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    Does anyone have a tactic where you have a very high proportion of ball possession and also defensively stand well and score goals?

    Current games with FC Bayern

  2. Hello, my tactic is still under development. So far, there are already neat results.I would like to introduce you in advance. Important for the offensive players. Foreign striker and striker, find a role with the possibility (ball hold) to instruct.Set pices are still on standard.


    Tactic for Bayern Munich-6lpcsdoa.png

  3. hello was wondering what training you use and if you use any opp instructions with your tactic

  4. Training I set monthly. Is something gut feeling. Attack directly and over the wings, switching movement are always there. Opp so far none. Consider if I stop all presses. I'll keep you up to date. But now it's time for me.Beautiful Easter.Sorry for my English, that's certainly worse than my tactics.

  5. Games after the updates:

    Tactic for Bayern Munich-vbwf3zkm.png

    Look for a good deep-lying playmaker. My men is Rúben Neves.

    The game runs well on the right. The marked zone can get even better. I am working on it.

    Tactic for Bayern Munich-mvfvotwx.png

    My squad at the moment:

    Tactic for Bayern Munich-i38oru3w.png


    Tactic for Bayern Munich-jtt7ubwf.png
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