Played The Demo Much?

  1. Played The Demo Much?

    Well after getting into the demo a bit Ive gotta say FM08 has got me hooked. There are some brilliant little touches like the pitch size, adjusting budgets, coach reports on new players, fans feedback on signings and performances etc...

    I think the match engine looks so much better too. The match itself looks so much more realistic and individuals seem to play how their stats suggest they would. Managed to score some great goals too.

    I think SI have really raised the bar with this one. Lets just hope there aren't too many bugs from the off, it would be a pisser waiting til January for a bug-free game. Fucker is Im going to be in the Middle East when mine gets delivered so I gotta wait til the 27th to play it :mad:

    May post some screenies later if anyones interested....

  2. Yeah post some screenshots, still haven't decided whether to get it or not, sick of getting bored of it.

  3. I love it. It's def harder than any other demo i have played and there usually easy but i was getting hooked before the dreaded thank you for playing screen prompted up :worried:. Really agree with Booze and the calender is swish you feel like your more involved with your under 19's etc etc when you see the calender

  4. Havent got a bad little squad really. Will look harder in the full game as Ive still money to spare.

    Seem to be having trouble uploading files, they just fail. Will provide some links soon.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Redders View Post
    Yeah post some screenshots, still haven't decided whether to get it or not, sick of getting bored of it.
    I'm with you on this, I loved playing manager games since Premier Manager on the Mega Drive but I get bored easily these days.

  6. Ive got to admit I enjoyed online games much more lately because playing on my own had lost something, but it looks like theyve done enough in this years version to make it a lot fresher for a lot longer.

    Tactically its much more demanding too which is a good thing. The matches do seem more tactic sensitive as do individual players and the team as a whole. And it seems as if theres much more to do and get involved in off the pitch too like all the extra feedback from club and fans. Hopefully the media interaction will be better too which will nicely round it all off.

  7. I havn't played the demo yet but from playing the Beta personally I wasn't that impressed. Although tbh I didn't play much into it. I just felt like it was FM 2007 with a few little additions with a much worse skin. Maybe if the interface looked nicer I would be more willing to give it another go. Personally I'd much rather play FM Live.

  8. Yeh I hated the skin. Everything just blended into itself, plus it was left sided which I don't like.

  9. Ive never been able to use a right-sided skin. Tbh I didnt really think the skin or the user interface itself was that bad, in fact I quite liked it. Just seemed to freshen the whole thing up.

  10. Skin was stupidly poor. Its seems gd frm demo, bt im still hooked on 07 so havnt played loads.
    Wen is it released???

  11. yeh i havent bothered with the demo, im still into 07 atm in the year 2016. I'll still pre-order 08 though...think its out around the 19th. And the price has gone up, even on Play :o

  12. i liked the new skin, the pitch adjustment function is great, especially if u play narrow then the other team has less room for their wingers. It's only £18 to pre-order it on

  13. Good find, I think I will preorder from there :thup:

  14. i dunno whether to pre order it online or not with all the postal strikes and shizz

  15. I havnt played the demo much at all really..havnt really had time..

  16. play posted mine on the 16th! but still havent got it which is very annoying. i think it is beacuse of the post strike with all the letters being back dated because i never have a problem with play normally get it in 3 days. praying for it to come tomoro.

  17. I too have been having a postal delay with, two books that I ordered on the 16th are yet to arrive. I'm sure it's a Royal mail problem and not a play one.

  18. The Royal Mail are not working overtime to catch up from the strikes and big companies who get sent invoices like mine have been given priority over household mail so there is a delay for some people.

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