Need an English.ltc

  1. Need an English.ltc

    Hey everyone,

    I purchased FM 2008 on amazon and it arrived today.

    Only problem is that Spanish is the only language
    There is only a Spanish.ltc and I've been checking online for almost two hours trying to find a way to get an English.ltc but no joy.

    Can anyone recommend how or where to go to get the English.ltc file please?
    You will be saving my weekend!


  2. I'm really desperate! Bought FM 2008 to kill time while I'm recovering from a leg operation.
    Its an old favourite of mine and I'm goijg out of my mind with boredom.
    Honestly an help would be HUGELY appreciated.
    My email address is [email protected] if anyone could email the english.ltc file to me?

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