Football Manager 2008 On Windows 7

  1. Football Manager 2008 On Windows 7

    Today I got Football Manager 2008 but I'm having loads of trouble getting it to install. Firstly when I put the disc in I get the options to either run the autorun or explore the files. Selecting to start to autorun nothing happens, exploring the files the setup file doesn't run, either does autorun. I've tried extracting the setup file in the disk 1/windows folder to a separate folder but the extraction never completes.

    Any advice to get this to install because I really enjoy playing the old football managers and I really want to play this one.

  2. You might be able to activate it on Steam still. It's not on the list of games but it's worth a try.

  3. I don't think Football Manager 2008 has a CD Key?

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