if we finish 2nd id be happy as that means we still make Europe next season, but in last remaining games can we chase TNS down for the title?

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Tom Roberts who has been very solid for us this season but he has been very good this month not just at the back but coming forward aswell.

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  14. April 2019

    So here we go last 3 games, can we get ourselves back on top or even at least get into Europe? Lets find out.

    VS Newtown, So change of formation to get our new main man Finn in the team but it didn't work and we looked so poor and to be honest with this defeat we would need a miracle to get top of the table now, so lets hope we can finish 2nd and get into Europe .

    VS TNS, So there was going to be one game where TNS turned up and trust it be against us and we got smashed 7-1 and even worse this game clinched the title for them, it just shows us that we still have a way to go to be as good as or even better than TNS, but one plus sign if there is one Steven Finn got his first goal for us.

    VS Connahs Quay, So after missing out on top spot we needed a win to get in the Europa starter round bit lol and I am hoping we can finish on a high after that shocking performance last time out, and the lads delivered and got us the vital win thanks to McCarthy and Fox and this win means we will be in the Europa next season.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So we finished 2nd 6 points off TNS and into Europa next season, for me that's a good season and one that I would have taken at the start of the season, and with the young players getting game time and playing against better opposition there improvement should rocket and that will only be a good thing for us.

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Given we only played 3 games im not going to give one and plus when you lose 7-1 how on earth can you pick someone? Lol.


    So I think during the summer I think we need to make a few signings but the mass of it will be at the back so we harder to break down and try and find a formation that we can get all our attacking players in and I know its going to be hard but see how far we can go in the Europa aswell.

    Follow me @StevenHedge1
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  15. Also just a quick Heads up shit way to start for a season but Steven Finn our new gem of a player who I was going to build the team around has already joined another team and he will be leaving 9th June and joining Portsmouth, I mean im losing my best players to the likes of them and MK Dons and Peterborough?? WHAT SERIOUS CHANCE DO WE HAVE BEING AN AMATEUR SIDE!!!!!

  16. Pre-Season, Transfers and Start of the Europa

    So here we go we start our Europa journey and have all our pre season friendlies and the transfers we made, which is hard being such a poor reputation team to sign any players.

    So start of our Europa we play Glenavon, so I fancy our chances but the 1st leg every single player is on holiday so that should be fun.

    VS Glenavon, Euro Cup Best Placed Prem Round, So heading into the game with no team what so ever and just hoping we don't get battered so we can turn it around in the next game but we managed to get a draw? God knows how we did that must be due to my amazing management skills lol.

    So in between the games VS Glenavon we made 3 signings, first up is James Graham a CB who is here to add cover for the first team and a decent back up option compared to last season.

    Next up is our new NO.1 Alex Lynch we were deserpate for a keeper and I believe we have a found a decent one here and reckon he can do a good job for us this season, just hope we can keep him all season.

    Next up is a young striker Brian Harding as were playing 2 up top we needed to add depth up top and believe he is the man we need whi we can rely on when we need someone to get us a goal.

    VS Glenavon, Euro Cup Prem Round 1, So after the 2-2 would be intresting to see how we do now we have our full team back and my god we certainly showed up and bossed the game from start to finish and walked away 9-0 on the day and 11-2 overall, into the next round we go.

    VS Dinamo Minsk, Euro Cup Best Placed 1st Qualifying round, So this was going to be a tricker tie as they are favourites by a mile so to get a 1-1 and a away goal im very happy with it and at our ground maybe we could get the better of them and so the impossible, we got the draw thanks to Roscrow.

    VS Dinamo Minsk, Euro Cup Best Place 1st Qualifying Round, So at our ground can we keep the dream going? And we came so close they got there goal thanks to a lynch OG but we were better team throughout a drew level thanks to Toshack, and then they went down to 10 and just say back and we couldn't break them down and then to Pens we went and I just think me and Pens are not meant to be as we went out thanks to missing just one pen, gutted I am but shows we need massive improvement to compete in Europe, So the dreams over this season but we will come back better and stronger next season.

    So as you see we had a very good pre season and scored a lot of goals just hope we can carry that on into the season as our first game is VS TNS and we shall be aiming for revenge against them.

  17. August 2019

    So here we go a new season can we start strong and get ourselves up top of the table again and maybe go one step further this season and win the league? How will the new signings fair, as im concerned that I didn't bring in enough players to make a big difference from last season.

    VS TNS, So couldn't of got a harder game to start but a great way to them and the rest of the league what we are about, and we wasted it by losing but we made a great start by having O'Donnell carry on from last season by opening the scoring but it wasn't to be, but there was positives for sure and gave a great account of ourselves, so not happy to lose but happy with the performance.

    VS LEX, Nathaniel MG Cup 1st Round, Very much a routine 3-1 win thanks to O'Donnell x2 and Roscrow, into the next round.

    VS Bala, How on earth we only won by 1 goal I don't know? and we needed a help in scoring by them scoring it for us!! But its 3 points on the board and onto the next game.

    VS Newtown, Very much a back and forth game which we were 2nd best to throughout so lucky to come away with the win and that was thanks to a McCarthy Pen.

    VS Caernarfon, Once again another back and forth game that we got the better off again, and that was thanks to goals from Roscrow, Fox and McCarthy pen, but when they scored late they made us hang on and we managed to and get a massive 3 points for us.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So were sitting 3rd and a point off top with a game in hand so good way to start the season and hope we can carry this on and become a team that everyone fears.

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Its got to go to young winger Toshack, I was worried last season when we lost Evans but Toshack has certainly made that RW his own and I got a feeling will be a key player for us.

  18. September 2019

    So can we keep in touch of top of the table? Can we find our feet and start playing well and keep picking up wins.

    VS Gresford, Nathaniel MG Cup 2nd Round, Well we are certainly doing better in this competition than we did last season and we played some great football and run out easy 4-0 winners thanks to goals from Jones, O'Donnell x2 and Fox, into the next round we go.

    VS Connah's Quay, Once again we played really well and fully deserved the win and that came thanks to O'Donnell once again, it seems to be once again we are relying on him once again weather we win or lose, hope that change sooner rather than later.

    VS Carmarthen, SO BAD we really was, but I fought even with hold bad we were we could hold out for a draw, but then we go and give pen away and of course they finish it, but on the overall match we didn't deserve nothing.

    VS Aberystwyth, Right I don't mind losing as its part of the game, but the way we lost was shocking and almost made me just rage quit, we were shit all over the pitch and there is no words that can actually explain how bad or how pissed I was with the performance.

    VS Bala, Nathaniel MG Cup QTF Final, So after the last performance I decided to change tactics and formation as I wanted someone to protect the back for and I wanted us to look after the ball better and win the possession battle, and even though we only won 1-0 thanks to McCarthy pen, we looked a lot better and lot more solid, so hopefully that improvement will carry on for us, and also we are into the semi finals.

    VS Cefn Druids, Seems like the new formation and everything is working wonders, and we played really well and looked after the ball so much better and fully deserved for the win thanks to 2 goals from O;Donnell, but it also helped with them being reduced to 9 men.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So with them 2 defeats this month we have dropped down to 4th and are 3 points off top, but its still early in the season and TNS last season had a shocking start last season but still won the league, so hopefully we can find some form and pick up points and mount a serious title challenge.

    PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Its got to be our young forward O'Donnell who has more than anything else has got us our wins this month, but I cant relying on him and need other players to start stepping up.
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  19. October 2019

    So after the little stumble can we get back on track and start getting ourselves up the top of the table.

    VS Bangor City, Very good performance and a comfortable win thanks to goals from James, McCarthy (pen) and Coffey.

    VS Penybont, Very much a game we should have won, but to be honest we didn't do enough even when Evans pulled us level was epexcting us to go a find a winner but instead they did, gutting performance.

    VS TNS, This was our chance to close the gap a little bit up on them but we were no where near to even getting a draw letter know a win, TNS are still miles ahead of us but I just hope we can chase them down as they did to us last season.

    LEAGUE TABLE: So after that shocking month we find ourselves in 4th place 9 points off top, we just cant find any good path of form and keep it going its very stop start so fat this season but im hoping that will change soon and we can actually show how good we are.
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