What Am I Missing?

  1. What Am I Missing?

    I've tried a fair few tactics (usually by spending a good 15 games+) but I'm really unable to replicate some of the results of the tactics that are shared, which I'm sure are great tactics.

    Here is how I play:

    OIs: Follow the tactic in question
    Training: Leave to the Ass Man
    Individual Training: Position and role they're expected to play in

    Team talks:

    Pre match: prove a point
    Half time if drawing or losing: far from pleased
    Half time if winning by 2 or more goals: Dont get complacent
    Full time if lost or drawn: far from pleased
    Full time if won: Good win

    Team: Everton

    The team I have isn't bad and I'd consider it versatile as well:

    GK: M.Perin
    RB: M.Aarons
    CB: S.De Vrij
    CB: R.Holding
    LB: N.Tagliafico/J.Miranda
    CMs: S.Tonali, S.Darder, N.Dominguez, L.Tousart
    Wingers: M.Depay, Bernard, Trincao, K.Dembele
    Strikers: L.Martinez, Jean-Kevin Augustin

    Obviously, these guys have gelled well with a strong understanding, morale is usually positive

    Any help guys? Just to point out again this is literally with most tactics like DYJ, TFF etc

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    If you are going to use someone else's tactic you need to ensure you have the players to do it, or alter the tactic slighty to accommodate your players.
    Posting your tactic and team screenshot would be a help

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