Suggestions on my West Brom tactic

  1. Suggestions on my West Brom tactic

    Hello, guys, I've just started a new career with West Bromwich Albion and I'm trying to fit a tactic to the team.I created a 4-1-2-2-3 tactic with the aim of creating posession based tactic (2 wingbacks, one BPD and one CD, a deep lying playmaker, an advanced playmaker, a mezzala, two inside forwards and a F9) but it didn't work.I watched my first match and realized that my team can't advance in the attack, they are playing at their own field, passing, dribbling, but they can't open up the game.After so many passing, they play a long ball, if one of inside forwards catch the ball, he just dribbles towards the middle and makes some clueless things, like shooting from a very long range.My striker, literally, doesn't do anything.First match was 0-0, but in the second match, somehow I managed to win 3-1.If I upload my game, or the screenshot of my team, could you suggest something to add or change? I want to create possesion based tactic, but not exactly Tiki-Taka.

  2. A possession based tactic may not work in the long term, so I think it is better to abandon this idea and instead focus on solid defensive shape. After you have achieved a solid defensive base, then you can experiment with the front three for attacking areas of the pitch.
    However, if you really dont want to abandon the possession based style, then I recommend Low Tempo, Shorter Passing and Dribble Less Team Instructions. Work ball into box may limit long shots, but it will greatly limit you attacking threat.

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