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    Please can someone tell me how to install this game on Windows 10? The compatibility troubleshooter isn't helping. It's worked on every other Windows program I've ever had.


  2. It's tottaly working for me at W10 :/

  3. Don't know if you still need help on this, but i had a similar issue. Once i upgraded to Windows10 a number of my older games no-longer worked, i believe due to a security patch that stopped some older disks being read.

    How i got round this;
    - install VirtualBox (free)
    - create a virtual machine (VM), with a Windows-XP OS
    - map the host disk-drive to the Windows-XP virtual machine
    - install Football Manager 2007 in the virtual machine
    - when you open the VM and play the game there should no compatibility issues.

    There a number of guides online on how to do this, and only took me about 30mins to get it set up.
    You can install any older games this way that no longer work in Win10. I've got Champ Manager 00/01 installed this way as well.

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