Past Experience.

  1. Past Experience.

    What do you normally set your Experince to when you create a new manager?
    I always set it to Sunday League (or Semi-Pro I cant remember) and I wondered if setting yourself as the top ranking (was it international? cant remember that either) changed the quality of players you could attract.
    Not so much at top flight clubs but say in the Championship, can you attract better players from the top flight clubs if you have a big reputation as a former international than if you were a Sunday Leaguer? If you know what I mean :|

  2. it does i think when your international player more of the big names want to work under you

  3. and you always get offered the national job and you are more likely to get a bigger transfer budget if you ask for it. I just use automatic.

  4. I use automatic aswell, i dont really see any point in changing it..

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