Free players

  1. Free players

    -Fabien Barthez
    -fréderic Herpoel
    -Philippe Leonard
    -Sergei Ignasjevitsj
    -Hatem Trabelsi
    -Dado Prso
    -Patrick Mtiliga
    -Roque Junior
    -Gustavo Cabral
    -Emmanuel Osei
    -mohamed kallon
    -Thomas Kies
    -Ze maria
    -Soley Seyfo

    Few nice players for lower en first leagues

  2. cheers i might need these god its hard being sunderland in the premiership with 500k to spend lol

  3. Thanks for that, some good players there!

  4. Malcolm Christie too

  5. Stephan Klos GK

  6. I thought Dado Prso had retired?

    Matt Jansen is also knocking about somewhere too.

  7. Quinton Fortune
    A. Pistone

  8. dunno if its in every game but Gretna signed him and im sure he was banned for 6-12 months

  9. AdamHarrison06
    • "They keep selling us a rotten deal, and im getting more than sick of it, because the suffering it brings, far outweighs the minor benefits -
      The death of our health, the death of our dreams, the death of this world that we lease.
      The death of breathing life back into the long dead corpse we once called "peace"".
    First Team
    Add Seth Johnson and Jody Morris.

  10. Duilio Davino

    Great fullback

  11. Jody Morris, Malcolm Christie and Matt Jansen have all been purchased for me at Bradford.

  12. At orient i Got Christie, Sayfo, Morris, Seth Johnson and Matt Jansen

  13. Christie and Jansen were ok, but Jody Morris Sexed my team up.

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