strikers who can score !!!!!!

  1. Exclamation strikers who can score !!!!!!

    I need a striker who can score goals and partner kerlon up front because he is the only one who can score at the moment for my man u team and i need someone who can score 15+ goals a season so can anyone help ?

  2. try Gignac from toulouse,but he must play every game,from first to last minute...also,ask him to try beat offside trap...

  3. pato, aguero, vela, benzema , rooney

  4. rooney can only score in the uefa cup and also i have got aguero as well but also he only scores in europe

  5. Agbonlahor or Carewm, try Eugene Selyzenov from shakter as well, he is a great targer man.

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    • In my football, the regista - the playmaker – is whoever had the ball. But if you have Makelele, he can’t do that. He doesn’t have the ideas to do it, although, of course, he’s great at winning the ball. It’s become all about specialists. Is football a collective and harmonious game? Or is it a question of putting x amount of talented players in and balancing them with y amount of specialists? - Sacchi
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    The problem seems to be your tactics and instructions for the strikers and not the strikers themselves mate. If they're scoring in only one competition, it's because teams are playing in a different way so that your instructions 'work' whereas in the league your instructions aren't working.

  7. Guiza has been my best ever 42 goals in a season

  8. Steven Fletcher from Hibs is a goal machine in the game.

  9. kerlons goals have dried up and he has not scored in 5 games for my united team and my top scorer is kaka who has scored 21 goals in all competitions and has scored 15 in 20 league games.

  10. My Derby have
    Oscar.Cardozo + Keirrison(going for 26mil)
    they are tidy strikers

  11. agreed, i had cardozo and kierson together, they scored 20+ each in the league.

  12. Im playing as QPR and winning each game by 2 goals at least. Played 14 won 12, lost 1. Bought Helguson and Gladkyi, both churning out the goals, 11 a piece so far.

  13. Just bought Lucas Padolski,he cant stop scoring at the moment.

  14. thank you everyone for the tips

  15. No mention of David Villa....i'm surprised I can't remember his specific goals but he was past 15+ a season anyways, he scored in 9/10 games for me, and he was a lone striker most of the time.

  16. there are afew like adebayor who gets 30 odd every season, there's villa, aguero, guiza, tevez and agbonlahor gets a few

  17. wats's Avatar wats
    Benzeema has been class for me, playin with Aguero, worst buy so far gotta be Gomez

  18. W I L F R I E D N I F L O R E from Litex and cost around 400k
    FANTASTIC STRIKER-BEST PLAY LIKE POACHER - with option to run with ball sometimes, NOT often,and its very important to stay on the far post when you playing corners(of course play left and right corners to far post)also very important - 2 of your other players(it is better if they are taller then 185)put to stay on the near post,2 with option to attack near post,2 to stay back(usually full backs),and 2 players to lurk outside(its better to put anyone with high long shot attribute)
    DO NOT TEACH HIM ANY MOVES and I guarantee 25 goals in the first season if he play min 30-35 games especially if you play by mine does not matter which league you play, and I tried in Spain and in Italy, France, Serbia, England ...
    sorry guys for my bad english
    1. january and after 25 games for PSV he scored 36 goals,have 10 assist and 13 times MOM also player of the year award????????
    and for RED STAR in first season he scored 25 goals 9 assist 9 MOM in 27 app
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  19. Billy Sharp can score for any club in any league

  20. Buy Soldado, has a £10.25m release clause at Real Madrid in the first season. Quality buy for me. 6 goals in 6 games since I bought him. Goal Machine.

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