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Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save

  1. Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save

    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save

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    Anyone remember CM4. Well as i'm sure many of you know a man known as the mad scientist makes up databases for current FM game based of player stats on the old CM games.

    If you've not seen this before have a look at his work on the link above. These databases have over a million edits and take months to put together!

    Now back to the save. I'm revisiting my the back end of my childhood love on Man Utd. I've got the save loaded and for this save i'll be looking for some help.

    Current team
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    The CM4 Man Utd team was far more realistic than the 01/02 team that could conqure the world on autopilot. I'm sure CM4 was when Arsenal went invincible and United fell towards consecutive seasons outside the top 2.

    I've put together a shortlist of future Man Utd players that i found in the save & players i loved signing in the early 2000s champ manager games as they were. Fro this shortlist i'll be making all my transfers in the save to tie i in with real life and what i did 15 years ago in these games. the sole exception is Gareth Bale who i notice is in the save. Think we'll try make an exception on the rule on him since Man Utd should have bought him lol. Can he make more appearances and win more trophys than Giggs did? If i've cash left over i'll target old United players then the most affordable players on my list.

    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-shortlist-1.pngMan Utd 2003/04 Database Save-shortlist-2.pngMan Utd 2003/04 Database Save-shortlist-3.pngMan Utd 2003/04 Database Save-shortlist-4.pngMan Utd 2003/04 Database Save-shortlist-5.png

    Its almost certain i wont be buying anyone not on this list for the first 5-8 seasons. Only former United players not on the shortlist or in game legends on a free will join the club outside youth recruitment.

    For the youth intake i've got the FM editor so i will change players with 3*+ potential to a players name & nationality to a player that broke through the United youth system around the season that they come into the team during my save. Example in 2008 Bn Foster & Danny Welbeck make a few appearances so if i get a 3* or better Att come through around the 5th season i will rename him Danny Welbeck. Only name, nationality and appearance will change. No attributes ect will change. I have no interest in making this unrealisticly easy or feeding my ego by making Welbeck a -10 player god forbid.

    The help i'm after is opinion on the signings. I've found the positons i wanted and narrowed down the shortlist to a few players per positions, except strikers where i'm like a kid in a candy shop. If you could copy the to buy section of the post and put who and why you think i should buy. As its my save i'll have final say since i'm running the show but you may sway me, Especially narrowing 9 strikers into 1.

    Firstly i'm playing a 4-2-3-1
    Helpful that about 1/3 of the shortlist is strikers!

    To Buy

    Hinkel or McNaughton
    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dr1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dr2.png
    One is ready to start at RB, one may never be? Not sure McNaughton turned out amazing in this years game or 01/02?

    Maxwell or Evra
    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dl-1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dl-2.png
    I'd be 99% on Evra out of loyalty

    J Stam, N Vidic or Anton Ferdinand
    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dc-1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dc-2.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-dc-3.png
    Stam to make up for Fergie's mistake? Vidic was his long term replacemnt or the Ferdinand brothers together?

    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-mc-1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-mc-2.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-mc-3.png
    I'd like to add some of the new breed of midfielders United picked up later in this decade. Carrick, Hargreaves and Park Ji Sung are the ones

    Wes Sneijder or Antonio Valencia
    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-mr-1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-mr-2.png
    No idea what Valencia will come to. Snijder is ready to go and really should have been at Man Utd at some point in his carrer

    Carlos Tevez & Freddy Adu
    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-am-1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-am-2.png
    Click image for larger version

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    I've decided to bid for these two already. Adu was my favorite signing in this era of games. Tevez was great and went to United

    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-rooney.png
    Like Tevez this is a no brainer. Money may be a issue on this though

    Other Candidates if i run out of cash
    Rob Earnshaw, Rolando Bianchi, Berba, Zlatan, Fernando Cavenaghi
    Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-1.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-2.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-3.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-4.png Man Utd 2003/04 Database Save-5.png

    I look forward to seeing what you think and getting the save under way!
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  2. Looks like a really fun and interesting save - will be following closely! I remember Adu really well and he was so easy to get and could become one of the worlds best. Good luck!
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  3. In a early update
    >Rooney & Tevez decided against a move to United at this stage
    > Lazio want £223m for Stam so he's out

    so its over to you guys!
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