it's been so looooong

  1. it's been so looooong

    Oh gods, it' been so long since I dropped by here....

    Oh well, in any case, I'm playing FM08 and I'm loving it.

    Kris can already tell that my tactics still work wonders for most teams.

    Will upload it eventually.

    Good to be back guys

  2. Here they are.

    Btw: I reccomend Cristian Nazarith

  3. Hey Silver. I'm sure someone will give them a try

    I'll check him out soon, probably on FM Live though hehe

  4. woot the return of silver. keep up the good work

  5. wow welcome back legend, still conquering all then??

  6. lmao like he said on his top post he just always seems to run riot on fm.

  7. Well I guess you can say I'm conquering all. Although I'm currently playing Peñarol (Uruguay's Top dog), but before I was running riot with Liverpool (as usual ).

    What 'bout you guys? Current teams and discoveries?

  8. currently Fulham/Ghana

  9. i was arsenal and england but it got a bit boring, i went 65 games unbeaten it was so easy, so after the patch came out i decided to try with newcastle. finished 7th then 6th and im curently 3rd in the 3rd season. christian benitez and ivan rakitic are my favouite finds, both only cost 1.8 million aswell

  10. Yeah Kris its all about Ghana

  11. Man City at the moment...signed aguero but hes just got injured for 4 months :|

  12. Quote Originally Posted by tet View Post
    Yeah Kris its all about Ghana

    It's so easy def going to the wc might quit after that though

  13. I'm with Liverpool in one (won all... of course) and with peñarol on the other, Peñarol of course is much more of a challenge, I failed to win the Libertadores wich is my aim, to bring this team back to its past glory.

  14. Lloyd's Avatar Lloyd
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    Im Man Utd obv, still my first saved game only had the game a couple of week not been on much tbh but im in Feb 2nd to chelsea in the table by a point. Kinda sucked at start but started to pick up now, do concede a fair few though.

  15. Reading on net game, started at Newcastle, got sacked (friend declared interest after being sacked by Spurs), took over Reading, finished 14th, bought a few players and playing better second season.

    Payet, Ninis, Augusto, Aaron, Issiar Dia, Lulinha, Ochoa, Huth, Kaboul, N'Zogbia all doing well.

    On my own, Bradford. Bought Christie, Jansen, Morris, and got Huthchinson, Sam Williams, Herold Goulon on loan. Finished Second though . Got rid of Christie and Jansen at end of season, useless they would be in next league.

    Haven't played in a while though.

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  17. Lloyd's Avatar Lloyd
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    Lmao quality.

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