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FM2008 2018-2019 Transfers. (Until 03/09/2018) & Fm Graphic files (New facepack)

  1. Exclamation FM2008 2018-2019 Transfers. (Until 03/09/2018) & Fm Graphic files (New facepack)

    Hi guys

    The 18-19 season roster is finally complete.

    Have you ever waited for me?

    I hope that my roaster will be a little joy to you.

    Many friends have helped me to complete this Transfers, Graphic files.

    Transfers Download here

    Graphics files


    Logos, Kits

    Sometimes it comes out only in Korean, but it will not be a problem to enjoy.
    (ex. some stadium names, Some players names)

    About changes 18-19 Transfers

    1. First divison of England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Korea is 100% squad changed for the 2018 season.
    (until 03.09.18)

    2. Modify Stadium names and seats to present things.

    3. Add Low level DDT.

    4. Apply Croatia join to EU

    5. Create assist reward (End of season)

    6. Modify all famous players age +10 years. (ex. 05/02/85 C.Ronaldo - 05/02/75 C.Ronaldo)

    7. Modify famous managers tactics to 2018 season`s tactics

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  2. How to install that update?
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  3. I play Fm2008
    Thank you

  4. It does not show. Where to put Where to put over?over?

    Where to put over? up.

  5. OK. I need to update the DB 8.0.2 of the game.Thank you

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