FM 2008 Demo Coming Soon

  1. FM 2008 Demo Coming Soon

    The demo for FM 2008 will be available on <strong>Sunday 30th September</strong>. So check back on FM-Base for a fast download link as soon as it's made available!

    There will be 2 different versions of the demo for each PC and Mac, with all demo&#226;€™s providing half a season of unrestricted gameplay,

    <em>The strawberry� version of the demo includes all player pictures and logo&#226;€™s, with quickstarts from the world&#226;€™s biggest leagues, giving people a chance to try out their skills in multiple countries. This will also include multiple language translations (to be decided). This demo will be available from our website at

    The &#226;€œvanilla&#226;€� version of the demo is just English language, and features the English and Scottish leagues, with no player photos or logo&#226;s to try and keep the size of the download down. This version will be available from the News of the World website.

    There is still no firm release date for the game, but we hope to be able to have this in the next week or so, and will let everyone know as soon as its set.

    There will also be demos for Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 (the US release of the game) and a brand new version, Futbol Manager 2008, a South American version of the game. Release details for both of these will follow at the same time as we provide release dates, as they are still to be confirmed.</em>

  2. woooooop. been waitin for this for aaaaages. so whens the ful game comin out then?

  3. Lloyd's Avatar Lloyd
    Star Player

  4. Why the News Of The World website??

  5. i dunno. it was the same last year and i think the news of the world gave free copies out with their papers too

  6. mehhh im still well into 07 atm

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