Player Concerns

  1. Player Concerns

    Hey all, new poster here.

    Sorry if this has been covered earlier in other threads, but couldnt find it by using search.

    Found this "problem" in 2006 and now in 2008 (havent played 07).

    In 08 im managing ManUtd and its going pretty good, but some of my star players are starting to develop "slight concerns" most notably starting with Giggs and now Ronaldo.

    Their issue is with "lack of managerial discipline", now english not being my first language im not 100% sure what to make of it. But it appears they have issues with me not being "tough enough" on my team...right?

    This is confusing since none of my players are ditching practice, making negative statements to the press, playing violently or stuff like that. In general they win most of their games and perform well (usually no ratings below 7).

    I dont see what i can do to "discipline" players who doesnt need disciplining.

    Anyone have this problem or the solution to it?

    Regards Kølle

  2. never seen anything like this before mate. you say english isn't your first language, you use better english than most of the people on here lmao

  3. Could it be a lack of tactical discipline? Or do you use a rotation policy? Maybe your training schedules aren't making the most out of your players? Just a couple of ideas.

    Welcome to the Base anyhow.

  4. AdamHarrison06
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    Welcome. It might be something to do with teamtalks. I.e "I expect you to win" compared to "Wish the team luck". The latter isn't as disciplined.

  5. Just make sure you come down hard the next few times players get sent off that might let them know you're no push over

    Also doesn't FM come in a version for your language?

  6. Thanks for all the replies

    I do use rotations alot and change around player positions on the midfield.

    For team talks I usually use expect a win (since it IS ManUtd heh).

    Havent looked at my training schedules honestly, they are default set.

    Ive tried changing the language setting to danish but it doesnt clear up what the problem is or what the solution could be. It just says that the player is worried about the management lack of discipline.

    Ive bought a player that apparently bothers some players, first Saha and now also Ferdinand, but the new guy performs well and doesnt deserve a thrashing, neither does the complainers based on performance.

    As such its a new problem and not something theyve taken to the press or the pitch, but I was wondering what I could do to stop it from growing.

    None of you have had this problem before, even in earlier versions?
    Maybe Im just a softie then, I think ive had 2 incidents with players being sent off but I didnt react to it because we won anyway..

  7. I always fine my players if they get sent off, 1 or 2 weeks depending on what they got sent off for. The way i see it is when they are banned they are not available for work and so they wont get paid!

  8. I always give them at least a warning, unless its two dodgy bookings or somethin like that

  9. OK, so basically I wait for the next player to "misbehave" and drop a ton o bricks on him...ok, hope its someone I can spare hehe

  10. I always fine for missing training, 1 week 1st time, 2 weeks for more.

    Sending offs, i normally only fine for violent conduct.

  11. For sending offs i either fine 1 weeks for dismissal in prior match or violent conduct, but if they get sent off again in a short amount of time i do 2 weeks.

  12. Well, the "mood" was psreading throughout the squad and I wasnt getting anywhere with the problem, so I sold off Ronaldo and the games later, Scholes got sent off, straight red. I fined him 1 weeks pay and he accepted immediately while the others players concerns went away.

    Should have kept Ronaldo eh? hehe

  13. All depends how much you got for him. If you're scouts are doing their job, you'll find some wonderkid for a fraction of the price to replace him easily

  14. well 45m Euro wasnt bad, I got Raphael van der Vaart for about half that so Im plenty happy.
    Been a bit disappointed by Lenny so far though

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