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From Blue Birds to Red Dragons

  1. From Blue Birds to Red Dragons

    First time I am doing this, I just got back into FM19 after a long hiatus and thought about documenting my adventures this time. I loaded up the top 5 European leagues, set game start date as 31st Dec, and decided to take over the club bottom of the English Premier League. Unsurprisingly that was Cardiff City. The table at that time -


    This I thought was a good challenge. My short-term objective, obviously, was to keep the club in the Premier League somehow.
    My long term objective - to ´╗┐become the first non-English club to win the English Premier League!
    I decided to also set a few guidelines to make the game more interesting, along the way.
    1. We will maintain a domestic core to the squad, which means at least half the squad should be British. Preferably a couple of decent Welshmen would be nice.
    2. Try to develop the academy, although I don't hold much hope of this considering the only decent player to emerge in recent times has been Aaron Ramsey. Maybe try to bring him home at some point.
    3. Play attractive, attacking football, basically the anti-thesis of what the fans have been used to under Neil Warnock. For the first season I decided to go with the trusted 4-3-2-1 formation with an AML, AMR and SC set-up which I believe is the most stable in the game. However do plan to experiment more later on.
    4. Transfer wise I would like to become a club that gives opportunities to play in the Premiership to players and a platform to shine. That means lots of transfers from lower leagues or youngsters not getting game-time, and less established Premiership players.
    5. We want to make lots of money! Which means running a tight ship, not paying over the odds for anyone, maintaining control over wages, and selling players whenever a good offer comes knocking in. Everyone will have their price.
    That about covers it, would love some feedback as we go along!
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  2. Wait, guys how do I insert a screenshot into the post? I clearly failed with my first attempt.

  3. Keen to see this play out. I've been toying with doing a Cardiff mode for awhile now too.

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