Database Loading Help

  1. Database Loading Help

    Hey guys could anyone please help me .

    My football manager 2008 does not pick up all the database that i put in the "db" folder. It does not pick up the database that i downloaded.

    Before i formatted my pc it used to work fine but know i dont know what happened.

    I had a fm.exe file which i downloaded buy i lost it and i cant find it . With that fm.exe it used to work fine.

    And is there still a time machine for football manager 2008.

  2. I hope you're not talking about using a crack.

    Make sure you are putting it in the right place. The databases should be inside the db folder.

  3. i used a crack then it worked well

    i put it in the right folder too .

    Please help i really need this.

  4. com on please help any one

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