1. Why....?

    Why can't LIVERPOOL with the very best facilities and coaches raise a bloody infant into a quality or hell, a barely good u-18 player?

    Do you guys have the same problems? I have always to look abroad or at lesser teams to find future gems...

  2. No idea, in all my time playing with Liverpool on all CM/FM games I've never once had a youth good enough for the first team.

  3. Ive NEVER been able to get wonderkids through any youth setup ive ever had. Only ever had a couple of half-decent players who ive sold for a couple of million.

  4. on fm07 i had one youngster for newastle get into the england squad, but then again he was a left winger, so it not that hard really :rolleyes:

  5. The best I ever got was a 2 stars player, which was a DMC, but by no means he'd be able to get anywhere on my first team.

  6. I do occassionaly get gems of regens on the odd game-on my last game on 07 with sevilla, and a game with juve on this one i've had players who 'could be a leading player of their generation', and the one i had sevilla became great.

    Thing is, if its a case of Liverpool going abroad for all the youngsters, at least your FM is realistic

  7. I had a ace left winger once at Luton who got into the England team.

    I don't know otherwise, i always say i will use youth players more, but always end up buying people in.

  8. where are the good players coming from then? i mean they must appear from somewhere.

  9. I got a 3 stars on my current Liverpool, Striker, I feel content with that... for the time being...

    EDIT: Nono!! It's a 4 stars Striker!! OMG I can't believe it... *hugs and puts danger signs around him so the other dogs don't come near!*
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