Got my FM Already :D

  1. Got my FM Already :D

    Well there is a small game shop across from my work and i had pre ordered it there for £25. Went in today for a look about and i got it on the fly. thats my plans for tonight down the pan fm all the way

  2. u ugly scottish twat

  3. i hate u so much!

  4. hahaha i canny even play it untill 6:00pm :mad:

  5. thats still like 72 hours of play before i get it!

  6. :irked:..ur one of the luckiest people alive...

  7. You should post pictures of you opening it up and smiling. Oh and dont forget to give it a double thumbs up too.

  8. lmao lee i will do that just for you as soon as i get home and post it need to go now finishing work

  9. Bastard bastard bastard!! Mines been posted but it wont turn up until the day Ive gone to Oman. :mad:

    Thats a week on Friday until I can play it.

  10. I checked on, mine was posted today, hopefully get it tomorrow

  11. Mines been shipped, doubt i will get it til thurs though

  12. lmao just for you lee.Only webcam in house is in mums room so she was like wtf you doing and it's terrible quality but i think the t shirt makes it

    ok justr realised i cant upload stuff

    here is new link

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  13. oooo didnt realise it was out this week, thought it was next...better order it immediately!! Then again I could even wait...haven't really got tired of 07...but haven't played on it for a would I play on 08? I don't know...anyway lucky you!

  14. LMAO, bit David Baddiel like.

  15. lmao except the jew part aye

  16. Ha ha, you rock Kris.

  17. i wonder y its in ur mums room....

  18. she sells herself on the internet...xmas doesnt pay for itself.

  19. HoneyMonster
    i thought he looked more like colin murray from radio one and channel five's sports presenter

  20. Kris your T shirt is awsome mate, how much for it?

  21. i got it from i think if not that try urban outfitters i dunno the site.

  22. triple s sell them aswell

  23. He looks like a lad Ajw lives wit at uni called dan

  24. I think the David Baddiel comparison is better seeing as no-one knows what Dan looks like!

    Lee's avatar ftw

  25. i agree. the new fm is really fast i have played it for a total of 4 hours so far with scotland england and spain loaded up and ihave played 26 league games

  26. You been scouting for new youth/hidden talent yet? Won't be long before we are all sticking players up but you can be the first to find a Braathen or Freddy William Thompson. :o

  27. I'm hearts and have one scout lmao. been looking at scandanavia so far some good buys for championship sides there ill have to show you like James Keene and some other dude ill post screenshots later.

  28. Got mine yesterday morning, just trying to do a quick pre-season before I sod off to sandland.

  29. mines just arrived theres todays plans scrapped

  30. Well i have no classes 2moro so will be going 2 town 2 buy it, then coming back to play on it all day

  31. 28 games into my season now. would have finished if i wasnt at pub for football but it will be finished tonight

  32. the actual release date has been put forward to 2day so those hu havent pre ordered get ur ass down to game nd get it now lol

  33. Got mine through the post today, yay for

  34. they did this yday brought it out day early.
    Oh well will get it soon, when get myself to town

  35. I bought mine earlier today, £25 from Virgin, not too bad for a highstreet price.

  36. same as Play and Amazon now

  37. rosenrot
    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    I bought mine earlier today, £25 from Virgin, not too bad for a highstreet price.
    rob won't be happy with you. lol

  38. Mines been 'posted' by play! hopefully it'll be on my door mat when in get home 2nite!!

  39. if it was posted in the past day or two u might have to wait a couple more days!

    Mine on the other hand has arrived, started with Utd woooooooo

  40. Just got it now

  41. 22.50 with nus discount frm HMV

    NUS ftw

  42. AdamHarrison06
    • "They keep selling us a rotten deal, and im getting more than sick of it, because the suffering it brings, far outweighs the minor benefits -
      The death of our health, the death of our dreams, the death of this world that we lease.
      The death of breathing life back into the long dead corpse we once called "peace"".
    First Team
    23 Quid from sainsburys ftw.

  43. £18 from

  44. Lloyd's Avatar Lloyd
    Star Player
    £23 from Asda ttm.

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