12 years...online game looking for new members

  1. BBC 12 years...online game looking for new members

    The Gathering:

    We have lost a few members due to holidays and work etc...currently 2 people remain...

    Open to suggestions on new long term save

    were coming to the end of Fallen Giants..

    So anything new is possible.

    we play 5 nights a week from 8pm to 10.30pm and communicate through Skype. (text) (also nights off when not everyone can make it)
    A season takes 1 week... games played on key highlights at least 3/4 speed and full speed in between key highlights. Slow players will be asked to speed up or leave.
    You can start straight in the Premiership (as a low team) !!! we play with NO International management. We keep as fast a speed as possible during the season holidaying from match to match.
    We slow down in pre season and 3 days only in january to get deals and stuff done. layed as a clan on this and FM12 and FM13 as well as playing FML.
    Typical week:

    All Approx Times

    Mon-Thursday 8-11pm

    Friday 8-12
    Saturday 8-12pm
    Sunday 8-10.30pm

    Tue 8pm-11pm Season end!!!

    more players welcome... like us would be ideal. laptop on the sofa while the Mrs watches TV etc...but younger players are welcome if they are mature and can stick it.
    add: kevy3480 on skype or [email protected] or message on here...im around most of the time for a chat, and i can tell you more and get you in the game. Skype is used to chat while the game is on in windowed mode, as the fm chat is awful. Its text only...so no need for video or mics etc.

  2. Fm online

    You still looking to start a save or something?

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