FM 2006 won't start on Win 7 despite played on it loads of times

  1. FM 2006 won't start on Win 7 despite played on it loads of times

    Just asking for help for a work round solution..

    I had been playing FM 06 for a good long time on Win7....... then... today... I put a cd in drive, double-clicked icon on desktop to start up game...... nothing happens...

    Went to FM05 folder.. found the FM 06 game exe and doubleclicked it to start the game... nothing happens...

    and tried a few more times and all tried in Administrator mode... nothing happening and not a game could be loaded....

    So I tried it with FM 08, 09 and 10 all loaded up no problems....

    but tried it with FM 05 and also the FM07... nothing happening in loading game

    Restarted computer and tried the procedures as in Admin mode... nothing loading

    Went to Control and did the repair on the game.exe... Restarted computer and tried loading the game of FM05, 06 and 07... still nothing happening but... FM08, 09 and 10 worked well...

    Why this FM 05, 06 and 07 couldn't be started up as I had no problems before but now couldn't start it up???

    Why this FM 08, 09, 10 can be started up with ease...

    I don't know what caused it whether it is the Windows Update or Malwarebytes or Security Essentials or whatever updates from whatever program that mucked up the starting games up...

    Anybody help me as I tried to find answers on other forums via Google and nothing is found...

    I wonder if it is something to do with the Pc itself? I have no problems starting and running CM4 and 03/04 games...

    I also have un-installed it and re-installed it twice but no avail...

    What is it that causes that problem..

    Don't worry if you don't have the solutions..

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  2. Oh well.. it seems nobody answered on this thread... well.. had to do it the hard way... so got it sorted it out now as it turned out to be the Windows Update file that caused the game not to start up so uninstalled the update.

    Now it works...

  3. how did you know which update file to delete?

  4. I've asked axhm13 too, and he told me that the 'culprit' is the KB3086255 update (he tried it on Windows 7, I tried it on Windows 8.1 and in both cases removing it allowed the game to run).

    Hope it helps!

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