FM 2008 - What Do You Think?
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  1. I manage to go ahead, then lose it right at the end :/ was 2-0 up against man utd just to draw 2-2 and they had a fair goal disallowed in injury time

  2. I don't like the way the news is done now-it is handy having news relevant to you in an inbox, but then when big transfers happen, and other random shiz you dont always see it

  3. The disallowed goals is becoming a big issue for me. Having had a decent start to Premiership life - Id managed to climb to third after 12 games - I then had to play Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea one after the other. I lost them all but should have drawn with Liverpool, except for 2 disallowed goals.

    Then I had Newcastle away and the fans were on my back to change my tactics as '4-4-2 obviously wasnt working'. Tossers. So its 0-0 at Newcastle and we score in the 92nd minute. I jump out my seat only to see it be disallowed by a push from a player nowhere near the ball.

    I had to turn it off before I smashed my comp up. :mad:

  4. Lol, it does get frustrating, but chill out Booz

  5. This year I deside to play FM much more longer than I used to do it since 2006. Maybe its all because of new skin, but i believe that its my age which made me to broke up with PES and FIFA.
    As for the game itself, I dont understand well how to organise training sessions...
    And these buttons on the pitch...they are rather disapointed me, its time for developers to increase their staff with a new specialist.

    p.s. sory for my english =)

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