facepacks, skins etc

  1. facepacks, skins etc

    any decent releases of any of these anywhere?

    anyone got anything thats worth downloading? cheers

  2. Deres loads of good kits on FMGLive, ive got the SS'08 kits and i think dere mint.

    N as for da facepacks go on the susie forum and theres loads of choice there with different styles

  3. ^^ get that post out of my life

    cheers though 8-)

  4. Please read the rules and don't post like that Tet, it hurts my head i'm too old for all that patter.

  5. Sorry Kris dint realise i cudnt post stuff like that :worried: , and i havent read the rules for ages, sorry agen

  6. don't worry pal no big deal just try avoid the slang :p

  7. wheres the rules by the way lol?

  8. what i was thinking lol

  9. In every forum you go in there is an announcement at the top with the rules.

  10. looks like the rules expire in 3 years

  11. i searched all over looking for some good face packs and i found these on a site i think they are really good and the fadded half with badge finishes them off

    link below


    ps sorry if your not ment to post links to other sites just thought i would share what i found

  12. where do you extract face packs and logos to?

  13. Kris told me you create a 'graphics' folder in mydocuments/sigames/footballmanager2008 folder... but it didnt work for me might for others though

  14. Thankyou

  15. y dun fm provide logo in the installation??

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